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2012年10月12日 星期五

Ways to lose weight with the palm of your hand


Way to lose weight, with the palm of your hand, with the palm of your hand to lose weight, lose weight
The Registration Section Officer at National Taiwan University, Hong Taixiong personal experience with weight loss success, the book teaches people with the palm of your hand, small cups, spoons, bowls and other readily available tools, precision measuring the food portions precise eat; while he himself with the ongoing campaign the past two years reduced from 84 kg to 67 kg, hypertension, tuna belly and apnea is gone, and no longer fat.

Hongtai Xiong said, most people think that eating less will be thin, so would like to lose weight usually starving people hungry body automatically raised glycogen use, muscle break down amino acids, and finally lose the muscle, but fat still, the short term looks like a thin, finally regained.

He said, the adult heat of the day, the body's basal metabolic rate plus activities require heat, plus digest the food, the sum of the heat. Therefore, in addition to calculate their basal metabolic rate, the most important thing is to eat must go through the calculation.
"The six categories of food must be balanced to eat." The Hong Taixiong general calorie counting is a headache, but readily available in the daily lives of the bowl, spoon, cup can be used to calculate, but also very precise components. He cited the palm of your hand, for example, generally divided into three two-handed according to the palm-sized, 4 both hands and hands, larger is 5 in the palm of his hand with both hands.

He said that fish eggs two heat about 75 calories, if you eat a piece of his palm almost a centimeter thick salmon eat into the 375 kcal. So usually bite to eat tofu, simple hand coverage, you can catch the approximate amount of the how much to eat eat how much, but one can not eat.
Way to lose weight, with the palm of your hand, with the palm of your hand to lose weight, lose weight
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