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2012年7月14日 星期六

Chinese medicine acupuncture weight loss

Chinese medicine acupuncture weight loss few side effects
The increasing problem of obesity, many people racked their brains to think of ways to lose weight, such as increased physical activity, taking the medicine. Recent studies have found that, similar to traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment of obesity, the effect of western medicine, fewer side effects. However, Chinese medicine reminders, per person constitution is different from the first registered Chinese medicine practitioners before medication. ? Interview: static group

According to the Journal of Medical Man, from the 1990s to 2000, the 30-40 year-old male obesity trend of sustained growth, BMI over 25 rose from 26.2% to 36.6%, central obesity increased from 10% to 23.5%, females 18 to 30-year-old BMI over 25 rose from 5.2% to 12.2%, central obesity is 2.63% to 9.7%. Journal of text also pointed out that overweight men is not easy to accept they were overweight, on the contrary, normal-weight women are more prone to mistaken they were overweight.

Western medicine weight loss side effects of multi-
The Chinese University of Medicine and Therapeutics, Department of Professor Juliana Chan According to the Department of Health in April last year, the number aged between 18-64 years of age who, some 1.2 million people are overweight is about 140 million obese. She believes that through western medicine to control weight, increase the side effects of errors of heart rate, blood pressure, negative mood, adverse impact on the body.
In view of this, the Hospital Authority commissioned the Faculty of Medicine study, years, Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment of obesity in the medical literature review, to check about 2,500 copies of the medical literature found 33 studies in more than 80% was The diagnosis of wet muddy and Spleen.
In Chinese medicine services director Professor Guo Yuanqi, the Choshui wet and obesity are closely related, and more food cold or sweets, the course of time will come to the Spleen raw wet. The research governance "dampness / phlegm / cloud" and "health / Spleen".
The study also summarized the use of mountain slag and rhubarb, Chinese medicine, acupuncture stimulation Sanyinjiao Zusanli acupoint effective for weight loss. The use of Chinese medicine and acupressure treatment two weeks to four months, taking medicine can be reduced to about 5.82 kg; acupoint acupuncture may be reduction of about 4.1 kg, than the placebo or lifestyle changes the success rate 80%. Taking Chinese medicines risk ratio of 1.84, acupuncture, compared with 2.14, showing that Chinese medicine is effective, and can more safely lose weight.

Different constitution different medication
Service Supervisor Hsieh Tat said the HA Chinese medicine and integrative medicine, the survey summary of the views of Chinese medicine and doctors, find effective ways to lose weight, but each constitution is different and should be the first registered Chinese medicine practitioners before medication.
Tse Tat also known as the HA plans to the next three months to collect patient data, by calculating the body mass index, initial screening of obese patients in general outpatient, and the next year the implementation of targeted Chinese medicine therapy programs to help obese patients to weight control.

Chinese medicine acupuncture weight loss few side effects