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2011年8月22日 星期一

Best weight loss food

Best weight loss food

What is the eyes of the public the best diet food? According to this (22) issued a new survey, sugar-free milk is a popular choice for weight loss, followed by the salad category, while the people lose weight the most common sports top three, in sequence for walking, climbing stairs with brisk walking.Yishi Bang Fitness Club,7-ELEVEN and Cosmed jointly organized "calorie weight loss battle wins" has entered the tenth week, according to statistics, a total of 80 002 thousand people participated, and by the launch of calories 7-ELEVEN diary APP and 15 million people download, and after weight loss recorded in the implementation of calories, which record the weight of the average consumer at least by 2.5 kg.Mr. Huang, in particular thin will share the most successful weight-loss tips at two months he lost 10 kg, said he signed up after the event calorie weight loss battle won, the first phase of his first use of Chain Store fresh to adjust the diet, foods into a series of light food, not too much attention to the heat, the second stage, the fitness club, regular exercise five days a week, every two hours to do aerobic exercise along with weight training, two months reduced by 10 kg.

7 effective weight loss tips

7 effective weight loss tips

Sometimes weight loss is not as difficult as people imagine. On the details of life as long as you maintain good habits, little stomach will ever subside ... ...

1, eat at least three fruits and three vegetables and two

Body weight without reducing belly, so the total calorie intake of control very necessary. Eat more fruits and vegetables not only easy to produce satiety, but also help you reduce the urge to eat dessert. In addition, eat more fiber-rich foods is effective in treating constipation, abdominal bloating and constipation are you one of the culprits.

2, nine glasses of water a day, drink less soda

Before breakfast the morning cup of white water, light honey water or water added to cellulose, to accelerate gastrointestinal motility, the night before the body of waste metabolites excreted, reducing the opportunities a small pot.

Normal daily average volume of 2000-2500 ml of water, the body can oxidize raw water 300 ml, it should add water 2200 ml per day, including the water content of the diet. Then 2200 ml of water, how much does the current capacity of ordinary disposable cups, about 250ml, which means you need to drink about 9 glasses of water a day (one-off cup to measure the specific number depends on your cup size).

Not a single hour of continuous drinking too much water. Drink too much, because infiltration of blood vessels inside will be diluted with water, causing the blood contains oxygen and nutrients concentration. To meet the body's energy supply, the heart must work intensity, resulting in increased cardiac load. So long, extremely harmful to health. Also, drink plenty of water will cause the body organ edema, due to "water to flow", excess water will be a substantial convergence in the waist and lower extremities, resulting in lower back and lower extremity edema.

In addition, try to drink less soda and drinks with high sugar content that they make your stomach bulging like a balloon.
3, away from alcohol

Whether it is beer, cocktails, liquor, or other forms of alcoholic beverages, may cause your abdominal fat is the main culprit. Although wine does not contain fat, but very high in calories, only about a cup of 200ml of alcohol beverages, calories can be up to 100 kcal. Wine will improve your body's cortisol levels, it is precisely this strong abdominal fat storage hormone accomplice.

4, sit-ups

If you want to achieve less abdominal fat, we need to control the rhythm, start to do a lot to avoid the number of sit-ups, leading to muscle pain. Initially you can try one minutes 5 times, then gradually increase until it reaches about 30 times per minute can be. Pay attention to controlling the site of force is the waist, rather than legs or arms.

5, back straight and sit upright

Sometimes weight loss is not as difficult as people imagine. Some people just correct posture, abdomen and chest, will be able to subtract some of the accumulation in the abdominal fat. At any time to remind ourselves chest, abdominal, Zhi Yao, sitting, such as hanging bell, even if it is not always, verses and do, are likely to subtract 2 pounds from the stomach or more redundant fat.

6, wash their own clothes

Wash their own clothes, not thrown into the washing machine, and then lying on the couch watching TV. Clean up the kitchen after dinner, drag mop the floor. Mama tables and other furniture, allow themselves to be diligent, and clean woman. These everyday chores that you avoid lying down immediately after a meal or sitting, to prevent accumulation of fat in a small pot

7, turn up the hula hoop

Watch TV the way Shake hula: hula hoop roll consumption per kg per hour for about 5 calories,
45 kg of body weight, for example, one hour can consume about 45 (kg) x5 calories = 225 calories, and
In time it will become a waist sections of beauty.

7 effective weight loss tips