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2012年8月18日 星期六

Weight loss diary

Weight loss, weight loss diary, weight loss methods

In fact, weight loss really must write a diary to tell their own you are losing weight

So I wrote the diary of a way to lose weight this also share a weight loss method for everyone, I determined to lose weight beginning on July 1 that

I almost every day, eat a big meal weight along with a fancy meal and all the way up the whirlwind

The heaviest ninety-eight kg when I saw this figure had risen to

I would like to one hundred kilograms I will definitely give up on themselves ...

Since that day every week to see the Chinese diet

Simply do not eat starch diet (of course, I suggest you use a diet with the movement to less healthy)

You must not imagine that your every meal will almost certainly have starch (noodles, rice all are)

There even if you eat a salad there, and some, like corn mashed potatoes all can not eat (I can not eat you can still binge)

Short, all the way to August 4 month down

The amount of weight I eighty-five kg is now relatively stagnant period

But every two or three days can still see a decrease of one kilogram weight machine so I am confident that

Weight dropped to six at the beginning of the digital within three months to the end of this weight loss journey

Weight loss, weight loss diary, weight loss methods

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