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2013年4月7日 星期日

Spring weight loss methods


Spring weight loss, weight loss, weight loss methods

Spring is the best time to lose weight, then the spring on diet?

1, normal breakfast to eat, do not eat greasy

For example, a banana, only 8 calories to fill his stomach, more and more people do not eat breakfast, vitality sources and breakfast, so immediate, and can keep for a long time the energy of bananas has become the most suitable food for breakfast. In addition, because the banana is a low-calorie food, even if the people are to lose weight, can enjoy and do not have the slightest concern about the food.

Meat rather with grilled not fried

Eat meat row or meatballs, preferring grilled rather than using fried! Use ground meat, it is best with chicken instead of beef. Chicken than pork, beef and other meat, and clearly has the characteristics of low-fat low-grade fever, the meat is more tender and tasty. Any cooking method, with a variety of accessories can create delicious dishes and nutrient-rich, almost become the preferred food for dieters animal protein intake.

3 snack choices bowel role of fruits and vegetables

Cut into strips of carrots, green peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and celery, can be used as snacks, refrigerated readily accessible as a snack. Bowel snacks is very important Oh, to lose weight not to disrupt your life, so you'll make sure the time to lose weight, as long as you add some weight loss snacks in their daily lives, you can also easily keep slim!

4, with a low-fat vegetable cooking

Watering can with cooking spray oil, rather than using dumping or low-fat vegetable cooking.

Low-fat sugar-free nutritious meals: four hours before going to bed, do not eat, can not find a menu, such as looking for a similar food. DIY can also be directly purchased number If you do not specify a cup of bowl or a small (size selection), the drinks If you do not specify, the more use of low-calorie low-fat sugar-free (hot or cold)

5 a day, drink plenty of water

Drink 8 glasses of water a day really can magically reduce hunger, wash away excess body fat to maintain smooth operation of metabolism, the people are relaxed many, many fun, naturally slim down.

6, the way the noon eat to lose weight meal

Adhere to the lunch diet meals, drink a box of skim milk, eat an egg, an apple. Breakfast and dinner to eat normally the principle of seven full and forbidding them to eat sweets. Control fat intake, naturally there is no excess fat.

Spring weight loss, weight loss, weight loss methods