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2012年12月11日 星期二

Dietary fiber diet


Dietary fiber is divided into two types: (a) a water-soluble dietary fiber: Dietary fiber intestinal waste material can be covered up excreted dissolved in water and foods rich in soluble meal
                              Food fiber such as: fruit, Sargassum, Kelp, Konjac.
              (B) non-water-soluble dietary fiber: Dietary fiber does not dissolve in water, but discarded material can be swept out of the body like a broom-like non-water-soluble, food-rich
                              Dietary fiber, such as: green vegetables, burdock, carrots, soybeans.
Dietary fiber from digestive enzymes to digest, it is tantamount to the intestinal scavenger, help you waste substances excreted, and dietary fiber-rich foods in general heat low, eat more of the benefits of our weight loss a lot.

Way to lose weight - eat six benefits of dietary fiber dietary fiber:
                   (A) increase satiety, reduce the intake of other high lipids, and thus to reduce caloric intake.
                   (B) rich in fiber, so eating will increase chewing frequency to stimulate saliva secretion, thus helping digestion.
                   (C) finishing the intestine, to reduce the cancer hair material residence time in the body.
                   (4) weight loss decreased appetite, more or less, there will be the problem of constipation, eat more dietary fiber, so that your daily uh-huh not Kaka.
                   (E) to lower cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis.
                   (F) to slow the speed of rise in blood sugar can prevent diabetes.

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