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2012年8月26日 星期日

Women weight loss induced baldness

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Many sisters want to lose weight would be to go on a diet to lose weight, but improper dieting will make women appear the phenomenon of hair loss.

Diet Menus will pay attention to the nutritional intake of the main meal is not not entirely lose. If you diet meals single make you appear the phenomenon of hair loss, you should immediately stop the Diet Menus and balanced diet instead. Eat replacement foods such as fish, beans, etc., so that the hair can re-grow.

Weight loss for women is the importance of life-long career, but physicians pointed out that women lose weight will drop in estrogen levels and hair loss.

Many, many lose weight, weight loss friend may not spend a healthy way to lose weight, the body there has been a lot of problems because of weight loss, hair loss is a bad influence.

There was a two-year-old girl with body thinness also still adhere to lose weight, the results of weight loss a year's time, there have been serious malnutrition. She ate only vegetables and fruit every day, only a few year's time by a UFA becomes thin hair loss. As a result, in stopped after weight loss, hair loss situation can be improved, new hair grow again.

So, to lose weight should pay attention to their health before they can, otherwise it will damage the body.

Tags: bad weight loss, weight loss menus, weight loss method

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