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Best diet: Low-glycemic index diet

A diet based on healthy carbohydrates-rather than a low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet-offers the best chance of keeping weight off without bringing unwanted side effects, a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests.
《美国医学学会杂志》(Journal of the American Medical Association)6月26日刊登的一项研究报告指出,以健康碳水化合物为主的饮食──而非低脂或低碳水化合物饮食──能达到最佳的减肥效果,并且不会带来副作用。
 Study participants following a low-glycemic-index diet, which is similar to a Mediterranean diet and focuses on fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, also saw improved cholesterol levels and other important markers that lower the risks of developing heart disease and diabetes. Such a diet might include minimally processed oatmeal, almonds, brown rice, beans and healthy fats like olive oil, among other foods.
 The study was led by researchers at the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children's Hospital and funded by the National Institutes of Health and the New Balance Foundation, which is affiliated with the athletic-shoe maker. It was designed to assess how each of three common diets affects the ability to keep weight off. Participants had all of their food prepared for them, and their food intake was monitored. They ate many meals at the hospital, picking up others to eat at home.
这项研究由波士顿儿童医院(Boston Children's Hospital)新百伦基金肥胖预防中心(New BalanceFoundation Obesity Prevention Center)的研究人员主导,由美国国立卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)和运动鞋制造商新百伦旗下的新百伦基金会(New Balance Foundation)提供资助。研究旨在评估三种日常饮食方案对减肥效果的影响。研究对象只吃研究人员为其准备的食物,他们的进食过程也受到监控。他们有时在医院用餐,有时将食物带回家吃。
 David Ludwig, one of the study's authors and the director of the center, explained that most people struggle to keep weight off. Previous studies have shown that weight loss reduces the body's daily energy expenditure-or how many calories the body burns through activity and just by resting-making it easy to regain weight. Dr. Ludwig's study was designed to look at theimpact of the three diets on measures of energy expenditure, in addition to assessing hormones, fat levels in the blood and other health markers.
研究报告作者之一、肥胖预防中心主任大卫•路德维希(David Ludwig)解释说,大多数人都在费尽心机减肥。以往的研究已经证明,体重减轻会降低身体每日的能量支出──即身体通过活动或只是静止不动燃烧掉的卡路里──这样使得体重容易反弹。路德维希的研究旨在观察三种饮食方案对热量消耗量的影响,同时评估血液中的激素和脂肪水平以及其他的健康指标。
The study's 21 participants, 18 to 40 years old, initially lost 10% to 15% of their body weightduring a three-month diet that contained about 45% of total calories from carbohydrates, 30% from fat and 25% from protein.

Sectional weight loss simple and happy

Sectional weight loss simple and happy

Hot summer to come, but also a good opportunity to show off her body, so for the ladies, to seize this season to lose weight, it is necessary. The experts said, to set weight loss goals easier to achieve, so weight loss is more relaxed and happy.

    To choose a diet based on the physical condition

    Jia Jing Jing, Chaoyang Hospital, the Western community health department deputy director of the nurse, said that each person needs the amount of nutritional intake will vary because of different personal physical. For example, a family eating the same brothers, but may require additional supplement certain nutrients. Because of nutritional absorption capacity is determined by the individual constitution. For example, breakfast habits also vary. So that different people consume nutrition, of course, will be different. Therefore, a nutritionally balanced diet also vary.

    Experts suggest that the weight loss crowd should listen to the voice "of the body a lot, summed up the nutrition they need structure, the proportion of nutrient intake passage, the deployment of the balanced nutritious meals.

    Setting weight loss goals easier to achieve

    Jia Jing Jing said, people want to lose weight, do not expect to be accomplished overnight, suddenly thin a 5kg, 10kg, this goal is not only difficult to reach and easy to combat weight loss of confidence. Given an easy to achieve such 3kg, the faster success will make your weight loss program. Do not always think of a short period of time will be several years saved up fat get rid of all, in fact, as long as the weight this year than last year's somewhat reduce well. As long as they continue to insist that you are sure to have a healthy and perfect body.

    Dinner staple food intake need to reduce

    Many people are socializing too much and gain weight. People have to eat out how to fat to get rid of it?

    Jia Jing Jing said, in fact, very simple, as long as you can spend some thought on the supper. Night when the fat accumulation, To dinner staple food is reduced to half the usual amount of.

    Under the heartless people who really want to lose weight, this should be done. When the body burns 7200kcal (kilocalories) of heat, weight can reduce the 1kg. The heat of a bowl of rice is about 200kcal less per day intake of 200kcal, add up, you will unwittingly lose 1kg. Then, according to this method, minus 2kg, 3kg ......

    Eat dinner, does not mean that the other meals have to eat less. Free to choose what you like to eat lunch, eating their favorite dishes to bring a happy mood that people's vitality and sustained willpower to lose weight in order to slowly lose weight successfully.

Sectional weight loss simple and happy

Chinese medicine acupuncture weight loss

Chinese medicine acupuncture weight loss few side effects
The increasing problem of obesity, many people racked their brains to think of ways to lose weight, such as increased physical activity, taking the medicine. Recent studies have found that, similar to traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment of obesity, the effect of western medicine, fewer side effects. However, Chinese medicine reminders, per person constitution is different from the first registered Chinese medicine practitioners before medication. ? Interview: static group

According to the Journal of Medical Man, from the 1990s to 2000, the 30-40 year-old male obesity trend of sustained growth, BMI over 25 rose from 26.2% to 36.6%, central obesity increased from 10% to 23.5%, females 18 to 30-year-old BMI over 25 rose from 5.2% to 12.2%, central obesity is 2.63% to 9.7%. Journal of text also pointed out that overweight men is not easy to accept they were overweight, on the contrary, normal-weight women are more prone to mistaken they were overweight.

Western medicine weight loss side effects of multi-
The Chinese University of Medicine and Therapeutics, Department of Professor Juliana Chan According to the Department of Health in April last year, the number aged between 18-64 years of age who, some 1.2 million people are overweight is about 140 million obese. She believes that through western medicine to control weight, increase the side effects of errors of heart rate, blood pressure, negative mood, adverse impact on the body.
In view of this, the Hospital Authority commissioned the Faculty of Medicine study, years, Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment of obesity in the medical literature review, to check about 2,500 copies of the medical literature found 33 studies in more than 80% was The diagnosis of wet muddy and Spleen.
In Chinese medicine services director Professor Guo Yuanqi, the Choshui wet and obesity are closely related, and more food cold or sweets, the course of time will come to the Spleen raw wet. The research governance "dampness / phlegm / cloud" and "health / Spleen".
The study also summarized the use of mountain slag and rhubarb, Chinese medicine, acupuncture stimulation Sanyinjiao Zusanli acupoint effective for weight loss. The use of Chinese medicine and acupressure treatment two weeks to four months, taking medicine can be reduced to about 5.82 kg; acupoint acupuncture may be reduction of about 4.1 kg, than the placebo or lifestyle changes the success rate 80%. Taking Chinese medicines risk ratio of 1.84, acupuncture, compared with 2.14, showing that Chinese medicine is effective, and can more safely lose weight.

Different constitution different medication
Service Supervisor Hsieh Tat said the HA Chinese medicine and integrative medicine, the survey summary of the views of Chinese medicine and doctors, find effective ways to lose weight, but each constitution is different and should be the first registered Chinese medicine practitioners before medication.
Tse Tat also known as the HA plans to the next three months to collect patient data, by calculating the body mass index, initial screening of obese patients in general outpatient, and the next year the implementation of targeted Chinese medicine therapy programs to help obese patients to weight control.

Chinese medicine acupuncture weight loss few side effects

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lose weight Diet

Weight loss Diet court robes and barley diet 

Yuan Dynasty suddenly Si Hui drink meal and once describes hairpin able to water, swelling, weight loss, diet side of the moisture five internal organs, "Compendium of Materia Medica", "porridge spectrum" to lose weight Diet of the records.
How bitter, lose weight eat Diet to lose weight is to make up. We recommend only a single a few weight loss Diet:
1, barley porridge
30 grams of barley, the amount of sugar as raw material. Coix seed washed, placed in the casserole, add water, adequate, and then the casserole set Wu Huo boiling, the latter with gentle heat simmer to boil. Add sugar and tries to be Yiyiren Shulan random diet. Can Spleen dampness, swelling and weight loss.

2, carp soup
Piper RB 5 grams of fresh carp 100 g, 15 g Chuanjiao, ginger, parsley, wine, onion, monosodium glutamate, vinegar is the amount of raw materials. Carp to the scales, Caesarean section gutted, washed, cut into small pieces; ginger, green onions, washed, film break stand. Piper RB carp, onions, ginger into the pot, add water, set Wu Huo boil stew boil for about 40 minutes on a slow fire shift. Add parsley, wine, monosodium glutamate, vinegar and serve. Eating alone, can also be adorned with fish soup. Can benefit water swelling and weight loss.

3, melon porridge
80 grams - 100 grams with a fresh skin melon (melon kernels, dry 10 grams -15 grams of fresh 30 g), 100 grams of rice as raw material. Melon using Daogua washed, cut into small pieces, and then together with the rice placed in the casserole, together with Zhu Chengyu can (do not salt porridge). The first melon kernel Jianshui to the residue, then a net rice put the porridge to cook, eat it every morning and evening twice. Swelling diuretic, reducing weight and fat.

4, the lotus leaf congee
Xian Heye 1 (approximately 200 g), 100 grams of rice, sugar amount as raw material. Wash the rice, add water, rice porridge. Pro cooked fresh tea wash cover, simmer about 15 minutes, thrown off the lotus leaf, porridge into a pale green, then boil a few moments to. When serving Zhuojia sugar, can be served at any time. Can Qingshu, Sheng Jin, thirst quencher, and lipid-lowering diet.

5, braised radish, seaweed
Kelp, the appropriate amount of radish, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, pepper, walnut, vegetable oil, soy sauce, the amount of raw materials. Kelp soaked in water for one day and one nights (middle for 2 water), then cut into the wire, radish and cut into thick filament. Vegetable oil cooked Jiahai with wire fry a few, put the cloves, star anise, cinnamon, pepper, walnuts, soy sauce and water to boil, the change in the fire till the kelp bad, add Ruluobosi stew can be cooked consumption. Can benefit water to cool down, lose weight.

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Quick walking that make me lose weight

Fast way to lose weight, lose weight, ways to lose weight, lose weight fast lose weight is not possible, not just a day to maintain the habit of brisk walking to lose weight is not too difficult.

Every day, breakfast is the most abundant. Because the energy needed in a day's work, intake at breakfast. After lunch, back to the company the way, I will trot came complete. Usually go to ten minutes away, took me three or four minutes for it to complete.

Dinner, my main vegetable-based food, and will only eat six Qicheng full, half an hour after a meal will go for a walk to brisk walking every day and onward, walking from about twenty to forty-five minutes. Less than a month, there is significant weight loss results of the Note.

But if no persistence, slimming effect will be greatly reduced by half. To successfully lose weight, will certainly not be an excuse for half a day to relax.

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Lazy lose weight

Fast way to lose weight, reduce belly method, way to lose weight, lose weight
Every woman wants to have a slender figure, to be thin is not not possible, not necessarily Yan Lee of fasting or strenuous exercise to lose weight to achieve weight loss goals. There is also some easy ways to lose weight.

Getting up every day to drink a large glass of warm water
After sleeping all night, the toxins of the body's metabolism will filter, so get up immediately drink a large glass of warm water, you can help the body toxins drain away, and can also stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, so that you have a feeling of stool To lose weight we must develop a daily bowel habits. Therefore, as long as getting up every day, a glass of warm water on your weight loss and beauty are very helpful.

Per second can do exercise to lose weight
Many of my friends heard a weight loss exercise, would shake his head, in fact, exercise to lose weight is not necessarily strenuous exercise, simple muscle training also has good reduction. Whether you are established standing, or bus, you can practice the buttocks clamping, this will not only bottom lines more beautiful, but also helps the uterus shrink, too!

Go to bed early, sleep a little more help to lose weight
It turned out that sleep has a great influence on a person's obesity problem, research indicates that the two similar habits of life, which a daily sleep time of four hours or so, than the fat of the sleep eight hours a day. Therefore, the friends you want to lose weight, be sure to get more sleep every night to sleep six to eight hours, you can fall asleep lose weight!

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Watermelon way to lose weight

Watermelon way to lose weight

 Star weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss menus, watermelon diet Sammi Cheng in the business for the time, it is very obese, the face of a bag surely no one will forget. But look now Sammi Cheng, and more thin can the interest of her lose weight!

Sammi Cheng body is not very good, but also suffers from asthma, so popular weight loss methods are too radical for her. So she is to find experts and weight loss coach to help her lose weight.

Sammi Cheng own like watermelon diet, because watermelon has a diuretic effect, and eat a very easy feeling of fullness, feeling of fullness is very important for the friends you want to go on a diet, can also increase the lose weight the chance of success.
The watermelon water can help the body rid itself of excess water, but also the body's sugar together with the urine, the body does not release insulin to fat accumulation in the body.

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Edema, weight loss methods

Edema, weight loss methods
 Edema weight loss methods, weight loss, ways to lose weight, lose weight, watermelon diet, exercise, food a lot of girlfriends edema, if you want beautiful, edema must be eliminated!
The following is to introduce edema weight loss method:

After getting up to do 20 minutes of stretching, so you can help gastrointestinal motility, and allows the body to speed up metabolism, helps the body to a toxic substance excreted.

Edema is a big problem because your eating habits, eat light, you can help you to drain away excess water. Sauvignon and fried food should eat vegetables, high fiber foods you should eat a little.

In addition, there are some foods help the body to drain away excess moisture, such as barley water, red beans, watermelon, etc., will allow the body to eliminate edema phenomenon. Eat after the body of water less a lot of it.

Habits, lose weight and friends the other points to note, if we keep the eleven p.m. sleep, the body can get the best detoxification moment, let the body remove the excess moisture.

If so, you can arrange to do every day 30 minutes of exercise, the effect will be better to edema.

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Tofu diet-Weight loss

Tofu diet
Weight loss, weight loss menus, tofu diet, food
Tofu is a food of great nutritional value and original addition to the high nutritional value, lose weight, are very helpful, more that because Japanese women eat more tofu, obesity rarely!

Tofu can give you the fullness feeling, and allows you to adhere to the Diet Menus down the greatest help. Also, tofu is rich in protein, muscle is helpful, but also can promote the body's metabolism! The fat burn more efficiently.

Japanese female artist also tofu diet to lose weight, slimming, which have a combination of Morning Musume Dash America, tofu diet lost about 15 kg. Tofu boiled soup for drinking, the past year, managed to lose 15 kg!

, Tofu with high nutritional value, but not expression of tofu for the ingredients to maintain the body's caloric needs can be single. Must be mixed consumption of other ingredients, in order to achieve the best weight loss. Tofu substitute early in the afternoon or dinner staple food (rice, noodles or bread), you can very satisfactory weight loss, absolutely no need for hell-style diet.

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Rapid weight loss method

Rapid weight loss methods, weight loss

Many people want to be able to use some quick weight loss to achieve weight loss results in a short period of time; In fact, the so-called love-speed diet is not very healthy. In addition, many of these quick weight loss method, through the lost moisture in your body and achieve weight loss results; can imagine, as long as you drink plenty of water, there might be a so-called weight rebound situation.

In fact, downsizing is a step by step, slowly, through movement and control of nutritional intake, is a healthy weight-loss road!

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Fast way to lose weight-Office staff lose weight magic bullet

Fast way to lose weight, lose weight, obesity

For staff working in the office, the best magic bullet to lose weight is to walk on off the effort.

Sedentary can lead to abdominal accumulation of the fat in the office, so you can pay attention to posture when walking to work every day and work can be changed in order to walk, walk, posture is very important, chest and lower abdomen to walk . When you tighten the lower abdomen, you can walk side to lose weight, kill two birds with one stone.

Can also increase the pace of walking, which makes the calories you can consume significant increase. For busy friends, is a good way to lose weight. Every day can increase the amount of exercise, to lose weight.

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fast way to lose weight-Swimming to lose weight

fast way to lose weight ways to lose weight, exercise, exercise, weight loss

Many people exercise to lose weight ways to lose weight have a certain degree of resistance, one reason is because it is more hard to exercise to lose weight, but also sweat, for many ladies, harder to do than not eat. In addition, many people exercise to lose weight, begin to exercise, weight has not only reduced, but instead rise up. Real-time very disappointed, and immediately gave up the weight loss exercise schedule originally set.

In fact, the exercise method to lose weight and need a longer time, and must be in accordance with a pre-set timetable for exercise to achieve weight loss results without interruption. Second, exercise to lose weight is exercise to burn fat accumulation in the body, so the time of each exercise will take 30 minutes or more, otherwise, the body's sugar you consume is not fat. Finally, the sports diet to control diet, and if so, in the exercise, uncontrolled eating high-calorie food, so not only can not achieve the effect of weight loss, weight will rise!

Among the many sports, swimming is a good choice. Because swimming is a whole body movement, heart and lung function have a lot of help, also avoid the wear and tear and damage caused by the movement of joints of the body such as running. Resistance in water than on land, should be large, so the same exercise time is 30 minutes, the heat consumption is much larger! Swimming to lose weight is a good exercise to lose weight choose.

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Weight loss magic bullet

Weight loss magic bullet

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Less thigh methods
The summer season the sisters have to wear short skirts to, therefore, must be less thigh fat.

Reduction the thigh methods must to be targeted, such as running to the pool in shallow water, the resistance value of water can be targeted to lose thigh fat. The best early night once every 20 to 30 minutes, minus the thigh is particularly desirable.

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Weight loss magic bullet
To successfully lose weight we must adhere to eat healthy, and every day to do some exercise. The only way to successfully lose weight.

Diet to health, refused to eat fast food and junk food

Many fast-food restaurants provide food, oil, salt, meat, eat more unhealthy to lose weight is not the slightest help. So, today, resolve to no longer eat fast food. And other junk food, such as potato chips, beer should be a fight to quit, so the course two weeks you will reduce the weight of natural.

Every day to do some simple exercise, even walking Ye Hao

Many people think that doing exercise is necessary on a fitness room, so that the muscle pain in order to achieve a slimming effect, this is actually a very wrong concept, as long as you can keep walking thirty minutes a day, weight loss will be very good.

Weight loss magic bullet in the details of life, do not underestimate the tiny place. Some small changes to lose weight the key to the success.

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Ear acupuncture weight loss method

Weight loss, acupuncture weight loss method
The ears are a lot of nerve endings, so the ear acupuncture is the function of the appetite suppressant, and physiological conditioning of great help.

Weekly acupuncture ear twice can be reduced to two to three kilograms. Weight loss is also very good.

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Acupuncture weight loss

Acupuncture weight loss
 Thin, obese, obesity reasons, acupuncture weight loss methods, acupuncture weight loss acupuncture weight loss treatment is the Chinese way to lose weight by stimulating the acupuncture points to allow the body to make adjustments in order to achieve a slimming effect.

The reasons for obesity

Obesity is a body with the intake of excessive calories, consume more than absorption of low-fat accumulate in the body to the obesity phenomenon. Therefore, obesity is a physiological dysfunction. , Consume more calories time when the body can adjust the amount of eating with the problem of obesity can be solved, that is, can successfully lose weight.

Acupuncture weight loss is to stimulate the body's acupuncture points, so that the patient can more easily feel the feeling of fullness, thereby reducing the amount of the distribution of eating can also be embedding acupuncture practices, continue to stimulate individual acupoints to enable patients to loss of appetite can also be enhanced gastrointestinal function help slimming effect.

Acupuncture weight loss is not all are suitable for, if you are a overall obesity friend, fat accumulation is particularly suitable for acupuncture to lose weight, especially in the waist position. Conversely, if you suffer from blood diseases, that is not suitable for acupuncture to lose weight, especially with blood clotting disorders friend, not suitable for acupuncture treatment. Therefore, before receiving acupuncture weight loss, you should consult your family doctor, a clear understanding of all the risks before decisions are Acupuncture weight loss treatment.

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The correct snacks to lose weight

The correct snacks to lose weight
Way to lose weight, lose weight, nutrition, diet, fat, weight loss snacks,

Snacking helpful for weight loss, because a good way to snack is not meet the body's functional needs, or decompression.

Snacking as self-Pi

Psychologists believe that snacking with Pi achieve the same effect, snacking is not just the actual needs to meet the hungry is a good way for a relaxation and stress reduction. Can also reduce the pressure caused because lose weight, long-term diet makes one feel a lot of pressure, but also for the weight loss the main cause of failure, and choose healthy snacks can help you lose weight.

Selection of healthy snacks

In fact, many snack foods are not high in fat and high sugar, so long as you know how to choose, you can eat snacks to lose weight. Healthy snack sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnuts, dates, cheese, pumpkin seeds, raisins and so on. These are helpful to good health, can stimulate the body's blood circulation.The correct snacks to lose weight

Carnivorous diet method

Carnivorous diet method
Many ways to lose weight by which carnivorous diet touted weight loss methods, but at the same time was also affected by the dispute is considered harmful to health, unhealthy diet menus.

Carnivorous diet is so fast carbohydrates, so can not eat bread and rice, the food we eat fatty foods, such as meat, because, no carbohydrates causes the body to lack of nutrition and minerals, and high-protein diet will make cholesterol is too high, some impact on health.

Dr. Atkins mentioned chang carnivorous diet is still under a great deal of attention, many people are carnivorous diet as the main way to lose weight. But every man in personal physical fitness, weight loss menus reaction are not the same discomfort, if any weight loss menus, it should be stopped immediately, and find health care professionals advice. Because weight loss does not have any impact on health.

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Carnivorous diet method

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Drinking water to lose weight can be less ten pounds

Do not underestimate the effect of drinking water to lose weight, because the water is no calorie soft drink, so drinking water can help you lose weight.

Drinking water lose weight easily

Drinking water is very beneficial to drink, so a great help to develop good habit of drinking water for weight loss. After getting up, to drink a cup of warm water, which can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, can help the body to drain away toxins. This significant injection with the help of weight loss, because obesity one of the main reasons is that the body can not discharge the toxins, or constipation situation.

Drinking water to lose weight: drink a glass of water before meals

To drink a glass of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner, which can make you more likely to have a sense of satiety, and at the same time, it can stimulate the body's metabolic rate, enhance the ability of the body to burn fat.

Dinner can be in January lose ten pounds to drinking water alternative

Dinner do not eat to change drinking water alternative, if you feel hungry you can spray some fragrance in the room, which allows you to more easily survive the hungry feeling. Lunch to eat more vegetables and protein, which can lose ten pounds in a month, lose weight encouraged by the results!

This dinner alternative to drinking water drinking water diet, weight loss is really a very attractive, but the stomach food is really difficult to practice every night, to endure hunger indeed with the quality of sleep will also be affected. But I will try, because a month to lose ten pounds weight loss results, it is my heart. Of course, I would like to remind all want to lose weight and sisters, if drinking diet discomfort, it is necessary to stop immediately, or bodily functions and organs will cause harm to forego the reward lost it!

Soak in a hot bath can also help blood circulation, speed up the metabolic rate and you will find that even if you do not have to do more exercise, weight unconsciously to reduce, was the most suitable for the lazy lose weight.

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New weight-loss surgery: four degrees of frozen fat soluble

Tags: bariatric surgery, weight-loss, exercise, weight
The latest weight-loss surgery in the United States, invented a new way to lose weight, is the method of frozen fat cells froze to death, without movement science and technology people can go on a diet can also lose weight.

Frozen weight loss method is a new way to lose weight, has been less

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fat reason

fat reason
Why am I so fat?
weight loss
I believe we will ask such a question why he was so fat? To prescribe the right medicine to solve the problem of obesity. Obesity for many reasons, such as drink this habit, the pace of life and habits, exercise should lead to the reasons for obesity.

Eating habits is the main cause of fat

Eating habits is the main cause of obesity, it is not difficult to understand. Let me pet to illustrate the strike, many obese cat or dog owner, he has raised many have obesity problems, but no stray cats and dogs in the street over-weight problem, which is the eating habits lead to obesity clear evidence.

Control diet, weight control

No more difficult to lose weight as long as you can control your own mouth, do not eat too much food, but also eat more fruits and vegetables, the diet of carnivorous and greasy food, and these can control the weight, if you eat too much weight loss is not a difficult task.

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