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2012年8月23日 星期四

Embedding weight loss -Lost 7 kg in 3 months

Embedding weight loss is the extension and development of acupuncture weight loss, improved acupuncture. Chinese medicine practitioners through a syringe, A can be absorbed by the body's protein Line implanted the corresponding points in the body to generate sustained and effective stimulus to achieve weight loss through the line of the body of the acupuncture points.

Lost 7 kg in 3 months

In acupuncture, the reporter met a 32-year-old Ms. Yang, Ms. Yang told reporters that her work in a public institution in Nanning, giving birth three years, the figure has been poor recovery, too fat, especially abdominal. From August 1 this year, she came to the beauty of the hospitals require embedding weight loss. The doctor arranged for her to do once a week catgut embedding, October 29, after three months of treatment, Ms. Yang's weight dropped from 60 kilograms to 53 kilograms, reducing the full seven kilograms. Now she has been able to wear the clothes girlhood.

Ms. Yang said, before embedding weight loss did not come into contact with, she was always very curious, TCM line used to lose weight, what ingredients? How they are into the human body? To Do Big Dong Daozi? Lines buried in the human body, do you still want to take out?

I did not expect the process of losing weight actually to Ms. Yang has left a memorable impression. Embedding weight loss with very simple equipment, a few thin as a hair, about 1 cm long green line, an ordinary syringe. The doctors first selected a few points in her abdomen, back, legs, do the next mark. Then, each taking a line into the syringe needle injections, the line scored an acupuncture point. The whole process is little painful, just like injections like, a very short time. The catgut implantation, the skin can only see a small needle mouth, nothing injury

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