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2012年10月11日 星期四

Ideas way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss weight loss ideas, ideas of ways to lose weight
1. Themselves and their dialogue
Once do the right thing when you are alone with their own, saying, for example, own exercise three times a week, I feel proud, I feel healthier, stronger, these positive thoughts will take away some weight accident Oh! As long as you are able to express his true thoughts, there will be a positive action unfolded. At the same time, these positive behaviors will let you become more healthy and happy. However, you feel very silly dialogue and their own it? It used to close your eyes, a small voice say positive action, instead of crying out now! Ideas into language will make you closer to your health goals, and this simple behavior is very effective Oh!
Discard negative thoughts
According to the study, most people day nearly 60,000 ideas, but most of them are negative thoughts. These negative views will your energy and willpower is depleted! This time we going to do? Negative thoughts quickly silencer it! And immediately attack those negative thoughts with positive thoughts. For example, when you think that my body good Quebec at this time and quickly changed my body Zhuangzhuang very insecure. So you feel happy!
3 bed method of self-affirmation
The report said that the best time to construct a healthy mind is not on the bed, is not just to get up, but lay in bed and get up within 10 minutes after one minute. You can take advantage of the voice recorder, and certainly self recorded, and then every day play, the first play in 10 minutes after going to bed, and the second after 10 minutes to get up the next day, each lasting one minute.
Pick an exclusive theme song
Select one that allows you to boost the spirit and positive thinking song, for example, Angela Invisible Wings, Harlem's Ode to Joy, your frustration and sense of powerlessness, put to listen to, to keep from falling into the blame on others emotions , and gave it back to the front of the slightest idea. Said, singing or listening to music can liberate stress and enhance mental and spiritual level, so when you do exercise by to sing the lyrics of the song to affirm yourself!
5. Laughed heartily laugh
Do not be too concerned about dieting or weight loss failure and depressed, with a laugh at the method of it! A recent report pointed out that, if is going wrong with the state, and can entertain people, high EQ and the ability to withstand pressure, and laughter but also allows you to increase the oxygen content in the body's energy and blood why not do it! So the next encounter weight loss setbacks stop sighed, and instead try to laugh few times, you will find, Xiaodiao sorrow and complain, but also to a happy and confident laugh!
Weight loss methods, weight loss weight loss ideas, ideas of ways to lose weight

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