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2012年8月26日 星期日

lose weight :3-5 kg in Seven days

Weight loss, weight loss methods, all-liquid diet, sugar-free diet method

A full liquid diet

This recipe is simple, eat food, only water.
Skim milk or light chicken broth (to remove the chicken skin) does not add spices, not limited.
This method can clean up the stomach.
Enhance physical fitness.
Time is limited to one week.

2 apples, grapefruit, skim milk diet

Unlimited daily taking skim milk, plus apple and grapefruit, just no-fat diet is not good on the skin.
This method is time not too long.

3, sugar-free diet

Can eat food: meat, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, pigs, pigeons, turkeys, whether too fat can.
Various eggs, fish and shrimp can (Tony Lo is not available). Dairy cream, cheese, butter and other oils (other than milk).
Drinks: drinking water is not limited to, all kinds of soup. Tea, sugar-free soft drinks. Lemon juice (orange juice, except) unsweetened coffee.
Fruits and vegetables: bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, cabbage, cabbage, mushrooms, peppers, onions, spinach. Condiments: In addition to sugar can be.

You can not eat food: Van Gogh sugar or starchy foods are unfit for human consumption.

The above recipes are not limited to, the hungry that you can eat the body no sugar, it is necessary to burn fat.
The first two days is not very obvious, after weight loss significantly, to bear in mind is not to lie to themselves, or they will come to naught.

Weight loss, weight loss methods, all-liquid diet, sugar-free diet method

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