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2012年8月18日 星期六

Weight loss diary

Weight loss, weight loss diary, weight loss methods

In fact, weight loss really must write a diary to tell their own you are losing weight

So I wrote the diary of a way to lose weight this also share a weight loss method for everyone, I determined to lose weight beginning on July 1 that

I almost every day, eat a big meal weight along with a fancy meal and all the way up the whirlwind

The heaviest ninety-eight kg when I saw this figure had risen to

I would like to one hundred kilograms I will definitely give up on themselves ...

Since that day every week to see the Chinese diet

Simply do not eat starch diet (of course, I suggest you use a diet with the movement to less healthy)

You must not imagine that your every meal will almost certainly have starch (noodles, rice all are)

There even if you eat a salad there, and some, like corn mashed potatoes all can not eat (I can not eat you can still binge)

Short, all the way to August 4 month down

The amount of weight I eighty-five kg is now relatively stagnant period

But every two or three days can still see a decrease of one kilogram weight machine so I am confident that

Weight dropped to six at the beginning of the digital within three months to the end of this weight loss journey

Weight loss, weight loss diary, weight loss methods

2012年8月17日 星期五

Quick bee diet

bee diet, weight loss methods, rapid honey diet, weight loss, weight loss, rapid weight loss

Contained in honey can promote intestinal peristalsis fatty acids, rich in vitamins and minerals with the adjustment of the function of the stomach, to drain away toxins, improve constipation. Xiaobian to introduce the most effective method of rapid weight loss - honey diet, so you sit in an office will be able to enjoy the sweet and easy thin graceful good figure.

bee diet, weight loss methods, rapid honey diet, weight loss, weight loss, rapid weight loss

Blood type weight loss methods

Way to lose weight, blood type weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss, rapid weight loss, blood type diet

The blood type diet is a diet by Peter De Daimeng proposed. Peter the De Daimeng (PeterD'adao) is the state of Connecticut, a well-known naturopathic physician. His blood type diet is to provide a different diet, different blood types, so as to effectively lose weight, slow aging, and can even prevent cancer and heart disease. De Daimeng also published "eat blood type," this book details, blood type weight loss.
Type A blood, weight loss methods
A blood type is mostly steady, focused, and advocating a perfectionist, and more emphasis on the surrounding atmosphere. However, due to the excessive pursuit of the perfect type A blood, easy to own a lot of pressure. A blood type is most likely to overeat.
Weight loss blood type A are suitable to eat cereal, rich in cellulose digestion and the body's food, prevent fat accumulation. Can meet to take a long time of exercise such as walking and running, relieve stress and effective weight loss.

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Diet blood type B
Most of the people of blood type B to get things done, hearty personality, hobbies, likes the new and lively food. Type B blood is most like the excitement of people of all blood group, is particularly suitable to participate in the lively occasion of the banquet. B blood type people tend to fans of a food, like the flavors of food.
For weight loss, blood type B can choose a dumbbell baseball and other sports to help light the diet. Taste too heavy easy hypertension. At the same time alcohol is taboo to lose weight, but if not avoided, to control the amount of alcohol and drinking frequency. Note and combinations of food and wine
AB blood type, weight loss methods
The most important feature of the AB blood type is rational, calm, intellectual, good interpersonal skills, but sometimes volatile temperament, showing some extreme, has a dual personality.

AB blood type of people to lose weight for select dance and other sports. Diet bread, pasta with soy milk or salad with milk or sushi with ginger pickled in vinegar.
O blood type weight loss methods
Blood type O people are mostly interested in hobbies, likes to set goals and work hard, strong logical focus are blood type O characteristics.
Most of the people of O blood type like meat, but eat very fast, best to eat more fruit for weight loss. Diet can try to drink fresh fruit juice in the morning, detoxification diet. Eat hot pot Jia Rusu seed oil speeds up metabolism. You can also barbecue with kimchi salad. Sports aerobics.

Way to lose weight, blood type weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss, rapid weight loss, blood type diet

Seven kinds of the most effective lazy way to lose weight

lazy way to lose weight,the most effective lazy way to lose weight,
to lose weight,lose weight

1 cucumber, egg method

Meal to eat cucumbers and eggs, instead of 3 meals adhere to seven days, the package you thin, but when you will particularly miss the taste of Laoganma. Is the way of a good scraping oil.

Principle: cucumber flesh crisp and juicy, delicious fragrance, it contains pectin, acid and biological activity of enzymes can promote metabolism, can treat sunburn, freckles and skin allergies. Cucumber can heat diuretic and prevent constipation. Fresh cucumber contains alcohol acid, can effectively inhibit carbohydrate into fat, so eat cucumbers for weight loss and prevention of coronary heart disease is highly desirable.

2 NFAM Act

Over at 3:00 do not eat anything, of course, eat when not Mengchi ah, this week can be lost a few kilograms.

Principle: rest at night, human consumption of less energy, excessive intake of energy used to turn to fat and hoarded. Precautions of this method is breakfast and lunch must eat all you want, and add essential nutrients day.

Health Tip: If you really hungry, drink plenty of water, or eat an apple.

3, do not eat meals France

Eat less meals every day to milk as part of the meals, the girls drink a lot of good, but note that sugar-free, it is best to buy their own Soymilk yourself every day to play, easy and cheap.

Principle: the main milk extract rich in high-quality vegetable protein soy, soy protein, contains large amounts of soy isoflavones (Isoflavone), the composition of the soybean glycosides (saponin). These ingredients can inhibit lipid and carbohydrate absorption in vivo, to play the effect of burning body fat. Therefore, from the moment of drinking milk after digestion → absorption → burn fat at all stages of these active ingredients are in play slimming effect!

4, Apple diet

Eat two days of Apple and restrained eating for three days, so that several cycles of good results.

Obese people are almost always due to food leaving the stomach expansion, beyond the control of appetite. Apple diet can shrink the stomach after weight loss, appetite easier to control, and taste become normal, does not like spicy food or greasy food.

Apple diet can promote the formation of white blood cells in the blood, improve the body's resistance and immunity, while promoting neurological and endocrine function, help to beauty. Eat the apple diet benefits is that you do not have to go hungry, hungry, eat apples. Because it is a low-calorie foods, no matter how much to eat, are not calorie intake of daily life, so the weight naturally reduced. But also can improve dry skin, atopic dermatitis, constipation and other symptoms.

5, the leaves lose weight

Lotus leaf, cassia, licorice, lemon slices, boiled soup, quantity, as appropriate, to insist on two weeks effective day out of the toilet more.

Principle: The Chinese regarded as a weight-loss medicine since ancient times put the lotus leaf. Because the root of the lotus (lotus) and leaves a simple diuretic, laxative effect.

6, bitter gourd diet

This trick is to never pull, eat as much as you supper does not matter, as long as you guarantee to eat three bitter gourd every day, one week can lean at least 4 pounds, is to wash the raw, although a bit difficult, but there are good detoxification of the stuff, makes friends, adversity, in order to achieve the purpose of ah!
Principle: bitter gourd contains a pole all the biological activity of high-energy Qingzhi this substance in the human body absorb the fat parts of the small intestine, absorption through the intestinal cell pore network, to prevent fats, polysaccharides, such as heat macromolecules, but does not affect the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Effects known as "Fat Killer" ingredients make the intake of fat and polysaccharide reduce 40-60.

7, drink diet

Eat less, eat a bowl of warm water in the next, to eat things over the water to eat, there are good results.

Principle: in the morning before eating breakfast a cup of white water, light honey and water, or add a cellulose water, able to accelerate gastrointestinal motility, the night before the body of waste and metabolites excreted, reducing the opportunities for small pot appear.

Pre-dinner drink plenty of water to reduce appetite: Many people are not really obese, but after dinner you can see the appetite of a drum capsule capsule protruding most standard Babyfat, even if it is not dinner, this little appetite suction gas in order to cover up.

lazy way to lose weight,the most effective lazy way to lose weight,
to lose weight,lose weight

"Small meal" weight-loss method

"Skip a meal weight-loss method, benefit a lot of friends and family would like to slim down. Father he was suffering from high blood pressure, according to his method, not only for six months lost 8 kg, the blood pressure has fallen.

Secretary of his term of office of the Vice-Chancellor of the Kaohsiung empty, but also learn that he does not eat lunch. The results just six months lost 14 kg. Ki-Ming Chuang said that the Secretary of the height of 188 cm, before the original is very fat, eat lunch after successful weight loss, I am glad and can wear jeans to buy before the next fat.

Zhuang Qi Ming, 25 years ago in the United States, see Americans for lunch very simple, and even eat an apple. Later watched a Toffler's book "Future Shock", the book comes to the scientists found that the uptake and consumption of calories is the same, the animal life can be extended by 20%.

Dinner, entertainment and more, Zhuang Qi Ming choose to eat lunch. Breakfast is usually a glass of milk, a pancake or rice balls, totally do not eat lunch, eat dinner with Xing, but also pay attention to calorie control and nutrient balanced intake. If the dinner entertainment eat too much, his breakfast the next day not to eat.

Chuang Qi Ming, a young man he is and most people eat the same meals, and lunch also eat a lot, most fat weight over 70 kg of Decided to eat lunch, he spent two and a half's time, the original Chinese food to eat two bowls of rice habits slowly changed half a bowl, bowl, bowl, eat fruit, eat no. Relying on less per day meal, three times a week at least play 25 years, his weight is maintained at almost 64 kg.

He said, eat three meals a day is the habits of the agricultural society. Agricultural society to the farm, labor, and require more calories to maintain physical strength. Modern move less, eat more and still be asked to eat three meals a day like agricultural society, no wonder more and more fat, of course, this is the error when the natural results.

Do not eat lunch for many years, Zhuang Qi Ming, a lot of advantages, not only save time, do not get fat, stay young, you can also time to eat lunch, office, sports, a day can keep a clear head, not to eat too much because Chinese food mind fell lifeless want to sleep, affect efficiency.

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Recipe weight loss methods

Apple diet, weight loss methods over afternoon of food law, ginger tea weight loss methods, on the 8th honey diet, honey vinegar diet
Weight loss forum, such as "three-day apple diet", "NFAM Act," Ginger Black Tea Act, honey France on 8 "," honey vinegar diet "weight loss remedies much fat MM in hot pursuit. Although these methods are the short-term effect significant, but due to physical long-term can not get enough energy, so the health is very unfavorable.

Adhere to the 'eat apple, eat dinner' diet in the three-day apple diet "- within three days.

Expert Comment: If the single on the heat and satiety, Apple has a complementary effect of weight loss. But if it as a staple food is insufficient protein intake, decreased immunity, memory loss, anemia, indigestion, and other issues.

"Ginger tea diet - using ginger's spicy, body heat, improve metabolism, consumption of calories the body to achieve weight loss.

Expert Comment: If the consumption of those suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, it may be worse due to the stimulation of ginger; the body heat of people drink it is easy to get angry, constipation, acne.

8 honey diet, honey vinegar diet "- do not eat staple food, when hungry, take honey and eat.

Expert Comment: this approach will weaken the digestive function of the gastric juice, interfere with normal absorption, disrupt the normal digestive function.

Apple diet, weight loss methods over afternoon of food law, ginger tea weight loss methods, on the 8th honey diet, honey vinegar diet

Belly dancing weight loss methods

Belly dancing to lose weight, belly dancing weight loss methods, weight loss methods, belly dance, weight loss

The world's most popular female dance - Body weight loss belly dance, efficient burn excess fat such as waist, hip, shoulder, arm and abdomen, and detonated the global craze of belly dance, the female bloom is charming unprecedented sexy glory.

Let your gestures are full of femininity exudes

Slimming effect of the belly dance

The key parts of the belly dancing weight loss, waist, hips, legs, back and arm, almost every torsion pendulum action has a slimming effect.

Belly dance can shape the flexibility of the waist and abdomen. A lot of action in the belly dance is to mention the hip lift, as well as the abdomen showed a circle or up and down movement, regular training can make the waist is more flexible, more graceful lines.

The entire dance movements in the effective tightening of the body lines, which can be minus the arms, buttocks, thighs.

Belly dance, the dancers often need to lift the heel bare feet in slowly before performing the action, which also helps to train a pair of strong leg.

Belly dance is a whole body movement, you can let your legs, hips, shoulders and neck have been full of activities, thereby enhancing the body's elasticity and flexibility.

Let your gestures are full of femininity exudes

Belly dancing to lose weight, belly dancing weight loss methods, weight loss methods, belly dance, weight loss

Effective weight loss

Effective weight loss method, weight loss, low insulin to lose weight, weight loss methods

Effective weight loss method, the design does not require carefully counting calories to lose weight method, in five different weight loss program, do not teach practical and effective way to lose weight, help you lose weight the correct concept and practices to effectively control weight reduction down to let you have confidence in the face of weight stagnation and hardship become fat problems in the eating environment is complex and difficult to free control situations, it can bring the power of this weight loss method.

The principle of weight loss needs a healthy, especially from three aspects of the exercise, diet, psychological proceed, be sure to help obese you healthy and successful weight loss to achieve a good figure of the golden ratio!

Effective weight loss method, weight loss, low insulin to lose weight, weight loss methods

Low insulin Xiangshou meals to lose weight

Low the insulin Xiangshou meal to lose weight, lose weight, low insulin to lose weight, excessive weight loss methods insulin-induced human pseudo-hunger, eat more than I do not know satiety; and to promote the heat quickly converted to fat, eat as much fat, how much; depletion in vivo Quan ions, lead to cardiovascular disease; will lead to imbalance in glucose metabolism, the formation of diabetes ... so, you need a healthy diet with low insulin

Lose weight, but do not cut down the reader, a practical, quick and healthy low insulin Xiangshou & catering guidelines. Avoid frying not refuse Hunxing the do not have to starve; do not have to count calories, do not have to launch the bloody revolution of the table, as long as 12 little change since then rewrite your life!

Low insulin Xiangshou meal to lose weight, lose weight, low insulin to lose weight, weight loss methods

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5 Really Great Weight Loss Tips

Great Weight Loss Tips,Weight Loss Tips,Weight Loss

Set A Reasonable Goal

Many women will go into this process trying to drop 25 to 30 pounds in the first month. 
Don't Tell Every One You Are Trying To Lose Weight
Unfortunately people can be very cruel sometimes. 
Don't Go Cold Turkey
When trying to lose weight a lot of people will go cold turkey and cut out all the foods they love. 
Get The Support Of Your Spouse
If you are married, it is very important that you get the support of your spouse and anyone else living in your house. Ask them to be sensitive to what you're trying to do. 
Go Workout
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Four ingredients weight loss methods

Bamboo leaves to lose weight, bamboo leaves way to lose weight, weight loss kelp, kelp weight loss methods, the leaves to lose weight

Bamboo leaves with antiseptic effect, asthma, and the phlegmatic also see the good effect, and containing a polysaccharide can enhance immunity; Kelp is rich in dietary fiber, is the best helper to lose weight, eliminate constipation, prevention of colorectal cancer; red beans since ancient times is diuretic, swelling, detoxification of the master, polyphenols composition, but also inhibit free radical, anti-cancer, anti-aging; lotus leaf can eliminate body fat, AIDS yin yang, adjust the constitution. Four kinds of food, medical treatment, the remarkable effectiveness of fat, is another healthy choice.

Bamboo leaves to lose weight, bamboo leaves way to lose weight, weight loss kelp, kelp weight loss methods, the leaves to lose weight

Tomato weight loss method

Weight loss method of the tomatoes, tomato, weight loss methods, weight loss, tomatoes lose weight

Tasty tomatoes to lose weight, easy, easy to lean, healthy, beautiful skin, lose 11 pounds in three months and make the skin back to the age of 21 the state. Regardless of whether we love to eat tomatoes, evening tomato weight loss can continue because the tomatoes are as follows secret ︰ refreshing cool blood, slippery skin, the United States and the United States to eat, comfortable, thin evening!

From tomatoes beautiful thin + skin process, you must personally experience some Oh!

Weight loss method of the tomatoes, tomato, weight loss methods, weight loss, tomatoes lose weight

Lean operating muscle -the way to lose weight

Lean muscle  operation  way to lose weight, lean muscle exercise, weight loss methods, weight loss

10 minutes of lean muscle exercises "movement principle - and its running to lose weight every day instead of lean muscle operation, the body fat will be gone
◆ 10 minutes a day, an action to do 8 times to retrieve the S-curve
◆ blind movement, even if doing 100 push-ups will not be thin!
◆ lean muscle operation with the breathing, the effect of double
◆ lose weight without deliberately, 2 ~ 3 days of exercise once the best
◆ 3 months, abdomen and back lines tight!
◆ bear in mind the two formulas, before the start of warm-up, after the end of stretch!

Lean muscle operation way to lose weight, lean muscle exercise, weight loss methods, weight loss

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Effective exercise to lose weight

lose weight
Because she grew older the body's metabolism slows down, it is easy on the president of fat. The use of effective weight loss exercise, excessive consumption of calories, the body in keeping fit.

Here are some effective ways to lose weight:

A hundred times skipping Rope skipping is a very effective aerobic exercise, you can burn a lot of heat, the efficacy of exercise on cardiopulmonary function. Jump a hundred times you can burn 200 calories.

Shuttlecock hundred times Shuttlecock a great help to improve the problem of constipation, because the shuttlecock kicking a lot of different actions, you can do a whole body movement.

Standing bent over a hundred times your feet to shoulder width, and then slowly change the waist, change the waist once to play the right shoulder with his left hand, right hand to play the left shoulder, and two seconds to do the First Secretary. Do a hundred times a day, you can lose abdominal fat.

Take the stairs one hundred one hundred of each up and down stairs, very helpful for weight loss, because the stairs is a whole body movement, leg muscle training is also helpful. Only by reducing the elevator and the stairs instead of to achieve weight loss for busy people is a good exercise to lose weight.

Large principles, not every method is suitable for everyone, you must choose

Select method for you!

Major principles

01: the source of obesity is too many calories lead to nutrients into fat, waist, thighs, etc.
Local hoarding. Therefore, the maximum principle is to "control diet".

Control diet, not eating, but adjust your eating habits, and control of meal

      Eat heat.

02: failed to lose weight for three major reasons: it seems no effect to significantly change the Health
Living habits, caused by psychological pressure and physical deterioration.

03: Less fast, fat back soon ", weight loss must have persistence and perseverance.

04: a universal weight loss legal person, what to eat will be able to lose weight, eat
A company's products week by 10 kg ....

Do not believe the unfounded argument, just pull the lion's mane.

05: Weight loss is himself and his war. Rather than the things of others.

06: cycling diet, jumping and weight loss, standing diet .....
Like Hart force the ninja of this argument, and consequently can be a weight loss method, the original
Management is "eat less and exercise", the following will be introduced.


Principles of diet

07: you can record anything you eat every day, made a list of review.
This allows you to know what to eat how many calories

08: Remember to reduce the number of "reward".

09: three meals a day principle is: "eat a good breakfast, lunch fed, dinner, eat less."

10: In addition to three meals a day, avoid other eating, including afternoon tea, supper.

11: before going to bed three hours is strictly prohibited to eat.

12: the choice of meals are all low-calorie, high fiber.

13: Any meals slowly.

14: three meals a day to be timed

15: eat less not only help lose weight, but also live longer! If you do not want to deliberately go on a diet,

      You can try any one meal only to the seven or eight full.

16: Dinner appetite halved guava and tomato instead use low heat.
Movement principles

17: the right amount of exercise certainly helps the health of your daily exercise for half an hour to one hour

       To help the metabolism.

18: aerobic exercise, as the theme, such as jogging, cycling, swimming, boxing aerobics. To

       For 15 minutes or more.

19: Movement should be done before the warm-up, avoid sports injuries.

20: an aerobics can guarantee you thin, and each person has for she did not
With the aerobics.

21: Movement must complement the good carbohydrates, although to lose weight and do not fasting movement

22: Sports do not have to deliberately do it. After dinner walk, bike everywhere outing,
Can help you add a lot of entertainment.

23: the promotion of sports at any time could be used for, say, the car can do some body
Gymnastics ...

Effective weight loss exercise, weight loss exercise, weight loss, weight loss methods

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Way to lose weight: reduce calorie

Way to lose weight: reduce calorie

Nutritionists believe that you control - protein, carbohydrates or fat, and ultimately reduce caloric intake. If a person is less intake of 800 calories, can reduce 10 pounds of body weight within six weeks; less intake of 500 calories, lose 10 pounds in two and a half. Do not carry the weight drop too quickly, otherwise it is very dangerous. Notes, per person per day for at least 1,200 kilocalories intake, if the supply of body heat is too little; will lose muscle. Muscle is the key to the human body burns calories, promote metabolism.

Way to lose weight, lose weight, reduce calorie