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diet -Do not touch the sugar

diet -Do not touch the sugar
popular in Japanese

A group of Japanese middle-aged Old Man nothing is the same everywhere, eating and drinking, what is surprising is their common goal was actually to lose weight! Everyone was originally more than 100 kilograms of body weight, without having to go hungry, but also eating and drinking reduced to normal weight. Japan's television programs this "eat diet" immediately caused many favorite Xiangshou audience concern.

Eat the secret of the diet is to control carbohydrate, carbohydrates, and try not to eat rice, bread, noodles and other staple foods, eat fish, meat, vegetables, eat no problem. Reducing sugar intake, and prevention of diabetes and weight control, compared to the hard counting calories diet control method is easy to continue.

Kyoto City Hospital, Kaohsiung's chairman Jiang Kang control carbohydrate weight loss representative of the second is to promote, he encouraged everyone to eat less carbohydrate. In addition to the staple food, potatoes, taro, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and candy, cookies, cakes, rice crackers, pancakes will not work, but it is about having to eat eat no problem, beverages should not be elected sugary.

Jiang Hong, 2002 of the Ministry of suffering from diabetes begin to control the sugar intake, and therefore develop the habit of do not touch the rice, so that blood glucose levels to return to the standard of health, body weight in six months reduced from sixty-six kg fifty-five kg.

By the control of sugar intake to lose weight, the effect varies from person to person, some people will be the effectiveness of strict control of two weeks to a month. But less sugar diet also opposed to the faction.

Kubota pointed out that control sugar intake will change the ratio of the body the three major nutrients, calorie, sugar sixty percent fat twenty per cent, protein, twenty percent, if into sugar 12% and 50, fat, the dean of the Medical Clinic of Tokyo Takanawa six percent Saer%, protein, nutrition proportion of long-term imbalances will health impact of terrorism in colorectal cancer, Alzheimer 's disease risk.
diet -Do not touch the sugar