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Easy way to lose weight


Way to lose weight, lose weight, easy way to lose weight
Many people do not like to lose weight exercise brisk walking & jogging & sports, but weight loss exercise is brisk walking & running can not only lose weight but also can promote metabolism, and adjust the activities of the various organs of the body, especially the cardiovascular system is helpful.
For example: climbing stairs, running frequency machines, cycling, swimming, etc., are all good ways to lose weight, which is to exercise to lose weight easiest + most economical brisk walking & jogging, because without any equipment and conditions, weight loss movement of brisk walking & jogging most suitable for obese people to lose weight.

Although the use of weight loss exercise is brisk walking & jogging can lipid-lowering diet, exercise, or to note.

Like weight loss movement must be simple physical examination, severe hypertension, or hepatitis B, it can not be compared to the large number of runners activities, because obese people usually lack of exercise, cardio and bones flexibility than the poor, it is not suitable outset, a lot of exercise, the exercise should be gradual.

Or excessive exercise, there will be side effects, not only less than the purpose of weight loss, but also more serious chronic diseases, so be sure to pay special attention to. And movement must adhere to not want to do it today, tomorrow, do not do so completely no effect.

In addition, weight loss exercise brisk walking & running, but also the amount of pay, because the more violent the games are a lot of sweat, especially in the summer in vivo dehydration more shall promptly pay, in order to maintain the body's electrolytic value balance, and definitely not drinking ice water after exercise. Select should exercise and fresh air and no pollution.

Can not immediately take a bath after exercise, hot bath immediately after exercise to make subcutaneous blood vessels to dilate, rapid heart beat, prone to brain ischemia coma or heart disease, especially the elderly and obese people should pay attention to. Immediately after exercise, cold baths causes the body temperature suddenly dropped, vasoconstriction, body heat can not be distributed, then it is easy to cause the common cold and cramping, so they will have to pay special attention to.

To trot & running six benefits
Weight loss exercise brisk walking & running is the most effective disease prevention of cardiovascular health movement.
Second, weight loss exercise brisk walking & jogging aerobic exercise is the most convenient, anytime, anywhere can be.
Weight loss exercise brisk walking & running is a low-consumption movement, do not need to spend a dime.
Weight loss exercise brisk walking & running is the best way to reduce stress.
They do not compare in any weight loss methods weight loss exercise brisk walking & jogging can burn calories quickly.
Weight loss exercise brisk walking & running is very elastic movement, any time can start.

Exercise to lose weight thin body
① supine exercise to lose weight: hands on her hips or behind home, legs straight, toes hooked fixtures ups

Exercise to lose weight ② posture: hands pull fixed the rubber band (or held 1-2 kg dumbbells) set the chest, supine

Exercise to lose weight ③ supine: hands home side. Legs at right angles with the upper body held straight, smooth lay down again; or leg raise Taitun, toes as far as possible to reach the top of the head

Weight loss exercise ④ standing position: hands folded behind home, does not move his legs, the body as much as possible around the rotation
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Weight loss exercise ⑤ standing position: hands holding the gymnastics club set behind, legs straight, upper body forward backwards.
Weight loss exercise ⑥ standing: hands on her hips, legs straight, upper body slightly forward rotation axis around the waist.
Weight loss exercise ⑦ prone: hands folded behind home, and try to lift the head and upper body
Exercise to lose weight ⑧ standing position: hands holding the gymnastics club set back of the head, chest and squat 10-15 times. Small dumbbells and other weights, increasing the load can also be hung in gymnastics stick at both ends
Weight loss exercise ⑨ standing: hands on his hips, his eyes look straight ahead, toes repeatedly. Ranking exercise to lose weight when used in conjunction with weight loss weight loss packages effect more, the package includes the full month weight loss Package A comprehensive month weight loss package B, comprehensive month weight loss Package C, and so on.
Way to lose weight, lose weight, easy way to lose weight

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