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Bitter gourd way to lose weight

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Bitter to lose weight more and more people of all ages, do not change any eating habits, do not Chijianfeiyao, not to do the exercise to lose weight, eat bitter gourd, you can easily 5 pounds less meat a week.

Bitter to lose weight, there are three reasons:

(1) rich in dietary fiber: retard the absorption of lipids.

(2) contain a relatively high vitamin C: speed up the metabolism of lipids.

(3) contain a small amount of organic acids: to promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus; protection of vitamin C is not decompose; promote the absorption of proteins and lipids.

The bitter melon correct consumption method:

1, bitter gourd must be eaten raw.

2, not flood damage, flood damage will make bitter gourd effective material loss.

3 a day, at least two more than four bitter gourd bitter gourd.

Do not add seasonings, the seasonings inside of spicy greasy substances will reduce the speed of weight loss.

5, it is recommended that consumption in half an hour before a meal.

6, seeded, peeled but do not.

7, black and bitter gourd Green bitter gourd effective, and expensive, there is no need to buy, although it is not bitter. Yellow do not eat bitter gourd.

Now specifically described consumption methods:

Method, juicer

The juicer is bitter to lose weight and the nutrients most effective absorption method, but do not forget, the juicer after the rest of the bitter melon the squeezings should eat. Bitter bitter gourd juice, if you have the courage, gulped If you really can not stand, add a kiwi or tomato together juicer.

Remember, do not add the sweet fruit, the sugar will affect balsam pear slimming prime stable. Fiber sub-soluble and insoluble most, bitter gourd slag fiber is insoluble fiber, and fiber to promote gastrointestinal motility and break down fat in the intestine magic Oh. Remaining nutrients, there must be another bitter gourd slag eat we must thoroughly understand.

If your stomach is not good, it is recommended that day, you eat two before lunch and dinner each drink a bitter gourd.

If your stomach is very good, do not over four more would be Shang Wei, say, bitter melon weight loss and absorption of other nutrients, the body's uptake of the day there is a limit, you have to eat in fierce, but also white eat, also suffered terribly, not self-inflicted pain?

4 a day, then, of course, is before dinner early in the one, and then drink the last cup before bedtime three hours and not wait to drink before going to bed. More obvious reaction is thirsty, and you do not want the middle of the night to drink plenty of water, and then in the toilet, the middle of the night to drink water can cause swelling of the body because of the bitter melon is absorbed by the body.

Method directly eat.

If you do not have a juicer conditions, can be eaten directly, but it is recommended that you eat bitter gourd cut in half, seeded, cut into small pieces 1.5 cm wide, then uninterrupted edible, eating, chewing carefully, until the feeling bitter gourd Juelan swallow.

Like eating a cucumber in his hand, as breath after eating, you only eat the equivalent of one-third of the bitter gourd, natural weight loss good stuff, you can only absorb one-third or less.

Similarly, you sleep three hours after eating the bitter melon consumption is relatively large, the same concentrated before meals.

Edible Quantity:

2 - 3 a day, wash seeded must be eaten raw, insist on more than 20 days, without dieting, sleepy, sleep, eat all you want

Finally, a note a few points:

1, after eating bitter melon is normal to feel thirsty, a lot of people are very strange, why eating cooked bitter gourd can Shengjinzhike the, eat raw bitter gourd sharpen your thirsty it?

In fact, apart from the outside the raw bitter jerky MSG mischief, I believe that the each diet crush for a reason, the water carrier to break down fat. So, when you feel thirsty is your body telling you that you the fat need water to decomposition. Say so, not all thirsty excited about it?

, Bitter gourd is something cold, do not eat during the consumption of bitter gourd, do not drink tea, what tea green tea weight loss tea altogether stop to drink water. Although tea polyphenols is a good thing, but theophylline but it will hurt you have been tired from eating bitter gourd and stomach.

3, under normal circumstances, the bitter gourd and other natural foods to lose weight, the first is to exclude edema, to remove fat from the intestine, although these things are removed, a lot of people a moment to see less than the effect of the surface, do not give up, adhere time you turn to the subcutaneous fat.

Bitter to lose weight, speed will not be block, three meals a day intake is reduced due to the consumption of bitter gourd, bitter gourd itself plus the weight loss is the correct reason to accelerate the rate of weight loss, however, as the bitter melon psychological comfort, to eat bitter gourd, eat as much right, then you are only getting fatter. Eat bitter melon without dieting, but at least you should reduce the intake of spicy and greasy.

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