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2013年9月4日 星期三

14 days diet menus

To lose weight, the best way to lose weight , lose weight , weight loss menu

Has recently successfully lost 50 kilograms of Xiao Shu Shen , in order to be leaner , using 1 part of the 14th diet menu and generous with PO and friends on Facebook share , she shouts wrote that " eating a 14-day weight loss diet , no success with lean movement under 3 kilograms , consciously good results , it is recommended to thin the kids , you can give it a try ! "

Xiao Shu Shen recently issued a document on Facebook Share on the 14th to lose weight menu. ( Picture / taken from Xiao Shu Shen face book )
Xiao Shu Shen recently issued a document on Facebook Share on the 14th to lose weight menu. ( Picture / taken from Xiao Shu Shen face book )
Diet menu, breakfast invariably have black coffee , and with coarse bread , lunch by a soft-boiled eggs , spinach, fruit , tomatoes , carrots, steamed fish , chicken, steak and so on with a combination dinner that includes salad, celery , carrots, boiled eggs, cooked ham. Among them, the most notable is the 7th day dinner menu He see " either you eat " , seems to be satisfied dieters hungry appetite for 1 week .

PO file so far accumulated more than 300 likes , and lead to more users echoes , some users pointed out that "This food will be malnourished , and a return to normal diet immediately regain " ; Another netizen said that " morning drink black coffee will not Shang Wei ah ? " ; but there are also behind weight loss netizens considered valid. Xiao Shu Shen himself in the article do not respond .

Nutritionist: nutritional imbalance , lack of heat thin explosive fertilizer explosive fear
To lose weight, the best way to lose weight , lose weight , weight loss menu
Director of Food and Nutrition group John Tung Foundation Xuhui Yu said , diet menu is usually low in calories and less starchy foods , less fat and other combinations , success demands rejection of meat within a short time , but the portions are too small, every meal to maintain " hunger " approach in fact, the war was a much willpower , burdened with explosive lean , explosive fertilizer , and even fear of physical harm will change .

Xiao Shu Shen diet menu as an example to the first amount of vegetables is not enough, lack of milk , beans, lack of a balanced diet , not enough food diversification , resulting in decreased basal metabolic rate , two weeks after the slim down muscle and water , but as long as no maintenance when returned to normal diet, weight will immediately rebound , resulting in the yo-yo effect, and many are fat and grease.

Together in order to satisfy the appetite, the menu even appears in " either you eat ", " eat fruit " , etc., are all hidden " overeating " deviation concept , so that the body can not adapt to the law , normal eating habits , but also planted a major factor in future explosive fertilizer .

Xuhui Yu Director recommends that want to be successful weight loss, " eat " concept should be changed to eat well, eat clever, such as carefully choose whole wheat , whole grain products, and pay attention to the daily vegetable intake should be upgraded to 10 parts , ie 10 fist-sized , in addition, such milk, eggs, beans , fish , meat must be balanced and diverse selection of fresh ingredients , develop a healthy , balanced diet , with exercise can successfully lose weight naturally .
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The best way to lose weight - weight loss

The best way to lose weight - weight loss
To lose weight, the best way to lose weight, weight loss methods
New research indicates that exercise is not the best way to lose weight. This argument may make sitting on the couch all day watching television were more reason to lazy to sit still, and often ran the gym, want to get rid of excess fat people will be disappointed.

British "Daily Mail" (Daily Mail) reports, studies indicate that contrary to popular perception is that the modern activity and no less than 20 years ago.

  Speakman (John Speakman) professor, said the growing problem of obesity because of eating too much, rather than lack of exercise.

UK University of Aberdeen (Aberdeen University), Professor of Speakman collaboration with a Dutch university for 20 years on the physical exertion of analysis.

Data indicate that the United States and the Netherlands, although people increasingly rely on technology to save time, but the modern activity has not less than 20 years ago.
  "International Journal of Obesity" (International Journal ofObesity) reported decrease in the number of children walking to school and watching television increases with weight gain does not equate.

For example, children ride to school, more time will be more on the playground at night watching TV, reading and listening to the radio, etc. instead of sedentary activities.

  Speakman professor at the British Science Festival (British ScienceFestival) said: "In the 1950s, no one would buy an exercise bike, ride in the garage, but now people will do that."
But Speakman stressed on other areas, the physical activity of the body to help, should become a "healthy and balanced life" part.
The best way to lose weight - weight loss
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2013年9月3日 星期二

Naked weight loss - weight loss and beauty naked

Naked, lose weight, lose weight, lose weight naked, naked ways to lose weight 

Lead: From the 1970s, some U.S. families have fashionable naked, and now in the U.S., with a growing trend in the number of naked, age also gradually become larger, with 21% of men say naked Let yourself relax. In Japan, naked as sleep problems have been respected expert from the Institute.

Sleep experts agree with the Japanese method

Japan in the early 1980s formed a national "Light hip family," began after naked respected. Painstaking research questions naked Hokkaido, Japan Atsushi Maruyama doctors that Hokkaido has a village, all residents naked habit, almost no sleep.

This is because the naked bring clothing can reduce the sense of restraint, people feel from being tied to liberate the day, which will help improve sleep quality. Japan Institute of sleep expert, agrees. Domestic and foreign health homes and physiologists has found that not only can sleep naked body stretch and comfortable, and is also good for health.

Naked genitals care

Female genital humid all year round, if there is adequate ventilation can reduce the likelihood of suffering from gynecological diseases. Naked people not only feel warm and cozy accident, even a common gynecological physiological menstrual pain, low back pain and has also been reduced. Past due to cold hands and feet and could not sleep for women, after the manner of taking naked, will soon be able to sleep. Naked men can also create cool the environment, to avoid overheating and motility of sperm because of the poor.

Naked cure insomnia

Naked for insomnia also have some soothing. No clothes bondage, the body naturally relax, blood flow, cold hands and feet can improve the situation of some people helped into deep sleep.

Naked to lose weight
Because human skin can secrete and emit some chemical substances, if clothes and sleep, it will undoubtedly hinder normal skin "breathe" and the evaporation of sweat, clothes, oppression and friction on muscle will also affect the blood circulation. Naked kind of unfettered freedom pleasure, so get a good blood circulation, skin breathe fully, oil consumption accelerated, contribute to weight loss.

Naked to beauty
No clothes isolated, exposed skin can absorb more nutrients, promote metabolism, enhance the secretion of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands, sebum excretion and favorable regeneration, skin have a transparent feeling. While facilitating nerve regulation, strengthen adaptation and immunity.

Naked pain can be cured
When the naked body of great freedom, can effectively relax the muscles, the treatment of nervous diseases, the efficacy is extremely high, especially abdominal visceral nervous system is easy to get rid of tension, but also to promote blood circulation, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, and low back pain, headaches and other diseases to get a greater degree of improvement.

Naked vigilance four notes

First, in the home is too small, the family shared or collective life is inappropriate when used as tension will lead to the opposite effect. It is best to have a relatively secretive, independent environment.

Secondly, the living environment to air circulation, temperature suitable, quiet and comfortable, this can relax and ideologically, and build a good night's sleep premise.

Again, be sure to keep warm, adjusting the bedroom temperature and humidity, to avoid the cold and sweating. Finally, the bed of the hard and soft to moderate, bedding should be clean, fluffy, regular cleaning and accept sun exposure.
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Calcium weight loss methods - calcium diet burn fat, enhance metabolic rate!

Calcium weight loss methods, calcium diet, weight loss methods, weight loss 
Calcium is the most abundant, is also the largest mineral requirements, but it is also easy to inadequate intake of nutrients.
Calcium not only prevent osteoporosis, relieve emotional it! The latest medical research tells you not only eat calcium, eat enough calcium, but also learn how to use the "calcium" to achieve weight loss purposes. In order to retain the bone, bone health, but also for health slim, you had better start seriously intake of calcium Hello!

New ideas - calcium diet to burn fat, enhance metabolic rate!
According to the U.S. a new study, the human body to absorb enough calcium, can contribute to increased body temperature, enhance the body metabolic rate. However, if the absorption is low, the body will increase the active form of vitamin C, inhibition of lipolysis, weight loss is a big drag. So not only inhibit fat synthesis calcium supplement, but also accelerate the decomposition of fat it!

Recent experiments confirmed that calcium diet theory
The health benefits of calcium, and the following experiments, more proof of calcium can also promote fat burning, helps slimming! U.S. a university, recruited 18 obese people, one day an average intake of 1,000 mg of calcium, the last 18 people who accept the experiment, the weight really has fallen! So instead, if you make over a variety of methods, that is not thin down, may have to think about is not calcium intake
Take enough Yo!

Calcium diet magic milk & yogurt
Low-fat milk and yogurt are rich in calcium, not only low-calorie, but also promote absorption, digestion and intestines! Human milk is the highest rate of calcium absorption food! Milk contains high amounts of lactose and CPP peptide substances can best help the body absorb calcium. 3% with respect to small fish, seaweed absorption rate of 19%, and up to 40% milk.

However, while most easily absorbed calcium dairy, other calcium balanced intake of food but also to help the body metabolic cycle.

Yogurt is rich in calcium, slimming abounded!
Low-fat, low-calorie yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, helping intestinal environmental protection, relieve constipation, accelerate metabolism, and can improve the easy fat physique, while containing a high amount of calcium, fat-burning effect can be better achieved !

Low-fat yogurt, calcium intake France
point 1 in order to effectively burn fat, an order intake of 1,000 mg of calcium within the target. If every day to eat 400g low-fat yogurt, plus a normal diet, calcium intake can reach the standard Hello!

point 2 1 天 400g yogurt intake, not a second after eating. Can be divided into several edible. In the morning, lunch and dinner to eat. In particular, before eating breakfast can help defecation Oh!

point 3 Although low-fat yogurt, low in calories, still pay attention to diet calorie intake. 1 day 3 meals + low-fat yogurt calories to no more than 1500 calories based. If uncontrolled, eating too much or not achieve weight loss Oh!

point 4 If you feel light to eat yogurt too monotonous, it may be with fruits and vegetables. Yogurt calcium within the fruit and vegetables plus vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, perfectly balanced nutrition.
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Perfectly happy weight loss diet - three kilograms of lean at least a month

Weight loss diet , weight loss , weight loss diet happiness

The so-called perfectly happy way to lose weight is to dinner protein family .
The so-called perfectly happy way to lose weight , and replaced with site saying that brunch eat normally ( but do not eat lunch starch ) , using the site presentation dinner " dinner protein family ."

It interval diet are protein diet, but it does not eat lunch starch , seemingly strict diet than the interval , but allow you to forty grams a day can eat chocolate , and so was moved to the amount of starch lunch time snack thus, the two dietary content , the difference is not large .

Perfectly happy diet recipes can be reduced at least 3 kg per month

Maintaining lightweight body and enjoy a healthy life , has been a lot of people to pursue their goals in life , weight loss has become a lifelong vocation , the recent introduction of new UK diet , emphasizing high fiber high protein diet, you can get rid of the average twelve weeks 9.07 kg of fat, and health status can be improved so that people in droves.

This technology sponsored by the Australian Government and Industrial Research Organisation developed by CSIRO , perfectly happy diet TWD (Total Well-being Diet), the most important breakthroughs that researchers found that daily intake of the right amount of chicken , fish and other proteins that can suppress hunger and promotes fat loss , with the consumption of fiber -rich fruits and vegetables , plus a fixed cardiopulmonary exercise , will soon be able to say goodbye to body fat .

】 【 Perfectly happy diet

A high protein diet
Every day should eat three ( per one hundred grams ) of protein, in addition to skinless chicken, fish , you can also choose eggs, legumes , tofu and low-fat dairy products.

2 dinner protein
Recommend eating dinner twice a week, Two Fish, once a week for dinner and eat a skinless chicken fat , eat four times a week Two red meat ( including beef, veal and lamb ) .

3 normally eat breakfast
Breakfast recommends consumption of whole wheat bread, corn or high-fiber cereal , oats, coupled with low-fat milk or low-fat yogurt .

(4) high slender diet
The most important day is sure to eat two five copies of vegetables, covered the asparagus, green cauliflower , pumpkin , mushrooms and so on. Orange, yellow, all kinds of vegetable matter , the better. Only to note that, unless achieve initial weight loss goals , weight stabilization , it is best not to eat sweet potatoes .

TWD is quite special diet , weight loss during the week, you can still only drink two cups of red wine, usually like to drink coffee, cocoa or drink , you can still continue free drink , if you can eat the equivalent of four greedy about ten grams of chocolate , if you like to eat chili sauce , mustard sauce , garlic, ginger or other spices can also be though
On foods .

Weight loss diet , weight loss , weight loss diet happiness

Akin diet improved version

Two researchers Clifton (Peter Clifton) and Dr. Manny Noakes said Dr. should want to eat those things you can eat , rather than to think about those things that can not eat , this way, think about the positive aspects of change , adjustment diet to achieve weight loss goals will be much easier .

Very popular with Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston , actress Rita Jones keen Aitken Atkins diet , advocates eating carbohydrates completely , replaced by unlimited protein and fat , TWD diet two doctoral researcher that the use of Aitken might eat too much fat , easily lead to high cholesterol , lead to cardiovascular disease.

TWD past eight years to experiment and found that high fiber high protein diet is basically no adverse side effects , best of all weight loss process does not require hungry, because the five food groups are covered , including , nutritionally balanced , you can keep good physical strength, and can maintain healthy blood sugar levels , are less likely to suffer from heart vascular disease .

According to the experiment , using the TWD diet of people, and the average weight loss after twelve weeks twenty pounds ( about 9.07 kilograms ) , due process is not painful method is simple , after the publication of books in Australia, set off panic buying four brush two hundred thousand are still in short supply, defeated " the Da Vinci Code " and " Harry Potter and " other popular books , and many a stout British people , can not wait to import books , has started practicing , I look forward to regain the devil body.

Doctors see how

Taipei Medical University Hospital dietitian Chuang Shi Wang Min said , look at this diet to food , is indeed enough balanced nutrition , taste should also be better able to meet the general public , people will not find it too painful to lose weight .

At present the hospital weight loss programs recipes , most have taken humanity to lose weight , diet meals and perfectly happy stray too far away. But perfectly happy diet meals claimed 12 weeks minus 9 kg , and the effectiveness of hospital weight loss programs is similar, but more importantly , it can reduce the number of waist circumference, and body fat ?

Only these two figures also fell , weight loss really healthy ; addition, the recipes are designed for Westerners , Asians
It may not be appropriate.

Teachers to see how to lose weight

Total Well-being Diet, can be translated into "complete feel good diet " is to allow you to lose weight without starving . The doctor said this diet may not be suitable for Asians , it should mean that it does not eat lunch starch, and we Asians lunch based diet with grains of different bars.

Indeed, my health Lunch Act also advocates lunch to eat at least half-bowl too , but if you want to adopt this TWD diet for up to three touches can. I have not seen TWD menu , but according to the article, it probably can spell the prototype :

In fact, this diet with the recommended diet is very close to the site , that is normal to eat brunch , dinner protein family .

【 Methods】 perfectly happy eating to lose weight

Breakfast: 400 cards
Whole wheat bread + low-fat milk

DS: 80 cards
Apple ( or other fruit )

Lunch: 300 cards
Two colored vegetables + fish (60g) + a meat (30g) + an egg (50g) + a tofu (150g)

Snack : 280 cards
1 cup of coffee
40g dark chocolate

Dinner: 150 calories
Four days : 2 servings of beef or lamb
Two days : 2 servings of fish
Day: Chicken 1
( Meat with vegetables to eat )
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Weight Loss Card - Do you want to seriously lose weight , you must use the card to lose weight !

Weight Loss Card - Do you want to seriously lose weight , you must use the card to lose weight !

Weight loss , diet diary , diet cards, weight loss day

[ Effects] card
Full Attack : Every day for all obese site, launch a full attack.
Quick Test : You can quickly test card , find various parts of the movement.

This is a tactical card , can guide you exercise program arrangements.

Tripartite hand is the ultimate type of tactics , there are three local obese people , you can use this mode of combat . Such as lower body obese people , buttocks , thighs and calves are fat , you can select one each for the three parts of the card , continuing practitioners twelve weeks how the results look .

Three times, is for the local obesity three parts , each selected one ( or more ) cards daily practitioners , continue for some time to look at how effective . For example, the figure will be divided into three time a day practitioners , a practitioner buttocks, thighs a practitioner , a practitioner legs.

Then the card valid for continuing practitioners go , no effective practitioners continue on for another card . Suppose every two weeks for a card , so a year later, you at least have tried seventy-two kinds of different exercise. So this tactic of course, is the fastest way to test the card .

Applicable objects

1 slimming master class late or player
If Nixiang once resolved three parts obesity , weight loss battle cards for beginners, it is recommended to start with the most basic single-point breakthrough began practitioner , specializing in party with all the power , it will not distract ourselves . After such progress and results , and then dispersing the power to open a second and a third front.

For starters, the card will be used in three -pronged tactics , usually has entered the late stages of the diet . As for the fight card is very familiar with the Islanders lose weight , weight loss can be directly outset resorted to this tactic .

(2) who has three or more than three parts of obese people .

Not necessarily lower body fat , as long as there are three local body fat parts , you can choose a card each day for practitioners , continuous twelve weeks ( or a month ) Look how effective . Such as body only stomach , buttocks and thighs more fat , then choose one card from each , for these three parts of the fight.

This website will not introduce four or five parties pronged strategy in hand . Due to the long-term balance between three places every day , is no easy task , and how there are three or more fat parts , recommendations or tripartite hand like, in order to avoid excessive dispersion forces .

Of course Nixiang Quartet in hand or five parties in hand, is also possible, on its own practitioners to allocate time to it each day ! However , once found a party's performance is poor , you can always dismiss a party . Like a pot planted many seeds, seedlings and finally get rid of the bad growth , the growth in the supply with nutrients better .

When you find a party and thus the effectiveness of the tripartite poor , in addition to practitioners for other cards , you can also consider direct dismiss that party 's offensive into two sub- advanced tactics, centralized practitioners other two parties .

3 times a day practitioners who have at least one hour .
Practitioners sufficient time every day people , it is suitable for three -pronged tactics practitioners put your time into three parts, each of the three parts of obesity launch a general attack , there will always be twelve parts will produce effects . Part of a continuing and effective practitioners , there is no effect of the site, continue on for another card test .

Using three -pronged approach is because there are three parts of obese people , if we adopt a single -point breakthrough way , all broken up, so speed is too slow , it may be all three at the same time every day .

Able to set aside at least one hour a day time practitioners who , more suitable for three times. Such as idle time more people , or summer students ; usual to school and work , long lasting three parts really difficult .

In addition , the use of tripartite hand , it is recommended to set the main goals and sub- targets of attack , the main goal is a daily priority practitioners , most want to slim down the site. Second attack targets is to compare in no hurry to slim down, the main target is completed, the line has spare capacity to conduct additional practitioners .

Distinguish this goal , more does not make you half-hearted, and finally come to three defeat . For example, the proportion of time beginning practitioners may be 2:1:1 , the more attack on the main target , until the main goal of progress , then the main objective to reduce time, increase times attack target time .

Weight loss , diet diary , diet cards, weight loss day


Weight Loss Diary - Do you want to seriously lose weight , you must write diet diary !

Weight loss , weight loss diary , weight loss card effect , slimming Day

Diet card effect
Self-motivation : supervise and motivate yourself every day , constantly sustained practitioners .
Review Diary: facilitate future review and review diary.

This is a prop card can help you build your own exercise diary.

Write practitioners diary untold benefits . It allows you to understand the practical effect of a particular sport , but also in the process of constantly motivate yourself Discipline , Discipline allows you to generate a serious attitude , long lasting without interruption. Because so many days to see their practitioner , you will not want to give up easily and come to naught .

Feeling practitioners faction ( weight loss is not a diary ) , though he would like to do it when practitioners , more casual , but compared to diary practitioners camp , more likely to lack long-term practitioners of sustainability.

This card can also be called " diet diary " or " campaign diary ," but the card name is " Discipline Diaries " name. Discipline is not necessarily because of some people to lose weight , but for beauty or health ; addition, some cards is not really moving , but the facial care , with " practitioners " should be broader conception .

Weight loss is temporary, practitioners is a lifetime .

Weight Loss Help

Practitioners diary method , the following recommendations:
1 notebook : You can privately in a notebook , privacy is high.
2 electronic note : In the computer or cell phone records using Notepad software is easy to use .
3 Network Posted : Record in face book or blog , get everyone's attention and blessings.

Once this card into the deck , on behalf of the practitioners who are practitioners of the card , must record the date and times.
The following is a diary practitioners reference to ass walking exercise as an example:

Diet Day
The first day 2013-01-01
Ass morning walk 10 minutes
Ass afternoon walk 10 minutes
At night
The next day 2013-01-02
Ass morning walk 10 minutes
Ass afternoon walk 15 minutes
At night

On the third day 2013-01-03
Ass morning walk 10 minutes
Ass afternoon walk 10 minutes
At night

[ With Cards ]

Discipline diary can be used with body measurements, decks have two cards , practitioner at the practitioner cards , you can produce the following format is probably the most complete diary method:
The first day 2013-01-01
Ass morning walk 10 minutes
Ass afternoon walk 10 minutes
At night
Results 93.5 52.0 37.0
The next day 2013-01-02
Ass morning walk 10 minutes
Ass afternoon walk 15 minutes
At night
Results 93.5 52.0 36.7

On the third day 2013-01-03
Ass morning walk 10 minutes
Ass afternoon walk 10 minutes
At night
Results 93.3 51.3 36.4 ← thinner

The outcome of which part refers to body measurements, wanna see like record -foot circumference or weight will do. Here is a record of the lower body measurements , that is, buttocks, thighs and calves , each is a few centimeters . Usually measured after getting up the next morning , record -foot circumference weight , you can understand how the results of practitioners . When a card you seriously tried one after ( some time is to have the actual practitioners and practitioners to write diary card ) , if found to be effective it will leave it in your hand group. If not , then it would abandon it, and will not waste time repeating to do this sport . .

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2013年9月1日 星期日

Three-day diet meals really effective

Weight loss , diet meals , weight loss methods
Although I have been jogging habit , but because food in my life occupies a large site , the degree of importance burst table nearly 30 years I no longer have a young body with a high basal metabolic rate , my weight has not down a number to my satisfaction , of course, the body fat is also not satisfactory.

Recently often eat dinner half Subway subs , without mayonnaise , about 300 calories, brunch , and even less about the average person , running at least three times a week for at least 5 km , feel it has on weight loss doing everything humanly possible , but still not what I want lean body weight .

Weight loss , diet meals , weight loss methods

So I go online to do their homework to find there any trick I can support the weight of one stroke below , adipocytes big layoffs.

I found a gold on the 3rd diet meal recipes.

This recipe from when I was little to see my mother and several aunts used, is said to be very effective , and later learned this recipe appeared in 1985 , is a unique one , known as the three days according to recipes to eat, no medicine, no injections, can thin the week 4 to 6 kg , it sounds quite amazing . In Internet users watch a bit of experience, almost one-sided likes this.

Try it !

The wife dragged to eat , or I eat to lose weight , " spray" , she ate Crispy chicken on the side , it would be too hurt feelings .

First written recipes for everyone

Three-day diet meals
The first day
Breakfast: 1 black coffee or no Ribes 2 toast a 3 two teaspoons of peanut butter 4 . Grapefruit half
Lunch: 1 cup of coffee or tea, 2 boiled tuna cup (about120cc) 3. Toast a
Dinner: 1 cup of coffee or tea 2 cup of red grapes 3 fondue meat two 4 apples a 5 string beans cup 6 . Vanilla ice cream cup (EX: Little America )

The next day
Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee or tea, 2 toast a 3 boiled eggs, a 4 half a banana
Lunch: 1 cup of coffee or tea 2 cup yogurt 3 crackers three (EX: fiber crackers )
Dinner: 1 cup of coffee or tea 2 cup red grapes 3 half a banana 4 hotdogs a 5 cup of green cauliflower 6 ½ cup vanilla ice cream

On the third day
Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee or tea, 2 apples a 3 soda crackers two 4 a low-fat cheese
Lunch: 1 cup of coffee or tea, 2 toast a 3 . Poached a
Dinner: 1 cup of coffee or tea 2 cup of boiled tuna 3 cup of red grapes 4 half a banana 5 . Melon or cantaloupe cup 6 cup of vanilla ice cream

"Is willing " to remind :
1 , in addition to three cups of coffee a day other than the need to drink five cups of water , early in the evening and in between meals each cup . The first is to prevent excessive drinking hunger and overeating , and the second is to eliminate waste
2 , raw foods cooked with water . Only add salt or pepper to taste.
3 , according to the order can not be used indiscriminately alternatives.
4 , coffee and tea not sugar and milk .
5 , This side has a chemical reaction , can not be arbitrarily changed.
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