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2012年7月14日 星期六

Sectional weight loss simple and happy

Sectional weight loss simple and happy

Hot summer to come, but also a good opportunity to show off her body, so for the ladies, to seize this season to lose weight, it is necessary. The experts said, to set weight loss goals easier to achieve, so weight loss is more relaxed and happy.

    To choose a diet based on the physical condition

    Jia Jing Jing, Chaoyang Hospital, the Western community health department deputy director of the nurse, said that each person needs the amount of nutritional intake will vary because of different personal physical. For example, a family eating the same brothers, but may require additional supplement certain nutrients. Because of nutritional absorption capacity is determined by the individual constitution. For example, breakfast habits also vary. So that different people consume nutrition, of course, will be different. Therefore, a nutritionally balanced diet also vary.

    Experts suggest that the weight loss crowd should listen to the voice "of the body a lot, summed up the nutrition they need structure, the proportion of nutrient intake passage, the deployment of the balanced nutritious meals.

    Setting weight loss goals easier to achieve

    Jia Jing Jing said, people want to lose weight, do not expect to be accomplished overnight, suddenly thin a 5kg, 10kg, this goal is not only difficult to reach and easy to combat weight loss of confidence. Given an easy to achieve such 3kg, the faster success will make your weight loss program. Do not always think of a short period of time will be several years saved up fat get rid of all, in fact, as long as the weight this year than last year's somewhat reduce well. As long as they continue to insist that you are sure to have a healthy and perfect body.

    Dinner staple food intake need to reduce

    Many people are socializing too much and gain weight. People have to eat out how to fat to get rid of it?

    Jia Jing Jing said, in fact, very simple, as long as you can spend some thought on the supper. Night when the fat accumulation, To dinner staple food is reduced to half the usual amount of.

    Under the heartless people who really want to lose weight, this should be done. When the body burns 7200kcal (kilocalories) of heat, weight can reduce the 1kg. The heat of a bowl of rice is about 200kcal less per day intake of 200kcal, add up, you will unwittingly lose 1kg. Then, according to this method, minus 2kg, 3kg ......

    Eat dinner, does not mean that the other meals have to eat less. Free to choose what you like to eat lunch, eating their favorite dishes to bring a happy mood that people's vitality and sustained willpower to lose weight in order to slowly lose weight successfully.

Sectional weight loss simple and happy