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2012年8月30日 星期四

weight loss -Ginger tea weight loss methods

Weight loss, weight loss methods, ginger tea, black tea, ginger tea to lose weight

People who want to lose weight in the winter, a cup of piping hot ginger tea, not only can warm the body, but also increase the metabolic rate, body heat consumption, has a slimming effect, and gradually improve the physical. 3 postprandial each cup of the 400c.c. ginger tea or fasting drink, or with food, weight loss, and three days to lose 1 kg.

The principle can be thin ginger tea, ginger spicy allows body heat production, and increase metabolism, body heat consumption, to achieve a slimming effect. In addition, ginger can help defecation, and improve cold hands and feet disease. Black tea is fermented tea, let the body warm, contained caffeine and the body to get rid of excess water, improve edema. Taken together, not only to lose weight but also improve edema.
Doing so
The doctor said that ginger tea for eating too much, metabolism is not good, too much fat, cold hands and feet, and constipation drink, the effect is good, oh! Ginger mud and drinking ginger that oslim tea is also three weight loss results. http://oslim.slimel.com/
Method 1 ginger mud drinking
Drink ginger the mud can eat into the more fiber, can promote gastrointestinal motility, to achieve a slimming effect.
Material tea bag package, ginger 18g brown sugar 1g, hot water 1000c.c.
1 day 4-5 cups
Method 2 ginger drink law
People do not like ginger, ginger mud poured into the gauze properly tied, then put in the pot, you can filter the spicy taste of ginger.
A material tea bag package, ginger 18g brown sugar 1g, gauze, Hot 1000c.c. 1 day, 4-5 cups
With diet
Want to alternative 3 meals with ginger tea, to perform a rigorous weight-loss, so that the effect of acceleration of the people, you can follow the way of eating, to increase satiety. But remember only implement one week, or else will be unbalanced nutrition.
** The following is a reference
The two eggs +400 c.c. ginger tea
Calories 364 cards
Nutrients eggs add protein
The Konjac vegetables spaghetti bowl +400 c.c. ginger tea
Calories 130 cards http://oslim.slimel.com/
Nutrients the konjac zero fat, can replace the staple food, contained in dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal motility
1 large tomato +400 c.c. ginger tea
Calories 150 calories
Nutrients tomatoes contain lycopene, fiber, can promote digestion

Weight loss, weight loss methods, ginger tea, black tea, ginger tea to lose weight

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