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2012年8月26日 星期日

Weekend weight loss methods

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obesity after one week after efforts to work, you might want to at the weekend rest at home, will forget the weekend may be the main reason that you caused by fertilizer .

Weekend, do not choose to do outdoor sports with a strong physical and mental function, often will stay at home to watch the DVD or TV, the result, as long as lying motionless, while eating snacks! This is the week of important factors is not fattening.

So, even if you decide to weekend to stay at home to take a break while, also do not forget to lose weight you!
A cup of tea for themselves, standing good cup of tea, so you can distract you want to eat the hearts of dispersed.
Snacks prepared at home should be a low-sugar sub, preferably low GI foods, potato chips and soft drinks should quit.

Optional one to two weeks a month is not eating off food, drink milk or yogurt stomach can get the rest of the time, better absorption of nutrients.

Do not let the weekend the culprit you failed to lose weight.

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