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2012年8月25日 星期六

Wine cheese diet

Weight loss theory
 According to studies, the daily fixed calcium intake can effectively lose weight, high-calorie cheese, and went so far as to become a weight-loss clergyman. Lactose-free the cheese ingredients with breast milk nearly plus and calcium easily absorbed and short-chain amino acids, proteins produced through the fermentation can enhance the metabolic rate. Cheese: cheese and cheese containing short chain fatty acids, protein and calcium, can effectively promote metabolism, improve thyroid function in order to burn fat utility. Wine: wine alcoholic, tyrosine, and other ingredients, heat production effect, can promote metabolism, and the heat will not be stored by the body.

Full-fat high-calcium cheese with red wine diet, can increase the metabolic rate and help burn fat. Normal three meals to eat, and 30 minutes before going to bed, eat 1-2 slices of cheese or 50g cheese, drink 1 cup red wine of 50-100c.c. Thin 7 kg in 3 weeks.

Wine cheese diet material
 1-2 slices of cheese or 50g
 Red wine 50-100c.c.
 Weight loss reasons
Eat something before going to bed 30 minutes. Secretary, red wine diet, alcoholic red wine can help sleep. The sleep slow metabolism, low body temperature, eat something Secretary and drinking red wine, can produce heat, and speed up the metabolism, side sleeping side can consume the body fat to achieve weight-loss utility. Can also Zhumian before going to bed 30 minutes.

Nutritionists recommend control diet effect. Basically, the cheese containing protein and lipid; wine alcoholic, has heat production and rise in blood sugar. 1-2 slices of cheese and wine, low in calories, only 129 cards, coupled with diet control, easier weight loss.
  Bariatric surgeon say that to any constitution applies cheese with red wine diet conducive to burning fat in the waist and hips, people for Xiangshou these sites, you can try. Also, in addition to do not like cheese, and cheese, or allergic to red wine is not suitable for use, any constitution suitable for the use of this diet. In addition, the dinner can not eat starchy stuff.

Many women have been in to inquire about the new weight loss tactics, including red wine accompanied by cheese, two-phase with the way that seems best burn fat. The implementation of the method is to drink at dinner 50cc red wine, and two about cheese, a lot of people tried and found to be able to successfully burn body fat, the body's metabolism becomes faster.

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