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2012年7月7日 星期六

small S -devil weight loss

Happy wife and small S  6 day criticized the sagging public chest out, shouting: "Get out, Get out of my clothes off, and even added:" I not only did not sagging chest, the following is also very tight, "Ma spicy speak staggering, but the audience only see the hot body, but can not see her private efforts, the small S revealed, in addition to the daily nude checks, meals, strict rules would only eat one-fifth full.

Small S to open their own diet, and direct the daily bath, be sure to check their body curves in front of the mirror, even to see the ass smile line, but also the pursuit of perfection, "nobody in the world than I more locomotives, although in such a way, not necessarily make acceptable, but it is a good look at their own best way.

She also said that the own meals as usual will eat, but do not eat sweets, "Do not eat too many unhealthy desserts" and she did not like trouble to lose weight, "It's like a day to eat one day do not eat too much trouble! "

small S -devil weight loss