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2012年10月12日 星期五

2 Cheese way to lose weight


Cheese In recent years, popular health food, many of them like to eat cheese, even more cheese weight loss methods. The reason for this weight loss method is cheese containing active lactobacillus, can promote intestinal peristalsis, and at the same time to drain away toxins, improve skin and belly. Three meals a day eat only pure taste of cheese and bananas, not to eat other food. First, to reduce obesity is not caused by excessive drug accumulated within the body product, but rather caused by the accumulation of excess fat. At the same time, we had no need of special to eat a certain food can drain away toxins. The liver and buttocks dirty drain away toxins organs. At present, there is no a local food can help lose weight. If you want to tighten the belly, I believe the appropriate exercises, exercise your abdominal muscles, coupled with a balanced diet will be a better method. Although cheese and bananas are healthy snacks, but can not fully provide the nutrients we need. Include only these two types of objects, such as the daily diet will lead to lack of certain vitamins and minerals. And this meal is single too monotonous and low calorie, I believe we will not maintain this eating habits too long. Once Reply to eating habits, the weight will naturally rebound.

 way to lose weight
Diet Menus Here are cheese-lunch diet Menus:
Breakfast: business as usual
Lunch: cheese and a glass of plain
Afternoon Tea: cracker a hot lemon tea (note that less sugar) cup
Dinner: blanch vegetables (to eat far) and light blanch white meat dish

The cheese is rich in healthy ingredients, and high in protein, easily absorb. But definitely not cheese instead of dinner. Because cheese contains nutrients, insufficient one day.

Casts a burst of cheese diet hot hot in Japan successfully launched in Japan earlier had beer yeast cheese. Brewer's yeast rich in vitamin B complex, vitamin B complex can speed up the body breaks down carbohydrates and fat fat. So, brewer's yeast cheese can lose weight there is little scientific theories. The cheese high density, contained in sugar to Gaoyao careful attention.

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