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2012年8月13日 星期一

Effective exercise to lose weight

lose weight
Because she grew older the body's metabolism slows down, it is easy on the president of fat. The use of effective weight loss exercise, excessive consumption of calories, the body in keeping fit.

Here are some effective ways to lose weight:

A hundred times skipping Rope skipping is a very effective aerobic exercise, you can burn a lot of heat, the efficacy of exercise on cardiopulmonary function. Jump a hundred times you can burn 200 calories.

Shuttlecock hundred times Shuttlecock a great help to improve the problem of constipation, because the shuttlecock kicking a lot of different actions, you can do a whole body movement.

Standing bent over a hundred times your feet to shoulder width, and then slowly change the waist, change the waist once to play the right shoulder with his left hand, right hand to play the left shoulder, and two seconds to do the First Secretary. Do a hundred times a day, you can lose abdominal fat.

Take the stairs one hundred one hundred of each up and down stairs, very helpful for weight loss, because the stairs is a whole body movement, leg muscle training is also helpful. Only by reducing the elevator and the stairs instead of to achieve weight loss for busy people is a good exercise to lose weight.

Large principles, not every method is suitable for everyone, you must choose

Select method for you!

Major principles

01: the source of obesity is too many calories lead to nutrients into fat, waist, thighs, etc.
Local hoarding. Therefore, the maximum principle is to "control diet".

Control diet, not eating, but adjust your eating habits, and control of meal

      Eat heat.

02: failed to lose weight for three major reasons: it seems no effect to significantly change the Health
Living habits, caused by psychological pressure and physical deterioration.

03: Less fast, fat back soon ", weight loss must have persistence and perseverance.

04: a universal weight loss legal person, what to eat will be able to lose weight, eat
A company's products week by 10 kg ....

Do not believe the unfounded argument, just pull the lion's mane.

05: Weight loss is himself and his war. Rather than the things of others.

06: cycling diet, jumping and weight loss, standing diet .....
Like Hart force the ninja of this argument, and consequently can be a weight loss method, the original
Management is "eat less and exercise", the following will be introduced.


Principles of diet

07: you can record anything you eat every day, made a list of review.
This allows you to know what to eat how many calories

08: Remember to reduce the number of "reward".

09: three meals a day principle is: "eat a good breakfast, lunch fed, dinner, eat less."

10: In addition to three meals a day, avoid other eating, including afternoon tea, supper.

11: before going to bed three hours is strictly prohibited to eat.

12: the choice of meals are all low-calorie, high fiber.

13: Any meals slowly.

14: three meals a day to be timed

15: eat less not only help lose weight, but also live longer! If you do not want to deliberately go on a diet,

      You can try any one meal only to the seven or eight full.

16: Dinner appetite halved guava and tomato instead use low heat.
Movement principles

17: the right amount of exercise certainly helps the health of your daily exercise for half an hour to one hour

       To help the metabolism.

18: aerobic exercise, as the theme, such as jogging, cycling, swimming, boxing aerobics. To

       For 15 minutes or more.

19: Movement should be done before the warm-up, avoid sports injuries.

20: an aerobics can guarantee you thin, and each person has for she did not
With the aerobics.

21: Movement must complement the good carbohydrates, although to lose weight and do not fasting movement

22: Sports do not have to deliberately do it. After dinner walk, bike everywhere outing,
Can help you add a lot of entertainment.

23: the promotion of sports at any time could be used for, say, the car can do some body
Gymnastics ...

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