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Rapid weight loss diet

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Rapid weight loss diet

Rapid weight loss diet, dry autumn homemade three thin juice. What to eat to lose weight fast? In a dry autumn, many optional diet recipes below recommended three delicious slimming juice.
Fall, what to eat to lose weight the fastest and most effective? In addition to the usual diet recipes, such as apples, tomatoes, MM can choose their own DIY slimming juice, not only to meet their own tastes, and also be able to accelerate fat metabolism, thus speeding up the process of shaping the slim. However, the collar off healthy network Xiaobian want to remind you that these juices slimming good, but not excessive intake of Oh.

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Grapefruit cucumber

Production: the selection half a grapefruit and a cucumber, washed the Pi Houqie small pieces together into the juicer to squeeze. Residue and foam filter out the juice, and pour the juice into the half a teaspoon of honey to drink directly. The slightly sour taste, fragrance with cucumber and honey moisturizing feel, ideal for girls drinking preference for sour taste.

Effect: water-soluble vitamins in the grapefruit is very rich in its unique vitamin P can refine the pores to remove skin surface skin cells, so fair-skinned and beautiful, abundant acid can inhibit excessive appetite, especially for greasy food the desire will be substantially reduced. Is to add taste to improve the sour taste of grapefruit, cucumber can detoxify, very suitable for fall food with a refreshing cucumber.

Orange tomato

Production: the choice of an orange and 2 small tomatoes, oranges washed, peeled and cut into the juicer, tomatoes, washed and cut into small together into the juice poured directly drinking. Remember not to add additional sweet goods, because the acid of oranges and tomatoes are sweet foods destruction, thereby affecting weight loss.

Effect: the oranges are rich in vitamin C and fruit acids, tomato lycopene and acid content is also high, with them both effectively improve gastrointestinal movement to help expel toxins and stool. And accelerate blood circulation, remove excess fat particles and cholesterol particles in the blood, reduce blood viscosity. Road drinks best 1 hour after meal drink, do not drink on an empty stomach, oh.

Apple lettuce

Production: choose a core the apple to Peel and cut into small pieces, and then choose a lettuce Peel the same small pieces into the juicer to squeeze. Lettuce contains fiber, it needs to be filtered before drinking. You can add a little honey as a condiment, the more bitter because the taste of the lettuce, add honey to help improve the taste.

Effect: Apple acid rich, but rich in fructose, tissue energy into fat for storage. Lettuce is rich in cellulose, unique bitter foods taste fresh Qingrejiedu eliminate heat, cellulose can promote bowel movements. Cup of nectar for morning drinking, can help detoxification oh.

Weight loss, weight loss methods, rapid weight loss methods, the most effective way to lose weight, weight loss recipes, quick weight loss recipes

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