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2012年8月31日 星期五

Quick way to lose weight --- three months to lose 30 pounds.

Weight loss, weight loss methods, fast way to lose weight

Three-month stay at home, home to do more activities forbidden to eat meat and starchy foods, regular mandatory rest. She joked, own is the hell diet, also exaggerating their own do not rely on liposuction plastic surgery to achieve weight-loss purposes, but relying on the determination and perseverance finally overcome obesity, of course, very hard, but be able to return for slender body, everything is worth it. Sandra Ng and original record of the mentality of weight loss process in the the "of Sandra Ng slimming tragic history", a book, and we share the weight loss experience.

Way: Sandra Ng the "FITForLIFE meal,"

Unlike Sammi Cheng starving to lose weight, the Sandra "FITForLIFE meal" on "human nature" more. Sandra Ng had tried a variety of ways to lose weight, including Ada "carnivorous diet, Sandra Ng constantly diet to reduce 2,3 pounds, until you have used the" FITForLIFE meal diet really let her out of the ranks of the fat girl.

The "FITForLIFE meal" really is a diet theory, eating several follow focus.

1, every day, enough to eat three meals a day, weight and cooking in any manner whatsoever, but each meal to more than four hours apart, can not eat any food between meals;

2, breakfast is best to eat fruit;

3, rice and meat can not be consumed at the same time, can only eat starches with vegetables, eat meat only side dishes to eat.

The pie Law - thorough downsizing '

Pie method is protein, starch eating. But this is with the weight-loss what to do with it? This is due to the body's digestive system to digest these two molecules are not the same:

To decomposition protein Time: 6 to 8 hours

The amylolytic Time: 3 to 4 hours

Always protein with starch mixed with eating, your stomach to secrete different enzymes of the stomach, to distinguish digest these two components of the digestive system will be very hard work, but also spend more digestion time!

Digestion is not complete, after the intake of food very easily turn to fat. Digestion unfinished, and the beginning of intake of food, not only will increase the drag on the digestive system, but also digestion incomplete food hoarding gradually changed into the form of fat in the body.

Pie method must be used with a high-fiber food and water, tall the waste naturally Qing cleaner. With the large intake of high-fiber, high moisture content of the food, the body know how to take the initiative to clean the toxic waste, and thus make the body healthy, weight loss.

Method: Wash do activities

Sandra Ng is a three-month stay at home, locked himself in the house to do more activities. Perseverance! Let us look at what activities at home to lose weight?

Thin arm a little trick in the living room is important for the parts: the upper body

Arm flexion and extension exercises arm triceps: hands support in the chair, elbow back, tighten the abdomen, feet together. Slowly let elbow twists and turns, she is down, pay attention to the center of gravity in the body center. Then slowly restored.

Pulling the shoulder shaping: arm perpendicular to the body on both sides of breath, let the elbow twists and turns, pulling the arm in the chest. Then slowly restored. Attention elbow no more than shoulder.

Before going to bed, lying in bed, not only lazy, the effect is also very good.

Weight loss, weight loss methods, fast way to lose weight

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