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2013年9月4日 星期三

The best way to lose weight - weight loss

The best way to lose weight - weight loss
To lose weight, the best way to lose weight, weight loss methods
New research indicates that exercise is not the best way to lose weight. This argument may make sitting on the couch all day watching television were more reason to lazy to sit still, and often ran the gym, want to get rid of excess fat people will be disappointed.

British "Daily Mail" (Daily Mail) reports, studies indicate that contrary to popular perception is that the modern activity and no less than 20 years ago.

  Speakman (John Speakman) professor, said the growing problem of obesity because of eating too much, rather than lack of exercise.

UK University of Aberdeen (Aberdeen University), Professor of Speakman collaboration with a Dutch university for 20 years on the physical exertion of analysis.

Data indicate that the United States and the Netherlands, although people increasingly rely on technology to save time, but the modern activity has not less than 20 years ago.
  "International Journal of Obesity" (International Journal ofObesity) reported decrease in the number of children walking to school and watching television increases with weight gain does not equate.

For example, children ride to school, more time will be more on the playground at night watching TV, reading and listening to the radio, etc. instead of sedentary activities.

  Speakman professor at the British Science Festival (British ScienceFestival) said: "In the 1950s, no one would buy an exercise bike, ride in the garage, but now people will do that."
But Speakman stressed on other areas, the physical activity of the body to help, should become a "healthy and balanced life" part.
The best way to lose weight - weight loss
To lose weight, the best way to lose weight, weight loss methods -->

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