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2012年7月8日 星期日

fat reason

fat reason
Why am I so fat?
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I believe we will ask such a question why he was so fat? To prescribe the right medicine to solve the problem of obesity. Obesity for many reasons, such as drink this habit, the pace of life and habits, exercise should lead to the reasons for obesity.

Eating habits is the main cause of fat

Eating habits is the main cause of obesity, it is not difficult to understand. Let me pet to illustrate the strike, many obese cat or dog owner, he has raised many have obesity problems, but no stray cats and dogs in the street over-weight problem, which is the eating habits lead to obesity clear evidence.

Control diet, weight control

No more difficult to lose weight as long as you can control your own mouth, do not eat too much food, but also eat more fruits and vegetables, the diet of carnivorous and greasy food, and these can control the weight, if you eat too much weight loss is not a difficult task.

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