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2012年8月24日 星期五

Weight loss Secret

Weight loss Secret:
 do with me seven days to five kilograms of lean
The diet regimen Secret Paul: I do seven days to five kilograms of lean. What is the effective way to lose weight? How to lose weight fast? These might be want to urgently know each are to lose weight, under-oriented recommend several ways to lose weight, stick to it, Paul a week lost 5 kg.

Step 1: legs open, inhale the arms raised above level, exhale, relax your shoulders, flip the palm down. Eyes look straight ahead.

Step 2: Take a deep breath, exhale, relax Youyao upper level tilted to the right. Note that the body should not lean forward, not arched body feels close to a wall, try out open shoulders plane scoliosis. Feel left flank stretch. Can, do not force their own will be able to achieve the degree of coaches beginning to reach you in a comfortable position. 15 seconds to restore the original position, the opposite direction to repeat the action.

Tips: 4 / day. Do not send in the side of the waist to hip. If possible, in practice for some time in the future, you can try your hand holding the ankle, and try to keep the 30 seconds after the resumption of standing.

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