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2013年2月13日 星期三

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Weight loss, weight loss foods, weight loss methods
Almonds. Almonds in addition contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamin E and magnesium, which are rich in dietary fiber and protein can also enhance people's sense of satiety, help control weight.
Coffee. Drink two cups of coffee a day can play not only refreshing, but also promote the metabolism and suppress appetite. Studies have shown that caffeine can play a role in appetite suppression in the short term.
Eggs. Research shows that breakfast eat one or two eggs to make people have a sense of fullness within 24 hours, its better than the same number of donuts; Not only that, the heat of the day eating food will be better than eating bagels 330 kcal less.
Water. Pre-dinner drink two glasses of water, eating low intake of 75-90 kilocalories.
Sweet potatoes. Sweet potato contains a special type of starch that can resist the digestive enzymes, so that it stays in the stomach longer time, thus prolonging satiety.
Dark chocolate. Eat twelve dark chocolate containing 70% cocoa powder can reduce food craving, appetite suppressant because of its unique bitter taste
Tofu. Tofu contains large amounts of isoflavones, it can suppress appetite and reduce the intake of other foods.
Green tea. Hot green tea can reduce the intake of snacks, nutritionists found that green tea contains catechins prevent the entry of glucose into fat cells, slow down blood sugar levels to avoid fat accumulation.
Oatmeal. The oatmeal contains large amounts of dietary fiber, can slow down the process of digestion of food. Breakfast bowl of oatmeal can inhibit the release of the hunger hormone, can slow down the rise in blood sugar.
Weight loss, weight loss foods, weight loss methods