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2012年12月12日 星期三

5 reasons of calcium supplement in weight loss


Best calcium supplement weight loss
Calcium supplement of reasons: lack of body calcium intake, in order to maintain the concentration of calcium in the blood, substantial decomposition of calcium in the bones and cause osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a terrible disease the little minor impact it will cause a fracture, we must pay more attention to calcium intake diet should pay attention to the.

Calcium supplement to lose weight 5 reasons
Osteoporosis predilection (1) 65-year-old female, estimate that more than half of people with osteoporosis, the bone density of postmenopausal women the female hormones decline will reduce.
                             (2) lack of exercise female, young and old should add more calcium foods.
                             (3) women have excessive dieting, female hormones to a substantial reduction in bone density may be lower than normal women on many.
                             (4) the parents who suffer from osteoporosis, osteoporosis can also be genetic influences.
                             (5) female lactation and inadequate calcium intake, body calcium lactating huge loss

The purchase method of calcium: (1) component is calcium citrate solubility better
                          (2) a daily supplement of 1000 mg should not use high-dose, low dose eating better absorption times
                          (3) with D3, helps the body absorb
Weight loss, calcium supplement 5 reasons to lose weight calcium supplement


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