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Weight Loss Card - Do you want to seriously lose weight , you must use the card to lose weight !

Weight Loss Card - Do you want to seriously lose weight , you must use the card to lose weight !

Weight loss , diet diary , diet cards, weight loss day

[ Effects] card
Full Attack : Every day for all obese site, launch a full attack.
Quick Test : You can quickly test card , find various parts of the movement.

This is a tactical card , can guide you exercise program arrangements.

Tripartite hand is the ultimate type of tactics , there are three local obese people , you can use this mode of combat . Such as lower body obese people , buttocks , thighs and calves are fat , you can select one each for the three parts of the card , continuing practitioners twelve weeks how the results look .

Three times, is for the local obesity three parts , each selected one ( or more ) cards daily practitioners , continue for some time to look at how effective . For example, the figure will be divided into three time a day practitioners , a practitioner buttocks, thighs a practitioner , a practitioner legs.

Then the card valid for continuing practitioners go , no effective practitioners continue on for another card . Suppose every two weeks for a card , so a year later, you at least have tried seventy-two kinds of different exercise. So this tactic of course, is the fastest way to test the card .

Applicable objects

1 slimming master class late or player
If Nixiang once resolved three parts obesity , weight loss battle cards for beginners, it is recommended to start with the most basic single-point breakthrough began practitioner , specializing in party with all the power , it will not distract ourselves . After such progress and results , and then dispersing the power to open a second and a third front.

For starters, the card will be used in three -pronged tactics , usually has entered the late stages of the diet . As for the fight card is very familiar with the Islanders lose weight , weight loss can be directly outset resorted to this tactic .

(2) who has three or more than three parts of obese people .

Not necessarily lower body fat , as long as there are three local body fat parts , you can choose a card each day for practitioners , continuous twelve weeks ( or a month ) Look how effective . Such as body only stomach , buttocks and thighs more fat , then choose one card from each , for these three parts of the fight.

This website will not introduce four or five parties pronged strategy in hand . Due to the long-term balance between three places every day , is no easy task , and how there are three or more fat parts , recommendations or tripartite hand like, in order to avoid excessive dispersion forces .

Of course Nixiang Quartet in hand or five parties in hand, is also possible, on its own practitioners to allocate time to it each day ! However , once found a party's performance is poor , you can always dismiss a party . Like a pot planted many seeds, seedlings and finally get rid of the bad growth , the growth in the supply with nutrients better .

When you find a party and thus the effectiveness of the tripartite poor , in addition to practitioners for other cards , you can also consider direct dismiss that party 's offensive into two sub- advanced tactics, centralized practitioners other two parties .

3 times a day practitioners who have at least one hour .
Practitioners sufficient time every day people , it is suitable for three -pronged tactics practitioners put your time into three parts, each of the three parts of obesity launch a general attack , there will always be twelve parts will produce effects . Part of a continuing and effective practitioners , there is no effect of the site, continue on for another card test .

Using three -pronged approach is because there are three parts of obese people , if we adopt a single -point breakthrough way , all broken up, so speed is too slow , it may be all three at the same time every day .

Able to set aside at least one hour a day time practitioners who , more suitable for three times. Such as idle time more people , or summer students ; usual to school and work , long lasting three parts really difficult .

In addition , the use of tripartite hand , it is recommended to set the main goals and sub- targets of attack , the main goal is a daily priority practitioners , most want to slim down the site. Second attack targets is to compare in no hurry to slim down, the main target is completed, the line has spare capacity to conduct additional practitioners .

Distinguish this goal , more does not make you half-hearted, and finally come to three defeat . For example, the proportion of time beginning practitioners may be 2:1:1 , the more attack on the main target , until the main goal of progress , then the main objective to reduce time, increase times attack target time .

Weight loss , diet diary , diet cards, weight loss day


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