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2013年9月3日 星期二

Calcium weight loss methods - calcium diet burn fat, enhance metabolic rate!

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Calcium is the most abundant, is also the largest mineral requirements, but it is also easy to inadequate intake of nutrients.
Calcium not only prevent osteoporosis, relieve emotional it! The latest medical research tells you not only eat calcium, eat enough calcium, but also learn how to use the "calcium" to achieve weight loss purposes. In order to retain the bone, bone health, but also for health slim, you had better start seriously intake of calcium Hello!

New ideas - calcium diet to burn fat, enhance metabolic rate!
According to the U.S. a new study, the human body to absorb enough calcium, can contribute to increased body temperature, enhance the body metabolic rate. However, if the absorption is low, the body will increase the active form of vitamin C, inhibition of lipolysis, weight loss is a big drag. So not only inhibit fat synthesis calcium supplement, but also accelerate the decomposition of fat it!

Recent experiments confirmed that calcium diet theory
The health benefits of calcium, and the following experiments, more proof of calcium can also promote fat burning, helps slimming! U.S. a university, recruited 18 obese people, one day an average intake of 1,000 mg of calcium, the last 18 people who accept the experiment, the weight really has fallen! So instead, if you make over a variety of methods, that is not thin down, may have to think about is not calcium intake
Take enough Yo!

Calcium diet magic milk & yogurt
Low-fat milk and yogurt are rich in calcium, not only low-calorie, but also promote absorption, digestion and intestines! Human milk is the highest rate of calcium absorption food! Milk contains high amounts of lactose and CPP peptide substances can best help the body absorb calcium. 3% with respect to small fish, seaweed absorption rate of 19%, and up to 40% milk.

However, while most easily absorbed calcium dairy, other calcium balanced intake of food but also to help the body metabolic cycle.

Yogurt is rich in calcium, slimming abounded!
Low-fat, low-calorie yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, helping intestinal environmental protection, relieve constipation, accelerate metabolism, and can improve the easy fat physique, while containing a high amount of calcium, fat-burning effect can be better achieved !

Low-fat yogurt, calcium intake France
point 1 in order to effectively burn fat, an order intake of 1,000 mg of calcium within the target. If every day to eat 400g low-fat yogurt, plus a normal diet, calcium intake can reach the standard Hello!

point 2 1 天 400g yogurt intake, not a second after eating. Can be divided into several edible. In the morning, lunch and dinner to eat. In particular, before eating breakfast can help defecation Oh!

point 3 Although low-fat yogurt, low in calories, still pay attention to diet calorie intake. 1 day 3 meals + low-fat yogurt calories to no more than 1500 calories based. If uncontrolled, eating too much or not achieve weight loss Oh!

point 4 If you feel light to eat yogurt too monotonous, it may be with fruits and vegetables. Yogurt calcium within the fruit and vegetables plus vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, perfectly balanced nutrition.
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