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10 factors to lose weight

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(A) How much weight loss confidence

The weight loss of no less difficult to quit smoking. It is a painstakingly built extremely difficult project. Requirements to lose weight in the implementation must have faith, patience and perseverance. Otherwise, it may fall short.

(B), good psychological quality

The slimming process requires good mental qualities. A psychological quality is very vulnerable to lose weight, it is difficult to be invincible. Therefore, the long weight loss road, in fact, is the psychological quality inspection. A full psychological preparation and can stand up to the "suffering" of people hope to lose weight successfully.

(C), genetic factors

The analogy is the stretch shrink lose weight weight loss software engineering, genetic is the most "not to discuss" the hardware. If the parents at a young age to obesity is known, then they at least left to their children more than 50% of the obese gene. As a result, the "cast" given the fat build the future is difficult to change.

(D), weight super material is not

The degree of overweight and the success rate of weight loss is proportional to. Greater than or equal to 127 kg, became "refractory" obesity, the difficulty of weight loss is quite large.

(E) "fat age" how long

The more fat since childhood, cut down after the more difficult. The experts surveyed obese infants and young children, they have 80% of the people in the future fat "material" adult "fat age" is too long it is not easy to lose weight. In contrast, the middle-aged before they get fat, lose weight much easier.

(F), even harder for women to lose weight

Obesity has a significant gender "discrimination". Women's habits, mood swings, social environment and social status, and other factors, they falter in weight loss than men and more.

(Vii) whether the marriage happy

In contrast, happily married and the marriage born male sterile female, a higher rate of weight loss success. In contrast, unmarried, marital frustration or married without children lose weight to be more difficult.

(H), the time does not forgive, the outcome within three months

Diet to lose weight the first three months is the key to weight loss period. During this time if eating properly controlled, a week can lose weight more than 0.5 kg, the future is bright.

(9), the number of comprehensive measures

Rigorous scientific way to lose weight, it is an important part of weight loss success or failure. Usually a variety of measures to lose weight is much better than the effect of a weight loss method. Of course, comprehensive measures should also pay attention to the program choreographed scientific.
(J) sleep time
Do not know since when people began to believe that less sleep can lose weight, then stay up all night life began, but in fact, sleep loss not only not to lose weight but will gain weight, blood glucose and insulin levels will increase, breaking the balance of the body's metabolism of weight loss is very unfavorable. So in order to lose weight, we must first maintain normal sleep habits, the best time of day to ensure eight hours of sleep.
Lose weight factors, weight loss methods, weight loss,10 factors of lose weight  


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