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2012年7月9日 星期一

Carnivorous diet method

Carnivorous diet method
Many ways to lose weight by which carnivorous diet touted weight loss methods, but at the same time was also affected by the dispute is considered harmful to health, unhealthy diet menus.

Carnivorous diet is so fast carbohydrates, so can not eat bread and rice, the food we eat fatty foods, such as meat, because, no carbohydrates causes the body to lack of nutrition and minerals, and high-protein diet will make cholesterol is too high, some impact on health.

Dr. Atkins mentioned chang carnivorous diet is still under a great deal of attention, many people are carnivorous diet as the main way to lose weight. But every man in personal physical fitness, weight loss menus reaction are not the same discomfort, if any weight loss menus, it should be stopped immediately, and find health care professionals advice. Because weight loss does not have any impact on health.

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Carnivorous diet method

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