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2012年8月30日 星期四

Qsymia new drugs effect of lose weight

FDA, weight loss,  new drugs  weight loss , weight loss, Qsymia

Qsymia  new drugs effect of  lose weight

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new weight loss drug market, "Qsymia" diet pills for 13 years in the United States approved paragraph 2 listed applicable object as a body mass index (Body Mass Index, or BMI) 30 or more of the overweight or obese people; clinical studies have pointed out that after taking the drug, the average can lose up to 10% of body weight.

However, FDA warned that the drug may affect fetal development, studies have shown that women taking Qsymia pregnancy increases the risk of fetal cleft lip and palate, pregnant or planning to become pregnant, women should not take it.

Will increase the heart rate due to taking Qsymia may affect cardiovascular health, heart disease patients should avoid taking high blood pressure, diabetes patients do not apply, glaucoma and hyperthyroidism patients should not take the drug.

FDA, weight loss,  new drugs  weight loss , weight loss, Qsymia

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