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Unhealthy ways to lose weight


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Away from unhealthy way to lose weight

Online and book to see a lot of ways to lose weight, eat light to eat fruit, eat light yogurt, eat very little soup diet. However, the weight loss is not to abuse their own, these extreme weight loss methods and will not help you lose weight oh!

Do not take diet pills, intestinal tea like say white is actually a laxative. Because you want to lose weight fast can only be achieved by reducing the body's moisture to, but we all know the Taoist water in the body is not missing, which rely on laxatives to maintain weight this hurt their own methods too do not fly, but not the actual , of course, easy to rebound. Now there are many diet pills and health problems caused such a painful way to lose weight can neither help you lose weight, but also damage your health Oh!

Weight loss has been a hot topic among women, circulating on the network is also a wide variety of ways to lose weight, what weight loss remedies, weight loss secret. Xiaobian to remind you that you want to lose weight and sisters, we should never try some unproven weight loss methods, oh, to avoid lose a healthy weight loss is not a. Small for everyone today announced seven unhealthy way to lose weight, you avoid injury

Raw food dieting

Raw food advocates believe that cooking temperature more than 47 ° C will destroy the good food enzymes, most dietitians agree that the consumption of fruits, vegetables, cereals processing at least the best. But at the same time, we also understand that, in the cooking process, the same can promote the availability of a variety of key nutrients and phytonutrients biological and passivation unhealthy compounds.

The raw food diet is mainly plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, germ, grains and beans and so on. Even if these foods rich in nutrients, but usually expensive and poor taste; Moreover, the heat of the food often do not have a direct relationship with the temperature. As long as a balanced diet, daily consumption of of adequate fruit or raw vegetables, the proportion of raw food accounts for about half of the daily diet, you can achieve a good

Raw food diet staple food such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, germ, grains and beans. Although these foods are rich in nutrients, but the long-term as a staple food consumption will continue to cause nutritional imbalance.

HCG injections to lose weight therapy

Human chorionic gonadotropin (human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG) is generated by the early stages of pregnancy hormones, and it encourages luteinizing progesterone. Studies have pointed out that the injection of HCG suppresses the appetite, so a low-calorie dieting. (About 500 to 800 a day low-calorie) HCG injection can achieve the effect of weight loss quickly, but after disabling weight may also be quickly restored, and HCG injection may be accompanied by edema, mood swings, headaches, high blood pressure and other side effects. Therefore, this method of weight loss should think twice.

Detox dieting

The detoxification method downsizing is very popular in Southern California. Dieters ten consecutive days every day drinking several mixed lemon juice, maple syrup and pepper drinks for detoxification. Practice is to drink a cup of laxative tea every night, and next morning drink next liter of saline, then the day to drink 8 to 12 cups above maple syrup lemonade; reportedly so you can clean the digestive tract and internal organs, but there is no any study confirmed our digestive tract and the visceral need help help detoxification. This dieting heat between 650 to 1300 calories, and lack of important nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron and zinc, once easily return to normal diet weight regain.

Way to lose weight, lose weight, unhealthy lose weight, unhealthy way to lose weight

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