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2012年8月17日 星期五

"Small meal" weight-loss method

"Skip a meal weight-loss method, benefit a lot of friends and family would like to slim down. Father he was suffering from high blood pressure, according to his method, not only for six months lost 8 kg, the blood pressure has fallen.

Secretary of his term of office of the Vice-Chancellor of the Kaohsiung empty, but also learn that he does not eat lunch. The results just six months lost 14 kg. Ki-Ming Chuang said that the Secretary of the height of 188 cm, before the original is very fat, eat lunch after successful weight loss, I am glad and can wear jeans to buy before the next fat.

Zhuang Qi Ming, 25 years ago in the United States, see Americans for lunch very simple, and even eat an apple. Later watched a Toffler's book "Future Shock", the book comes to the scientists found that the uptake and consumption of calories is the same, the animal life can be extended by 20%.

Dinner, entertainment and more, Zhuang Qi Ming choose to eat lunch. Breakfast is usually a glass of milk, a pancake or rice balls, totally do not eat lunch, eat dinner with Xing, but also pay attention to calorie control and nutrient balanced intake. If the dinner entertainment eat too much, his breakfast the next day not to eat.

Chuang Qi Ming, a young man he is and most people eat the same meals, and lunch also eat a lot, most fat weight over 70 kg of Decided to eat lunch, he spent two and a half's time, the original Chinese food to eat two bowls of rice habits slowly changed half a bowl, bowl, bowl, eat fruit, eat no. Relying on less per day meal, three times a week at least play 25 years, his weight is maintained at almost 64 kg.

He said, eat three meals a day is the habits of the agricultural society. Agricultural society to the farm, labor, and require more calories to maintain physical strength. Modern move less, eat more and still be asked to eat three meals a day like agricultural society, no wonder more and more fat, of course, this is the error when the natural results.

Do not eat lunch for many years, Zhuang Qi Ming, a lot of advantages, not only save time, do not get fat, stay young, you can also time to eat lunch, office, sports, a day can keep a clear head, not to eat too much because Chinese food mind fell lifeless want to sleep, affect efficiency.

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