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2012年12月12日 星期三

5 reasons of calcium supplement in weight loss


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Calcium supplement of reasons: lack of body calcium intake, in order to maintain the concentration of calcium in the blood, substantial decomposition of calcium in the bones and cause osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a terrible disease the little minor impact it will cause a fracture, we must pay more attention to calcium intake diet should pay attention to the.

Calcium supplement to lose weight 5 reasons
Osteoporosis predilection (1) 65-year-old female, estimate that more than half of people with osteoporosis, the bone density of postmenopausal women the female hormones decline will reduce.
                             (2) lack of exercise female, young and old should add more calcium foods.
                             (3) women have excessive dieting, female hormones to a substantial reduction in bone density may be lower than normal women on many.
                             (4) the parents who suffer from osteoporosis, osteoporosis can also be genetic influences.
                             (5) female lactation and inadequate calcium intake, body calcium lactating huge loss

The purchase method of calcium: (1) component is calcium citrate solubility better
                          (2) a daily supplement of 1000 mg should not use high-dose, low dose eating better absorption times
                          (3) with D3, helps the body absorb
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2012年12月11日 星期二

9 weight loss nutrients


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(A) Vitamin B1: adequate intake of all sugars can be converted into energy, so that you do not have to worry about the body to convert sugar into body fat diet, intake of sweet potatoes, pork, corn, salmon.
(B) Vitamin B2: accelerated metabolism of protein, fat, carbohydrates, weight loss can not not add nutrients and to avoid anemia. Foods rich in vitamin B2 milk, cheese, liver, spinach, mackerel, eggs , soybeans.
(C) Vitamin C: burn fat speed up the metabolism and antioxidant utility, every day sparkle radiant. Behalf food: lemon, kiwi, green peppers, strawberries, oranges.
(D) Vitamin E: Vitamin C as antioxidant and can increase the basal metabolic function, weight loss products saint behalf food: nuts, mullet, sunflower oil.
(E) Magnesium: can increase basal metabolism and prevention of osteoporosis. Behalf of foods: clams, seaweed, soy, oyster.
(6) L-carnitine: can directly promote the burning of body fat.: All kinds of meat and dairy products on behalf of the food.
With (7) Zingerone: promote blood circulation and burning body fat. Representative food: Ginger
(H) Coenzyme Q10: make cell activation nutritional intake of energy and consumption. Behalf food: sardines, liver, soybeans, spinach.
(Ix) alpha lipoic acid: make fat synthesis rate. Behalf food: tomato, cabbage, potatoes, green beans, liver
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Dietary fiber diet


Dietary fiber is divided into two types: (a) a water-soluble dietary fiber: Dietary fiber intestinal waste material can be covered up excreted dissolved in water and foods rich in soluble meal
                              Food fiber such as: fruit, Sargassum, Kelp, Konjac.
              (B) non-water-soluble dietary fiber: Dietary fiber does not dissolve in water, but discarded material can be swept out of the body like a broom-like non-water-soluble, food-rich
                              Dietary fiber, such as: green vegetables, burdock, carrots, soybeans.
Dietary fiber from digestive enzymes to digest, it is tantamount to the intestinal scavenger, help you waste substances excreted, and dietary fiber-rich foods in general heat low, eat more of the benefits of our weight loss a lot.

Way to lose weight - eat six benefits of dietary fiber dietary fiber:
                   (A) increase satiety, reduce the intake of other high lipids, and thus to reduce caloric intake.
                   (B) rich in fiber, so eating will increase chewing frequency to stimulate saliva secretion, thus helping digestion.
                   (C) finishing the intestine, to reduce the cancer hair material residence time in the body.
                   (4) weight loss decreased appetite, more or less, there will be the problem of constipation, eat more dietary fiber, so that your daily uh-huh not Kaka.
                   (E) to lower cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis.
                   (F) to slow the speed of rise in blood sugar can prevent diabetes.

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2012年12月10日 星期一

Basal metabolic energy ways to lose weight


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Basal metabolic energy way to lose weight is the body usually in order to maintain the normal operation of function must consume energy. Basal metabolic energy accounted for 60 to 80% of the total metabolism of the adult female, adult male from 70 to 80 per cent. Thus shows the importance of accounting for weight loss, so how we can improve the basal metabolic became master key to weight loss success. because even if it does not move the case, the energy consumed will be more naturally into not easy fat physique the following method is to increase the basal metabolic

Method: edible ingredients to make the increase in body temperature, such as: chili, onions, leeks, garlic, ginger, pumpkin, mackerel, shrimp, sardines average, an adult female, body temperature every Celsius degree basal metabolism will be increased by 12% ~ 13 best make the body temperature up to 36.5 degrees Celsius.
Method two: slowly, spend a little more time to eat, to stimulate the secretion of saliva to help digest chewing movements and repeated activation of brain cells.
Method three: develop a sustained exercise habits, because the movement allows the body temperature to rise and thus increase the basal metabolic.
Method: increase the formation of muscle, because muscle mass every increase of one kilogram, even a whole day without any activity can consume 40-50 kcal.
Method: with bath, changed for the better so that the systemic blood circulation, eliminate muscle fatigue, systemic soak in hot water make the body temperature rises, can improve the body's basal metabolism.
      Basal metabolic weight loss methods recommended 39 to 40 degrees Celsius, the water temperature of the water level to the chest, bath time should also be careful not to be too long. If no bathtub in the home can also choose to let the feet soak in hot water, which would also make the body temperature rise .

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The super efficient meridians detox weight loss method


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Meridian Detox Diet time
Morning 3-5 the lung run time, because the lung in the inside of the forearm, then do the walk away power to facilitate the lung detoxification.
5-7 points in the morning is the running time of the large intestine through and recommendations with drinking a lot of warm water to help promote intestinal peristalsis defecation.
7-11 points in the morning is the stomach by spleen running time, this time for supplementary nutrition (trace elements and vitamins can improve the body's metabolism so that weight loss more efficient)
Noon 11-1 point is the Heart Sutra running time, lunch is not recommended at this time, will reduce the blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract after eating the heart by the blood.
1-3 points in the afternoon is the time of the small intestine by running advised to eat colored fruits and vegetables to make up the five internal organs.
                 Green vegetables ----> Liver eyesight
                 Red vegetables ----> make up the heart Yixue
                 Black vegetables ----> healthy kidney intestinal
                 White vegetables ----> Bufei beneficial body
                 The yellow vegetables ----> spleen qi
Afternoon 3-7 points the bladder through kidney by running time, it is recommended to add a lot of moisture with the movement of toxins from the body through urine and sweat.
7-9 pm Envelope by running time, easy dinner with family and friends at this time, so that the body, mind and spirit by the emotional exchange relieve pressure.
9-11 points in the afternoon, triple burner running time, a hot bath and listen to music culture sleep good mood
The afternoon 11-3 point is the running time of the Liver and Gallbladder, this time the liver is in need of a good rest, so should sleep not stay up late.
Meridian detox weight loss method with the above, we can better live comfortably, thin healthy and beautiful.

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