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2012年12月10日 星期一

The super efficient meridians detox weight loss method


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Meridian Detox Diet time
Morning 3-5 the lung run time, because the lung in the inside of the forearm, then do the walk away power to facilitate the lung detoxification.
5-7 points in the morning is the running time of the large intestine through and recommendations with drinking a lot of warm water to help promote intestinal peristalsis defecation.
7-11 points in the morning is the stomach by spleen running time, this time for supplementary nutrition (trace elements and vitamins can improve the body's metabolism so that weight loss more efficient)
Noon 11-1 point is the Heart Sutra running time, lunch is not recommended at this time, will reduce the blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract after eating the heart by the blood.
1-3 points in the afternoon is the time of the small intestine by running advised to eat colored fruits and vegetables to make up the five internal organs.
                 Green vegetables ----> Liver eyesight
                 Red vegetables ----> make up the heart Yixue
                 Black vegetables ----> healthy kidney intestinal
                 White vegetables ----> Bufei beneficial body
                 The yellow vegetables ----> spleen qi
Afternoon 3-7 points the bladder through kidney by running time, it is recommended to add a lot of moisture with the movement of toxins from the body through urine and sweat.
7-9 pm Envelope by running time, easy dinner with family and friends at this time, so that the body, mind and spirit by the emotional exchange relieve pressure.
9-11 points in the afternoon, triple burner running time, a hot bath and listen to music culture sleep good mood
The afternoon 11-3 point is the running time of the Liver and Gallbladder, this time the liver is in need of a good rest, so should sleep not stay up late.
Meridian detox weight loss method with the above, we can better live comfortably, thin healthy and beautiful.

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