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Wii Fit exercise weight loss methods


Exercise to lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss, Wii Fit, Wii Fit Movement
Wii Fit exercise to lose weight suitable Who
. Efforts to look for opportunities to body sculpting!
. Occupation: back office pink-collar family Miss A
. Occupation: clerk B Miss
. Occupation: Housewife Miss C

Wii Fit exercise weight loss methods timing
Only to use walking to work, reductions in waist 5cm
2. Station stairs plastic belly
3 MRT crowded inside the belt plastic belly
Office when sculpting
5 Hours plastic waist
6 meeting when the plastic belly
7 in the pantry plastic waist
Pantry diverse body sculpting
Photocopying when plastic belly 9.
10 while watching television at home, side force lower abdomen
Exercise to lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss, Wii Fit, Wii Fit Movement

Metabolic balance healthy way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, metabolic balance, healthy weight loss
Metabolic balance principle of weight loss methods
With a simple way of cups, bowls, or the palm of your hand, the precise measurement of the food calories "do not eat", with the continued movement of the past two years to lose weight 20 kg, hypertension,
The tuna belly apnea is gone and no longer fat.

Metabolic balance way to lose weight
Does not rely on drugs, not deliberately go on a diet, metabolic balance diet, health slimming, Hong Taixiong Director said, most people think that eating less will be thin, but the body is usually starving, no food the body will start digestible protection mechanisms, and automatically raised liver sugar used muscle break down amino acids, and finally lose muscle, but the fat still seems thin, short-term, eventually regained.

Metabolic balanced way to lose weight focus
The adults the heat of the day, the body's basal metabolic rate plus activities require heat, coupled with the digestion of food, the sum of the heat, so eat as long as six major food groups balanced eating, accurate calculation of the heat, but the amount of eating you will not get fat, this time can be used readily available bowls, spoons, cups to calculate the heat, look at the palms of their hands, according to the palm-sized divided into three two-handed, two-handed and two-handed 5, hands covered in meat, fish, the tofu can know the weight and calories you eat.

Metabolic balance weight loss methods secret
Precise control of heat to eat
2 very important part of defecation is also a weight loss every day ", drink, posing, food, Xie five words and formulas
3 morning and evening, massage the stomach, after getting an empty stomach to drink the 500c.c. warm water or discretion drink Kucha
4 waist movement in the morning, eat fiber-rich vegetables
5 good habit to develop a solution will be regularly
Coupled with continued movement will be able to healthy weight loss.
Weight loss methods, weight loss, metabolic balance, healthy weight loss

Cat weight loss methods


Weight loss methods, weight loss, cat weight loss methods
Lazy girls absolutely applicable Oh

The yoga "cat", also known as the inaction cat weight loss methods
Lazy girls absolutely appropriate way to lose weight
Simple ways to lose weight

Cat weight loss methods have the following steps:

[Step 1]
Adopt a four-legged kneeling position, hands and knees close to the ground. Open approximately every two fists in the middle of both knees.
[Step 2]

Side to the suction side slowly arched abdomen, 9 seconds to stop breathing.
[Step 3]
Then exhale while his hands slowly sliding forward stretching the chest close to the ground.
(※ exhale while shouting "meow ~ ~ ~ ~" Oh ww)

This simple step is repeated 10 times a day
Weight loss methods, weight loss, cat weight loss methods

Easy way to lose weight


Way to lose weight, lose weight, easy way to lose weight
Many people do not like to lose weight exercise brisk walking & jogging & sports, but weight loss exercise is brisk walking & running can not only lose weight but also can promote metabolism, and adjust the activities of the various organs of the body, especially the cardiovascular system is helpful.
For example: climbing stairs, running frequency machines, cycling, swimming, etc., are all good ways to lose weight, which is to exercise to lose weight easiest + most economical brisk walking & jogging, because without any equipment and conditions, weight loss movement of brisk walking & jogging most suitable for obese people to lose weight.

Although the use of weight loss exercise is brisk walking & jogging can lipid-lowering diet, exercise, or to note.

Like weight loss movement must be simple physical examination, severe hypertension, or hepatitis B, it can not be compared to the large number of runners activities, because obese people usually lack of exercise, cardio and bones flexibility than the poor, it is not suitable outset, a lot of exercise, the exercise should be gradual.

Or excessive exercise, there will be side effects, not only less than the purpose of weight loss, but also more serious chronic diseases, so be sure to pay special attention to. And movement must adhere to not want to do it today, tomorrow, do not do so completely no effect.

In addition, weight loss exercise brisk walking & running, but also the amount of pay, because the more violent the games are a lot of sweat, especially in the summer in vivo dehydration more shall promptly pay, in order to maintain the body's electrolytic value balance, and definitely not drinking ice water after exercise. Select should exercise and fresh air and no pollution.

Can not immediately take a bath after exercise, hot bath immediately after exercise to make subcutaneous blood vessels to dilate, rapid heart beat, prone to brain ischemia coma or heart disease, especially the elderly and obese people should pay attention to. Immediately after exercise, cold baths causes the body temperature suddenly dropped, vasoconstriction, body heat can not be distributed, then it is easy to cause the common cold and cramping, so they will have to pay special attention to.

To trot & running six benefits
Weight loss exercise brisk walking & running is the most effective disease prevention of cardiovascular health movement.
Second, weight loss exercise brisk walking & jogging aerobic exercise is the most convenient, anytime, anywhere can be.
Weight loss exercise brisk walking & running is a low-consumption movement, do not need to spend a dime.
Weight loss exercise brisk walking & running is the best way to reduce stress.
They do not compare in any weight loss methods weight loss exercise brisk walking & jogging can burn calories quickly.
Weight loss exercise brisk walking & running is very elastic movement, any time can start.

Exercise to lose weight thin body
① supine exercise to lose weight: hands on her hips or behind home, legs straight, toes hooked fixtures ups

Exercise to lose weight ② posture: hands pull fixed the rubber band (or held 1-2 kg dumbbells) set the chest, supine

Exercise to lose weight ③ supine: hands home side. Legs at right angles with the upper body held straight, smooth lay down again; or leg raise Taitun, toes as far as possible to reach the top of the head

Weight loss exercise ④ standing position: hands folded behind home, does not move his legs, the body as much as possible around the rotation
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Weight loss exercise ⑤ standing position: hands holding the gymnastics club set behind, legs straight, upper body forward backwards.
Weight loss exercise ⑥ standing: hands on her hips, legs straight, upper body slightly forward rotation axis around the waist.
Weight loss exercise ⑦ prone: hands folded behind home, and try to lift the head and upper body
Exercise to lose weight ⑧ standing position: hands holding the gymnastics club set back of the head, chest and squat 10-15 times. Small dumbbells and other weights, increasing the load can also be hung in gymnastics stick at both ends
Weight loss exercise ⑨ standing: hands on his hips, his eyes look straight ahead, toes repeatedly. Ranking exercise to lose weight when used in conjunction with weight loss weight loss packages effect more, the package includes the full month weight loss Package A comprehensive month weight loss package B, comprehensive month weight loss Package C, and so on.
Way to lose weight, lose weight, easy way to lose weight

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2 Cheese way to lose weight


Cheese In recent years, popular health food, many of them like to eat cheese, even more cheese weight loss methods. The reason for this weight loss method is cheese containing active lactobacillus, can promote intestinal peristalsis, and at the same time to drain away toxins, improve skin and belly. Three meals a day eat only pure taste of cheese and bananas, not to eat other food. First, to reduce obesity is not caused by excessive drug accumulated within the body product, but rather caused by the accumulation of excess fat. At the same time, we had no need of special to eat a certain food can drain away toxins. The liver and buttocks dirty drain away toxins organs. At present, there is no a local food can help lose weight. If you want to tighten the belly, I believe the appropriate exercises, exercise your abdominal muscles, coupled with a balanced diet will be a better method. Although cheese and bananas are healthy snacks, but can not fully provide the nutrients we need. Include only these two types of objects, such as the daily diet will lead to lack of certain vitamins and minerals. And this meal is single too monotonous and low calorie, I believe we will not maintain this eating habits too long. Once Reply to eating habits, the weight will naturally rebound.

 way to lose weight
Diet Menus Here are cheese-lunch diet Menus:
Breakfast: business as usual
Lunch: cheese and a glass of plain
Afternoon Tea: cracker a hot lemon tea (note that less sugar) cup
Dinner: blanch vegetables (to eat far) and light blanch white meat dish

The cheese is rich in healthy ingredients, and high in protein, easily absorb. But definitely not cheese instead of dinner. Because cheese contains nutrients, insufficient one day.

Casts a burst of cheese diet hot hot in Japan successfully launched in Japan earlier had beer yeast cheese. Brewer's yeast rich in vitamin B complex, vitamin B complex can speed up the body breaks down carbohydrates and fat fat. So, brewer's yeast cheese can lose weight there is little scientific theories. The cheese high density, contained in sugar to Gaoyao careful attention.

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Osteopathy diet

Correct the pelvis at an angle, but slimming effect varies

Weight loss methods, osteopath, osteopath lose weight lose weight
This be to spend money to buy experience. But before that, just a comment on the Internet go to my misstep. He also
Did not help me cupping or to the rubber band on his behalf not expertise at the osteopathic downsizing, rather biased towards the theorists.
Knew or go to the blog and PTT to discuss the "Hiroaki osteopath, also have more chance of success.

Many people to discuss and recommend the place, mean that it has a certain credibility. I went to the place in the network did not
Mentioned, osteopath recommended text in addition to the article mentioned.

The osteopath can correct skeleton of to skew foreign expansion, but may not be able to thin
Some people are naturally relatively large pelvis, osteopath narrow external expansion skew angle, but you can not change the size of the pelvis.
So some good results, and some people do not have what effect.
Zhenggushi told me valuable knowledge
People are born standing animal, often sitting only expand outside the pelvis, so sedentary office is easy to grow in power and buttocks.
So usually can stand playing on the computer, or often stood.

2.La NEW or brand-name shoes, must be four or five thousand, is expensive because their insoles and good quality.
So buy shoes, buy good shoes.

3. Improve bone skew situation can do gymnastics corrected.
The usual fine doing the national health exercise, will be able to carry out "self osteopath.
Weight loss methods, osteopath, osteopath lose weight lose weight
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Bath ways to lose weight

Weight loss methods. Baths baths to lose weight, lose weight
1. Accelerate the systemic blood circulation, increase metabolism.
2 bath for 20 minutes, can consume about 200 calories.
The water pressure can promote lymph circulation, accelerating metabolism of the old waste.
Vapor can help respiratory eliminate waste, so that the chest is not depressed.
5 secondary effect:
   After 10 minutes in the bath or bath massage the legs, will increase the massage effect.

Ten improve the the metabolism method one is more baths.

The bath way to lose weight is one of the easiest way to another promoting metabolism high temperature repeatedly bathing and promote vascular
Contraction, expansion, and stimulate the sweat glands sweating Bath time 3 minutes, rest for 5 minutes before entering the bath cycle was repeated three times,
Can unknowingly consume large amounts of energy. This effect is equivalent to 1000 meters of jogging.

Of course, some people find it troublesome words directly Bath 15-20 minutes. The bath can also promote the the old horny update, to keep the skin smooth and delicate.

It must be noted that a bad heart who is not fit to wash sauna or a hot bath often, may wish to traditional health care
Recipe - hot foot bath to replace, which not only enables the foot microvascular expansion, promote blood circulation, but also increase the fine
Cellular permeability, improve metabolism, while achieving fitness expectorant role, and improve your feet cold.

Weight loss methods. Baths baths to lose weight, lose weight
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Ways to lose weight with the palm of your hand


Way to lose weight, with the palm of your hand, with the palm of your hand to lose weight, lose weight
The Registration Section Officer at National Taiwan University, Hong Taixiong personal experience with weight loss success, the book teaches people with the palm of your hand, small cups, spoons, bowls and other readily available tools, precision measuring the food portions precise eat; while he himself with the ongoing campaign the past two years reduced from 84 kg to 67 kg, hypertension, tuna belly and apnea is gone, and no longer fat.

Hongtai Xiong said, most people think that eating less will be thin, so would like to lose weight usually starving people hungry body automatically raised glycogen use, muscle break down amino acids, and finally lose the muscle, but fat still, the short term looks like a thin, finally regained.

He said, the adult heat of the day, the body's basal metabolic rate plus activities require heat, plus digest the food, the sum of the heat. Therefore, in addition to calculate their basal metabolic rate, the most important thing is to eat must go through the calculation.
"The six categories of food must be balanced to eat." The Hong Taixiong general calorie counting is a headache, but readily available in the daily lives of the bowl, spoon, cup can be used to calculate, but also very precise components. He cited the palm of your hand, for example, generally divided into three two-handed according to the palm-sized, 4 both hands and hands, larger is 5 in the palm of his hand with both hands.

He said that fish eggs two heat about 75 calories, if you eat a piece of his palm almost a centimeter thick salmon eat into the 375 kcal. So usually bite to eat tofu, simple hand coverage, you can catch the approximate amount of the how much to eat eat how much, but one can not eat.
Way to lose weight, with the palm of your hand, with the palm of your hand to lose weight, lose weight
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Step Rocker weight loss method


Way to lose weight, lose weight, step Rocker lose weight, step Rocker weight loss method
Step Rocker concrete steps to lose weight:
1, dieters prone position, both doctors who hand bars, foot end for dieters, do slip extrapolation several times since Dazhui along the bladder through route.
2 position with the dieter Healer two hand bars for dieters cephalic, a foot in the weight loss side of the thigh, one foot in the back of the dieters bladder through route rubbing method, repeated a number of times, after enough big toe point pressure Ganshu, spleen, stomach Yu, E. Yu, Shenshu, triple burner Yu, 1 minute per hole.
3, former position with the weight loss, the doctors who stood to lose weight on one side, cross one foot rub shoulder blades back and lumbosacral degrees hot.
4 dieters position with the doctors who sit on the head side sitting board feet outside will lose weight by erector spinae Nieqi do grind rub, to have a sense of soreness degrees.
5, with the former posture, feet alternately rub back and lumbosacral degrees hot.
Position with the dieter, dieters cephalad-oriented, one leg rubbing buttocks 3-5 times on each side.
7 position with the doctors who stand on the side of the dieter, rub one foot lower extremity foot Liver Meridian Foot Gallbladder by line, each 3-5 times.
8, foot big toe Point pressure home liao loop jump, Cheng Fu, Sanyinjiao Zusanli 1 minute per hole.
9, the same body position, one leg before knead the rolling lower limb behind 3-5 times.
10 dieters position with the doctors who sit at the foot sitting board feet rub the outside of the foot, hot degrees.
11, dieters supine healer station dieters side and one foot in the abdomen clockwise rotary friction law 3-5.
12, before the position with the healer on one foot clockwise from the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid area to do the rubbing method 8-10 times.
13, with the former posture, foot big toe point pressure Zhongwan, sea air, moisture, Guan Yuan, Tianshu hole, one minute per hole. Mainly reducing method.
14 position with the doctors who kick dieters abdomen horizontal scrub, hot degrees.
15, with the former posture, healer one leg dieters abdomen rub scrolling method, repeated operation 3-5 times
16, knead 3-5 times to scroll the front of the thigh.
Yin Meridian of Hand, 17, rub scroll Sanyang by 3-5 times on each side.
Step adjuvant therapy Rocker diet
1, the diet should eat more foods containing fiber control diet is not excessive.
2, increased physical activity and sports, such as weight loss exercises, weight loss exercise, cold bath, swimming to burn calories received weight loss results.
3, with drug and fomentation therapy may be appropriate. 1 day, 30 times as a course of treatment.
Way to lose weight, lose weight, step Rocker lose weight, step Rocker weight loss method

Ideas way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss weight loss ideas, ideas of ways to lose weight
1. Themselves and their dialogue
Once do the right thing when you are alone with their own, saying, for example, own exercise three times a week, I feel proud, I feel healthier, stronger, these positive thoughts will take away some weight accident Oh! As long as you are able to express his true thoughts, there will be a positive action unfolded. At the same time, these positive behaviors will let you become more healthy and happy. However, you feel very silly dialogue and their own it? It used to close your eyes, a small voice say positive action, instead of crying out now! Ideas into language will make you closer to your health goals, and this simple behavior is very effective Oh!
Discard negative thoughts
According to the study, most people day nearly 60,000 ideas, but most of them are negative thoughts. These negative views will your energy and willpower is depleted! This time we going to do? Negative thoughts quickly silencer it! And immediately attack those negative thoughts with positive thoughts. For example, when you think that my body good Quebec at this time and quickly changed my body Zhuangzhuang very insecure. So you feel happy!
3 bed method of self-affirmation
The report said that the best time to construct a healthy mind is not on the bed, is not just to get up, but lay in bed and get up within 10 minutes after one minute. You can take advantage of the voice recorder, and certainly self recorded, and then every day play, the first play in 10 minutes after going to bed, and the second after 10 minutes to get up the next day, each lasting one minute.
Pick an exclusive theme song
Select one that allows you to boost the spirit and positive thinking song, for example, Angela Invisible Wings, Harlem's Ode to Joy, your frustration and sense of powerlessness, put to listen to, to keep from falling into the blame on others emotions , and gave it back to the front of the slightest idea. Said, singing or listening to music can liberate stress and enhance mental and spiritual level, so when you do exercise by to sing the lyrics of the song to affirm yourself!
5. Laughed heartily laugh
Do not be too concerned about dieting or weight loss failure and depressed, with a laugh at the method of it! A recent report pointed out that, if is going wrong with the state, and can entertain people, high EQ and the ability to withstand pressure, and laughter but also allows you to increase the oxygen content in the body's energy and blood why not do it! So the next encounter weight loss setbacks stop sighed, and instead try to laugh few times, you will find, Xiaodiao sorrow and complain, but also to a happy and confident laugh!
Weight loss methods, weight loss weight loss ideas, ideas of ways to lose weight

Water weight loss methods


Way to lose weight, lose weight, drink water lose weight drink diet

Eat less, eat a bowl of warm water in the next, to eat things over the water to eat, and have good results.

Principle: eat breakfast in the morning before a cup of white water, light honey water or add a cellulose water, to accelerate gastrointestinal motility, the night before the body of waste and metabolites excreted to reduce the opportunities for small pot.

Drink plenty of water before a meal less appetite: a lot of people are not really obese, but after dinner, you'll see the appetite of a drum bursa sac protruding standard Babyfat, even did not eat this little appetite suck gas to cover up.

The afternoon drink water less fat is fat: obesity, the most important manifestation of this is caused by the sedentary, high-calorie foods, and afternoon tea, is people feel tired, fatigue, at a time when more is because emotions children vulnerable period unnecessary calorie intake, of course, the cost is fat. To disperse the desire to eat something because emotions can drink a cup of herbal tea, the smell of flowers can reduce appetite, can be considered to eat seven full dinner and lay an ambush.
Way to lose weight, lose weight, drink water lose weight drink diet

Sleep way to lose weight


Way to lose weight, lose weight, sleep, weight loss, sleep way to lose weight
What lack of sleep is easier to gain weight

The human brain will secrete a substance called leptin can control appetite
Tell people you've had enough not to eat.

But when you sleep less than leptin will reduce the secretion
So during the day you will want to eat something

When sleep is not enough time to the secretion of growth hormone will become less
Excessive consumption of fat during the day because of the lack of enough growth hormone to break down
At this time the body will change these fat thighs abdomen exists

Sleeping too little metabolism will be reduced which is to lose weight killer
In fact, weight loss medicine clinic he opened to western medicine is appetite suppressant and promote the metabolism of drugs
She also issued a booklet called you how to eat
I've seen their recipes are
Only eat low GI fruits the EX: guava tomato
Way to lose weight, lose weight, sleep, weight loss, sleep way to lose weight


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Lazy way to lose weight


Way to lose weight, the lazy weight, lazy way to lose weight, the easiest way to lose weight, a simple way to lose weight

Lazy people do not want to exercise to lose weight, but want to be able to lose weight, this is the dream of many ladies, but that this is not a dream, just know how the method can really lazy to lose weight.
Coincided with spring now, the good old days of Spring in March, I suggest you go out for a walk, a breath of fresh air in the spring, alleviate fatigue, relax the mood, so you feel refreshed, whole body full of energy, it will reduce appetite, eat less. At the same time, such a good mood helps to regulate the autonomic nervous system, reduce constipation. Can reduce the occurrence of influenza it!
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Therefore recommended that you vote for those sunny days in the spring, to bring your pet out yo, and they play activities activities or about a couple of friends outing, walk the line, you can also go to the outskirts of riding activities such as biking, hiking, and always just go out like activities. This can help you burn extra calories, these movements also help burn body fat, body heat consumption, these can all help to lose weight oh! See, such a relaxing way to lose weight is it not fond of it? Quickly dispatched in the Spring in March days now, do not wait until the summer to get fat Oh!
Eat way to lose weight

Lazy people often can not resist the lure of food to see food will eat into the stomach, in fact, you do not need to be strong to avoid their own fasting to lose weight, on the contrary, you should be the selection of healthy food for themselves, such as eating fruit (grass each and apples are good choices), high-fiber foods can help intestinal peristalsis, the toxins from your body.

Drink plenty of water to help lose weight

Moisture is the key to weight loss, if the body lack of moisture can not the early metabolic rate, you can not burn fat effectively. So, every day I wake up is necessary to drink a glass of warm warm water, which can greatly stimulate bowel movement activities, more disturbing helper lose pot. In addition, before each meal to drink a glass of water, which allows the body to more easily feel satiety, not eating too much fat production.

Do not believe that within a month you can lose more than 10 kg of weight loss methods

The body weight can not be a big change in a short, sharp body declined to be cause harm to the body's organs, some can not reply injury. So, do not believe that any standard pounds in a short period of time to help you lose weight method. Weight loss is to make better health!

Way to lose weight, the lazy weight, lazy way to lose weight, the easiest way to lose weight, a simple way to lose weight

The easiest way to lose weight - Eat Food Slow weight loss methods


Way to lose weight, slow food to lose weight, slow food way to lose weight, the easiest way to lose weight, a simple way to lose weight

Are nervous the market people living rhythm, a lot of time because of busy work eat no timing solution decision to fast food three meals a day, often eating only fifteen to twenty minutes to eat too fast too fast for weight loss absolute Did not help!

 Nutritionists concluded that the energy intake of these women in nine minutes than their energy intake 29 minutes more than 60 kcal intake, three meals a day to slow down the rhythm of eating daily accumulation reduce the value is considerable enough to achieve weight loss goals. The human appetite is very complex, and will be true "hunger" impact, there are too many factors that will control humans eat or do not eat, for example, leptin will suppress appetite, our brain, usually out of sync with gastrointestinal takes a long time, will know that we are "fed". If our diet is much faster than the gastrointestinal and brain synchronization time, unless we are able to precisely control their diet (such as writing a diet diary), otherwise when our brain receives the signal "performers" will more gastrointestinal eat a lot of things, and finally lead to obesity. That is, if you want to lose weight, the addition to the movement, heat control, the first habit is "slow food", "designed food", the following three particular attention. Editor's Choice: four methods PK see what kind of enjoy the 25 most effective way to lose weight in life

Eat at least 20 minutes according to the study, our stomach needs the full 20 minutes to pass the message to the brain, but the modern food, especially fast food, are designed to be swallowed in 5 minutes "food", has been reached "to eat the full amount, but the brain does not feel that way. Want to lose weight, the first thing is to eat time to 20 minutes.

Least 20 under a lot of chewing bite also be able to assist weight loss. To prolong chewing time will increase the whole meal diet time, the most powerful place in instant Hamburg is almost free chewing bread super soft, super soft combination of steak, does not require much chewing will be able to swallow. Another advantage of multi-chewing can increase satiety.

Concentrate on eating, do not see East West brain stupid, if we eat when the eye watching TV, movies, books, computers or windshield, the brain is not easy to accept to eat this message. Avoid to eat, when to do something else to concentrate on eating, so that the brain can accelerate to feel the spiritual satiety.
Multi-chewing and eating slower speed of eating is an effective way to lose weight, slow down the speed of eating can be easier to let you have the feeling of satiety without overeating. Moreover, multi-chewing can allow you to digest and attract better nourished, reduce constipation opportunity. Another unexpected effect, is to chew more cosmetic effect of the thin face, really do both!

Way to lose weight, slow food to lose weight, slow food way to lose weight, the easiest way to lose weight, a simple way to lose weight

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Healthy weight loss - psychological method


Weight loss, healthy weight loss, weight loss methods, obesity


    High anxiety scenarios

    Will eat more than usual

    Wei Sheng in obesity not only external clues sensitive than the average person, other food-related cues also keen than the average person, even if not hungry, as long as the current food, they would not like the Thin Man "modest". Obese people experience high anxiety scenarios will eat more than usual; normal weight who experience high anxiety scenarios, you will eat less. In many different emotional scenarios are obese increased appetite.

    In shape the United States, the movement is the key factor diet. Mental health, however, the same can not be ignored, and bad feelings will people eat not sweet, hardly sleep last night, looks also aging faster. Therefore, adjust the recipes to limit the intake of the proper exercise The general principle of modern weight loss, however, I think that to lose weight but also to use psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and behavior therapy. "Wei Sheng Zhongqiang stressed the role of psychological weight loss weight loss. The ancients had a poem: "pine wide end does not regret, to eliminate the Iraqi people were emaciated, we can see the spirit of weight loss.

    Method One

    Changing views of beauty and ugliness as

    Psychology increasingly important in modern society, the psychological weight loss has been mentioned that a position can not be ignored, began to receive the attention of more and more weight loss experts and obese people. Wei Sheng in the analysis that psychoanalytic treatment is not only to control and to reduce the weight of obese, the key is to change their body image, subjective evaluation of the beautiful and the ugly, strong or weak, given that people of their own bodies. Obese personality incomplete feel strongly dissatisfied with the body, by changing the treatment of body image, self-evaluation can improve and increase their sense of self-worth, and get a good body image. "

    For example, A lady think as long as slim down, and will be able to solve all kinds of problems. Hope to hear from someone else "you slim, oh" praise and lose weight, even when the health check the measured weight standard, but my mind was'd like to lean a little, since not work or interpersonal harmony, relationship because of their body type. Wei Sheng said, A lady does not need to lose weight, this is not entirely the appearance, in order to solve the problem, you can have a better way, such as before, temperament.

    Method Two

    The disgust training appetite suppressant

    Behavioral therapy, according to the theory of conditioned reflex, try to correct the misconduct abnormal reaction caused by obesity, behavioral science analysis of the characteristics of the feeding behavior of obese and movement type as a basis for reasonable correction actions lead to obesity, the development of a proper behavior such as the use of some additional conditions, the obese people to avoid overeating. "Wei Sheng explained that, although the stomach is not hungry when B girl restless, but nothing to eat, often do not have food to eat on static heart to no less. In fact, B girl eating is not is to satisfy the appetite disrupt her eating behavior, but because of the relationship of the pressure.

    Wei Sheng said, the solution is aversion training. Fat bloated body literally drawn paste in the fridge next to, or paste due to a bloated been laughed at comic; or their potbellied photos to be placed on the table, while watching the photo, while eating, so that my face delicacies, he tried to gobble when immediately by disgust stimulus to suppress appetite.

    Method three

    The eating speed training implied lose weight

    "If obese learned easily eat slowly, he would have time to eat something to savor and to time will naturally stop if you eat too fast, can allow himself to pause for a while after eating a small amount of and then eat the other two methods is not a guide to obese people eat less, but to help them to master the skills of patience hunger, they gradually use these methods to determine a reasonable appetite. "said Wei Sheng in control eating speed training, can also be psychological implied lose weight.

    In addition, if you often eat in a specific environment, such as watching TV eating snacks, and the passage of time, watching TV eat regardless of hunger or not. According to the characteristics of the obese, based on the following two principles ingestion can achieve the desired results: first, only within a certain time at a certain place, dining; second, not watching TV while eating.

    Method Four

    Self-Incentive Act

    Achieve "intangible lean"

    Wei Sheng in "pleasure hormones" is the key to successful weight-loss techniques in the brain, you should be trying to find the "eat" other than pleasure, will be able to get rid of dependence on eating this way of thinking is the idea of ​​weight loss. The secret of success is to miss their own will be able to lose weight successfully, do not doubt that they will lose weight. Only by adhering to not give up, you can make your own by obesity figure virtually slim down.

    The obese way to reward a firm determination to lose weight. As per adhere to the diet one day, you throw a coin into the piggy bank, and reward yourself like to buy something. Keep in mind, however, do not the food to the mouth Award; such as body weight per fattening pounds go out into the empty bag fitted with 1 kg of sand or other things, and often mention that the bag to see if there are multiple. This weight is before your body extra meat.
Weight loss, healthy weight loss, weight loss methods, obesity -->

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How to Lose Weight and Get in Shape Quickly


Lose Weight ,How to Lose Weight,How to Lose Weight and Get in Shape Quickly

How to Lose Weight and Get in Shape Quickly (for Women and Teen Girls)?

This article has the best workout plan for any woman or girl trying to get in shape or to loose weight. It is difficult and a bit of a time commitment, but you will see results in a very short time period! It also gets changed up, so it never gets old. Any of the cardio can be switched out with something you would rather do, these are just ideas. Read More »

How can teenage girls lose weight quickly?

Teenage girls worry excessively about their weight, and are unfortunately given absolutely no support by a vast majority of the media they're exposed to. Luckily, it doesn't take experimental pharmaceuticals or self-destructive eating disorders to lose weight quickly and in a healthy manner. For hundreds of years, scientists have known that the fastest and healthiest path to a lean body is regular exercise and a healthy diet.Fast and Healthy Weight LossTake up a sport or regular aerobic exercise regime and adhere to it. Involve a friend, a group of friends, or just do it yourself, but make a schedule of when you'll do it and for how long a... Read More »

How to Find a Diet to Help Teen Girls Lose Weight?

Are you a teenage girl who needs to shed a few pounds but doesn't know the right way to do it? Read on for ideas on the best way for you to lose weight and get the right look for you body. Read More »

10 factors to lose weight

Lose weight factors, weight loss methods, weight loss,10 factors of lose weight  
(A) How much weight loss confidence

The weight loss of no less difficult to quit smoking. It is a painstakingly built extremely difficult project. Requirements to lose weight in the implementation must have faith, patience and perseverance. Otherwise, it may fall short.

(B), good psychological quality

The slimming process requires good mental qualities. A psychological quality is very vulnerable to lose weight, it is difficult to be invincible. Therefore, the long weight loss road, in fact, is the psychological quality inspection. A full psychological preparation and can stand up to the "suffering" of people hope to lose weight successfully.

(C), genetic factors

The analogy is the stretch shrink lose weight weight loss software engineering, genetic is the most "not to discuss" the hardware. If the parents at a young age to obesity is known, then they at least left to their children more than 50% of the obese gene. As a result, the "cast" given the fat build the future is difficult to change.

(D), weight super material is not

The degree of overweight and the success rate of weight loss is proportional to. Greater than or equal to 127 kg, became "refractory" obesity, the difficulty of weight loss is quite large.

(E) "fat age" how long

The more fat since childhood, cut down after the more difficult. The experts surveyed obese infants and young children, they have 80% of the people in the future fat "material" adult "fat age" is too long it is not easy to lose weight. In contrast, the middle-aged before they get fat, lose weight much easier.

(F), even harder for women to lose weight

Obesity has a significant gender "discrimination". Women's habits, mood swings, social environment and social status, and other factors, they falter in weight loss than men and more.

(Vii) whether the marriage happy

In contrast, happily married and the marriage born male sterile female, a higher rate of weight loss success. In contrast, unmarried, marital frustration or married without children lose weight to be more difficult.

(H), the time does not forgive, the outcome within three months

Diet to lose weight the first three months is the key to weight loss period. During this time if eating properly controlled, a week can lose weight more than 0.5 kg, the future is bright.

(9), the number of comprehensive measures

Rigorous scientific way to lose weight, it is an important part of weight loss success or failure. Usually a variety of measures to lose weight is much better than the effect of a weight loss method. Of course, comprehensive measures should also pay attention to the program choreographed scientific.
(J) sleep time
Do not know since when people began to believe that less sleep can lose weight, then stay up all night life began, but in fact, sleep loss not only not to lose weight but will gain weight, blood glucose and insulin levels will increase, breaking the balance of the body's metabolism of weight loss is very unfavorable. So in order to lose weight, we must first maintain normal sleep habits, the best time of day to ensure eight hours of sleep.
Lose weight factors, weight loss methods, weight loss,10 factors of lose weight  


Depth way to lose weight


Depth weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss

Weather conditions: a crisp fall day to outdoor sports, rainy days can also be done on a treadmill, cycling machine, or dynamic bike.

Physical condition: before the start of each activity - 5 minutes of low-intensity warm-up; - 5 minutes before the end of the exercise of low intensity cardio exercises, then stretch the lower body and back muscles, each stretch held for 30 seconds.

● special care: menstrual period - all run into gracefully go. Note supplement rich in iron and fiber foods.

● menstrual after week: The large number of estrogen secretion, you not only feel good the entire physiological cell active follow up, good digestion, absorption, metabolism is also fast, physical and psychological in peak condition, in this week's practice appropriately increase a strength or a little longer time. With diet control can have a multiplier effect.

● sports attitude: the beginning if you feel tired, reduce a little exercise intensity or time. If you do not want to run away.

Exercise intensity: comfort - physical overdraft, the body feels comfortable and not tired. Moderate - a little bit my breath on the air, but also within the recommended time persevered. Height - the fundamental breath on gas to survive three minutes.

Low degree of movement of physical sensations: the Movement's pursuit of low temperature rise rather than violent heartbeat. The easiest way to look in the mirror or touch your face, there is no hot feeling. The increase in body temperature, appetite usually will decline, and vice versa appetite will increase. Movement requirements of the movement of the low: changing exercise frequency, and the body play a hide-and-seek game, to keep the excitement of the body in the whole process of weight loss.

Excessive exercise causes decrease in leptin, leptin reduce the lead to two consequences.

① excessive exercise, the body's energy consumption too much, leading to energy storage loss of balance, but inhibit the production of leptin. You're run off their legs, and obesity gene no longer move a bit, talk about how to lose weight?

② appetite: leptin concentration is reduced, the body a signal: lack of energy, hasten to add! So we knew it would appetite. Eat more and more, and would like to lose weight, a dream.

Low degree of movement 3DON induced short time sports: aerobic exercise, first utilized to glycogen stored by the body to release energy. Exercise for 30 minutes, began to turn by fat release energy, about 1 hour after exercise, the movement of the energy required is to fat for energy-based. Fast explosive movement: human muscle fibers mainly by white muscle fibers and red muscle fibers. Quick explosive exercise, exercise white muscle fibers white muscle fiber cross-sectional thick, using this method to lose weight the more I practice "rough". Passive movement: you have not run, but still larger gains obtained through exercise, so your life climbing on the "Run". In fact, this kind of "passive" movement - just help your joints mechanical activity, not to lose weight!

You thought bodybuilding body in the bath process synchronization is complete, so the bath and fitness? In fact, this desire is not difficult to achieve, set designed for the female physiological characteristics described below the body bathed operation can help you achieve.

(A) warm-up action: (water contact cervical and dorsal vertebrae) with one hand up to your ear, stretching the shoulder, relax the neck to relieve the pressure of the shoulder and neck, while the muscles to stretch out. Squeeze the shower gel in your hand, The pleasant atmosphere fragrant let you the day's fatigue behind our mind, add the right amount of water to rub blisters, then start legs bathed operation.

Rouan (b) leg movements: (water contact with the lumbar and dorsal vertebrae) along the calf to thigh, top-down stroking along the inner thigh to ankle, promote blood circulation, Rouan intensity should be moderate, by massaging the skin more smooth and elastic leg.

(C) hip action: (water contact with the lumbar and dorsal vertebrae) squat, hands down from the front of the thigh circular motion to massage to the ankles, and legs straight, back straight and upright, hands bottom-up pulling the buttock muscles , beautify the hip line.

(D) the waist action: (water contact with the cervical and dorsal vertebrae) hands alternate massage up the side of the waist, side abdominal muscles, until the side of the chest, and beautify the waistline. Arm extended upward as far as possible, taut body lines.

(E) chest and abdomen action: (the face of the showerhead, water temperature and contact with the sternum) hands cross at the waist and abdomen, back chest, palms the abdominal massage back and forth twice. To prevent the excessive accumulation of fat cells, promote the circulation and metabolism of the body.

(F) arm movements: (water contact sides of neck and shoulder) circle bath balls from shoulder massage to the wrist, crank up, bath balls from the back of the hand sliding into elbows, arms straight Shuzhan Ping. Note that the expansion of the chest, and beautify the chest line.

(G) shoulder and neck movements: (water contact sides of neck and shoulder) trapezius hands rubbing shoulders, relax the neck pressure, then looked backward, his hands alternately along the sides of neck massage up to the lower jaw to accelerate lymphatic circulation so that the shoulder and neck skin is smooth and compact.

(8) back action: (water contact sides of neck and shoulder), one hand on the lower back, in one hand and the back of the bath balls clean skin, elbows firmly stretching backward, left and right swing hips, while easing the waist, tighten the back line.

(9) stretches: (turn off the water flow) hands through the upper body from the lower abdomen upward to the top of the head, with the suction up to tighten the body lines, shaping, breath, restore.

U.S. gymnastics Tip

1, water: Open showers, moderate hydraulic adjustment, control the water temperature at 40 degrees Celsius, with the stretching of the body, and let the water evenly massage our skin.

2, action steps: warm-up → leg → buttocks chest and abdomen → waist → → arm → shoulder and neck → → stretch back, each action an eight-shot, repeated twice to four times. In accordance with the the body lines stretching law, from the bottom up order.

, Respiratory regularity: the complete process, paying particular attention to the breathing regulator, when the body muscles to tighten or stretch to try to inhale, relax and breath.
Depth weight loss, weight loss methods, weight lossloss

The cabbage meal to lose weight method


Way to lose weight, lose weight, way to lose weight cabbage meals to lose weight, cabbage meal
Thermal recommended cabbage meal diet
The cabbage also be thin, you are not only heard it today? To know the Chinese cultivated cabbage has a long history, the history of about 6,000 years. Cabbage soup diet is a convenient and economical way to lose weight, are presented a delicious and nutritious said "Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica" cabbage "sweet warm non-toxic, the stomach, in addition to chest trouble hangover thirsty, Lee urine, can Cellulite diet." soup diet, interested friends may wish to try.

Delicious cabbage weight loss

The high nutritional value of cabbage, its most important feature is rich in cellulose, can promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion and prevent constipation.

Daily meals to eat cabbage, whether boiled or fried, can achieve a good weight loss. If you ask that "time is short, quick effect, can also be more jealous of cabbage, vinegar is also a diet food, and cabbage combined their weight loss better.

 Cabbage soups diet

During weight loss, cabbage soup and cabbage soup can be used as the main food of the detox is worth noting that a high-fat, high-salt, finely processed products, desserts and starches are not edible.

Weight loss surgery, duration of treatment ranged from 7-30 days. If you insist, will soon be able to receive good results.

Raw materials: 2000 g cabbage, frozen tofu one, each 100 grams of red green bell pepper, cucumber juice, salt, boiled chicken amount.

 Practice: 1, cabbage, red bell pepper, cut into 4 cm long filaments.

2, silk cabbage red bell pepper, frozen tofu with refined salted 20 minutes, controlling the brine, added MSG and cucumber juice.

3, the the pending pot of boiled roll, pour the above materials, salt, chicken can.

The effect: someone tried a week cut eight pounds.

 Assorted cabbage diet
Usually accustomed to a lavish meals, satisfies the delicious food, but so fat quietly on the body, and now we have to eat to lose weight nutritional meals you enjoy the "thin" in delicious.

Ingredients: cabbage, mushroom, carrots, mushrooms, salt, chicken, pepper.

1, Wash the cabbage, pot of water to boil the cabbage pieces into the pot hot soft button. Mushroom, mushroom into the water boiled, remove shredded.

2, Flammulina silk, mushrooms with chicken, salt and pepper marinated for 10 minutes.

3, all vegetables and mix them add chicken, salt seasoning can.

Effect: Breakfast as usual, lunch and dinner to eat this dish, not limited to a few days later you will find yourself lost a lot.

 Way to lose weight, lose weight, way to lose weight cabbage meals to lose weight, cabbage meal

Unhealthy ways to lose weight


Way to lose weight, lose weight, unhealthy lose weight, unhealthy way to lose weight

Away from unhealthy way to lose weight

Online and book to see a lot of ways to lose weight, eat light to eat fruit, eat light yogurt, eat very little soup diet. However, the weight loss is not to abuse their own, these extreme weight loss methods and will not help you lose weight oh!

Do not take diet pills, intestinal tea like say white is actually a laxative. Because you want to lose weight fast can only be achieved by reducing the body's moisture to, but we all know the Taoist water in the body is not missing, which rely on laxatives to maintain weight this hurt their own methods too do not fly, but not the actual , of course, easy to rebound. Now there are many diet pills and health problems caused such a painful way to lose weight can neither help you lose weight, but also damage your health Oh!

Weight loss has been a hot topic among women, circulating on the network is also a wide variety of ways to lose weight, what weight loss remedies, weight loss secret. Xiaobian to remind you that you want to lose weight and sisters, we should never try some unproven weight loss methods, oh, to avoid lose a healthy weight loss is not a. Small for everyone today announced seven unhealthy way to lose weight, you avoid injury

Raw food dieting

Raw food advocates believe that cooking temperature more than 47 ° C will destroy the good food enzymes, most dietitians agree that the consumption of fruits, vegetables, cereals processing at least the best. But at the same time, we also understand that, in the cooking process, the same can promote the availability of a variety of key nutrients and phytonutrients biological and passivation unhealthy compounds.

The raw food diet is mainly plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, germ, grains and beans and so on. Even if these foods rich in nutrients, but usually expensive and poor taste; Moreover, the heat of the food often do not have a direct relationship with the temperature. As long as a balanced diet, daily consumption of of adequate fruit or raw vegetables, the proportion of raw food accounts for about half of the daily diet, you can achieve a good

Raw food diet staple food such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, germ, grains and beans. Although these foods are rich in nutrients, but the long-term as a staple food consumption will continue to cause nutritional imbalance.

HCG injections to lose weight therapy

Human chorionic gonadotropin (human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG) is generated by the early stages of pregnancy hormones, and it encourages luteinizing progesterone. Studies have pointed out that the injection of HCG suppresses the appetite, so a low-calorie dieting. (About 500 to 800 a day low-calorie) HCG injection can achieve the effect of weight loss quickly, but after disabling weight may also be quickly restored, and HCG injection may be accompanied by edema, mood swings, headaches, high blood pressure and other side effects. Therefore, this method of weight loss should think twice.

Detox dieting

The detoxification method downsizing is very popular in Southern California. Dieters ten consecutive days every day drinking several mixed lemon juice, maple syrup and pepper drinks for detoxification. Practice is to drink a cup of laxative tea every night, and next morning drink next liter of saline, then the day to drink 8 to 12 cups above maple syrup lemonade; reportedly so you can clean the digestive tract and internal organs, but there is no any study confirmed our digestive tract and the visceral need help help detoxification. This dieting heat between 650 to 1300 calories, and lack of important nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron and zinc, once easily return to normal diet weight regain.

Way to lose weight, lose weight, unhealthy lose weight, unhealthy way to lose weight