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The cabbage meal to lose weight method


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Thermal recommended cabbage meal diet
The cabbage also be thin, you are not only heard it today? To know the Chinese cultivated cabbage has a long history, the history of about 6,000 years. Cabbage soup diet is a convenient and economical way to lose weight, are presented a delicious and nutritious said "Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica" cabbage "sweet warm non-toxic, the stomach, in addition to chest trouble hangover thirsty, Lee urine, can Cellulite diet." soup diet, interested friends may wish to try.

Delicious cabbage weight loss

The high nutritional value of cabbage, its most important feature is rich in cellulose, can promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion and prevent constipation.

Daily meals to eat cabbage, whether boiled or fried, can achieve a good weight loss. If you ask that "time is short, quick effect, can also be more jealous of cabbage, vinegar is also a diet food, and cabbage combined their weight loss better.

 Cabbage soups diet

During weight loss, cabbage soup and cabbage soup can be used as the main food of the detox is worth noting that a high-fat, high-salt, finely processed products, desserts and starches are not edible.

Weight loss surgery, duration of treatment ranged from 7-30 days. If you insist, will soon be able to receive good results.

Raw materials: 2000 g cabbage, frozen tofu one, each 100 grams of red green bell pepper, cucumber juice, salt, boiled chicken amount.

 Practice: 1, cabbage, red bell pepper, cut into 4 cm long filaments.

2, silk cabbage red bell pepper, frozen tofu with refined salted 20 minutes, controlling the brine, added MSG and cucumber juice.

3, the the pending pot of boiled roll, pour the above materials, salt, chicken can.

The effect: someone tried a week cut eight pounds.

 Assorted cabbage diet
Usually accustomed to a lavish meals, satisfies the delicious food, but so fat quietly on the body, and now we have to eat to lose weight nutritional meals you enjoy the "thin" in delicious.

Ingredients: cabbage, mushroom, carrots, mushrooms, salt, chicken, pepper.

1, Wash the cabbage, pot of water to boil the cabbage pieces into the pot hot soft button. Mushroom, mushroom into the water boiled, remove shredded.

2, Flammulina silk, mushrooms with chicken, salt and pepper marinated for 10 minutes.

3, all vegetables and mix them add chicken, salt seasoning can.

Effect: Breakfast as usual, lunch and dinner to eat this dish, not limited to a few days later you will find yourself lost a lot.

 Way to lose weight, lose weight, way to lose weight cabbage meals to lose weight, cabbage meal

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