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2012年8月25日 星期六

Meditation way to lose weight

Meditation way to lose weight
It is said that human beings can yourself through meditation force all wishes come true, and therefore will have a German psychologist that the cerebellum to the book. Of course, this "want" will be able to lose weight Korea is not a "want" weekdays but deliberately meditation, right brain signal that helps regulate mood, so as to achieve a slimming effect, and I feel very happy . Meimei used meditation and body sculpting success, This move compelled to say a few words. Just focus and awareness, to concentrate on the place you want to lean shortly after will be able to achieve their goals.

For example, you walk always remind myself to hold your head high, always remember to narrow the abdominal or clamping on both sides of the gluteal muscles, so you remind yourself, you will find something unexpected, and that is without the gym do not have to buy expensive exercise equipment, naturally, buttocks muscle done thousands of times in the buttocks firming movement, especially a lot of working women have to wear high heels weekdays, when matched with hip clamping movement, the effect more significantly, just pay attention to is to remember to remind myself. Can use this trick works, walking can be used while waiting for the bus can be used, work boss meeting, the ubiquitous use, is a set of thin hip.

Meditation diet points:
Climate you need to relax lying down or sitting in meditation when breathing deeply with every breath, the body relaxed. If you decide that a certain part of the body remains tense or tired, you breathe that part.
2, three times a deep breath, deep breath, tense and tired of this day are driven out. So take a few minutes only need to pay attention to your own breathing, get rid of all the thoughts, the body is completely relaxed.
3, then, every time you inhale silently in my heart my body like a girl as young compact ", every breath, said" I'm rid of all waste and garbage.
4, and then, with every part of his body dialogue, by foot, slowly moving up. At the same time, so of all suppress parts of the pressure and tension are gone. And legs, abdomen, back, chest, arm and hand, has been to the shoulders, neck, face and head so dialog. In this process, any other thoughts or feeling comes, do not worry, refocus attention on the breath.
Meditation diet tips: meditation may as well give yourself a cup of herbal tea. Brewing herbal tea, be able to see the flowers or leaves in hot water recovery, spread out, with different water temperatures, however, some flowers and tea will show different color; especially when injected into the hot water, emit natural aroma, the meditation you more comfortable physically and mentally. Lavender, lemon grass, and chamomile are a good choice.

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