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Depth way to lose weight


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Weather conditions: a crisp fall day to outdoor sports, rainy days can also be done on a treadmill, cycling machine, or dynamic bike.

Physical condition: before the start of each activity - 5 minutes of low-intensity warm-up; - 5 minutes before the end of the exercise of low intensity cardio exercises, then stretch the lower body and back muscles, each stretch held for 30 seconds.

● special care: menstrual period - all run into gracefully go. Note supplement rich in iron and fiber foods.

● menstrual after week: The large number of estrogen secretion, you not only feel good the entire physiological cell active follow up, good digestion, absorption, metabolism is also fast, physical and psychological in peak condition, in this week's practice appropriately increase a strength or a little longer time. With diet control can have a multiplier effect.

● sports attitude: the beginning if you feel tired, reduce a little exercise intensity or time. If you do not want to run away.

Exercise intensity: comfort - physical overdraft, the body feels comfortable and not tired. Moderate - a little bit my breath on the air, but also within the recommended time persevered. Height - the fundamental breath on gas to survive three minutes.

Low degree of movement of physical sensations: the Movement's pursuit of low temperature rise rather than violent heartbeat. The easiest way to look in the mirror or touch your face, there is no hot feeling. The increase in body temperature, appetite usually will decline, and vice versa appetite will increase. Movement requirements of the movement of the low: changing exercise frequency, and the body play a hide-and-seek game, to keep the excitement of the body in the whole process of weight loss.

Excessive exercise causes decrease in leptin, leptin reduce the lead to two consequences.

① excessive exercise, the body's energy consumption too much, leading to energy storage loss of balance, but inhibit the production of leptin. You're run off their legs, and obesity gene no longer move a bit, talk about how to lose weight?

② appetite: leptin concentration is reduced, the body a signal: lack of energy, hasten to add! So we knew it would appetite. Eat more and more, and would like to lose weight, a dream.

Low degree of movement 3DON induced short time sports: aerobic exercise, first utilized to glycogen stored by the body to release energy. Exercise for 30 minutes, began to turn by fat release energy, about 1 hour after exercise, the movement of the energy required is to fat for energy-based. Fast explosive movement: human muscle fibers mainly by white muscle fibers and red muscle fibers. Quick explosive exercise, exercise white muscle fibers white muscle fiber cross-sectional thick, using this method to lose weight the more I practice "rough". Passive movement: you have not run, but still larger gains obtained through exercise, so your life climbing on the "Run". In fact, this kind of "passive" movement - just help your joints mechanical activity, not to lose weight!

You thought bodybuilding body in the bath process synchronization is complete, so the bath and fitness? In fact, this desire is not difficult to achieve, set designed for the female physiological characteristics described below the body bathed operation can help you achieve.

(A) warm-up action: (water contact cervical and dorsal vertebrae) with one hand up to your ear, stretching the shoulder, relax the neck to relieve the pressure of the shoulder and neck, while the muscles to stretch out. Squeeze the shower gel in your hand, The pleasant atmosphere fragrant let you the day's fatigue behind our mind, add the right amount of water to rub blisters, then start legs bathed operation.

Rouan (b) leg movements: (water contact with the lumbar and dorsal vertebrae) along the calf to thigh, top-down stroking along the inner thigh to ankle, promote blood circulation, Rouan intensity should be moderate, by massaging the skin more smooth and elastic leg.

(C) hip action: (water contact with the lumbar and dorsal vertebrae) squat, hands down from the front of the thigh circular motion to massage to the ankles, and legs straight, back straight and upright, hands bottom-up pulling the buttock muscles , beautify the hip line.

(D) the waist action: (water contact with the cervical and dorsal vertebrae) hands alternate massage up the side of the waist, side abdominal muscles, until the side of the chest, and beautify the waistline. Arm extended upward as far as possible, taut body lines.

(E) chest and abdomen action: (the face of the showerhead, water temperature and contact with the sternum) hands cross at the waist and abdomen, back chest, palms the abdominal massage back and forth twice. To prevent the excessive accumulation of fat cells, promote the circulation and metabolism of the body.

(F) arm movements: (water contact sides of neck and shoulder) circle bath balls from shoulder massage to the wrist, crank up, bath balls from the back of the hand sliding into elbows, arms straight Shuzhan Ping. Note that the expansion of the chest, and beautify the chest line.

(G) shoulder and neck movements: (water contact sides of neck and shoulder) trapezius hands rubbing shoulders, relax the neck pressure, then looked backward, his hands alternately along the sides of neck massage up to the lower jaw to accelerate lymphatic circulation so that the shoulder and neck skin is smooth and compact.

(8) back action: (water contact sides of neck and shoulder), one hand on the lower back, in one hand and the back of the bath balls clean skin, elbows firmly stretching backward, left and right swing hips, while easing the waist, tighten the back line.

(9) stretches: (turn off the water flow) hands through the upper body from the lower abdomen upward to the top of the head, with the suction up to tighten the body lines, shaping, breath, restore.

U.S. gymnastics Tip

1, water: Open showers, moderate hydraulic adjustment, control the water temperature at 40 degrees Celsius, with the stretching of the body, and let the water evenly massage our skin.

2, action steps: warm-up → leg → buttocks chest and abdomen → waist → → arm → shoulder and neck → → stretch back, each action an eight-shot, repeated twice to four times. In accordance with the the body lines stretching law, from the bottom up order.

, Respiratory regularity: the complete process, paying particular attention to the breathing regulator, when the body muscles to tighten or stretch to try to inhale, relax and breath.
Depth weight loss, weight loss methods, weight lossloss

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