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2012年8月22日 星期三

Cucumber egg diet-lost 20 pounds in 7 days

Cucumber egg diet Features:
Simply, this article tells you the principle of lose weight by lose weight. Your goal is to lose 20 pounds. You eat cucumber and eggs as the main food within a month.Because Cucumber and eggs are a very good weight loss diet recipes

Cucumber weight loss principle:
Fresh cucumber has two components of cellulose and alcohol acid from weight loss ingredient standpoint. Cellulose can reduce cholesterol, promote the excretion and help gastrointestinal motility. Alcohol acid is able to effectively inhibit carbohydrate .I t is an ideal health care level vegetables by its low in calories, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes with obesity.

Egg weight loss principle:
Egg yolk contains lecithin is an emulsifier can fat cholesterol emulsified into tiny particles, after exclusion used by the body from the blood vessels from weight loss ingredient standpoint. In addition, the eggs can be increased high-density lipoprotein in the blood can protect blood vessels to prevent hardening.

Cucumber egg diet execution plan
Cucumber egg diet can last for two weeks, first of all the first week weight loss mainly cucumber and egg based food day diet plan is this:

Morning: eat an egg can be boiled eggs, and then eat a cucumber;
Noon: also eat an egg, then you can eat a cold dish of cucumber made;
Evening: eat one to two cucumber, or eat a cucumber dish.

Second week when you can eat some boiled vegetables and meat, or with the steaming method, but do not put any oil. In the morning when you can drink soy milk or milk, eat some fruit after four p.m., eat cucumbers and eggs.

Cucumber egg diet conclusions:
7 days thin 20 pounds of cucumber egg diet method, diet effect
Cucumber egg diet, in fact, is a diet weight loss method. You can use this method with the honey, vinegar and water to promote digestion method: Add a spoonful of honey in diluted vinegar (vinegar, balsamic vinegar • • • • •) water, aid digestion and can embellish aperient bowel. A lady to take advantage of this method of weight loss of 20 pounds a week, I think, such a simple method, and do not really anti a try seven days thin 20 pounds of cucumber egg diet method and recipes to lose weight principle.

Cucumber egg diet 

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