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2012年7月4日 星期三

Golden kiwi diet

Golden kiwi diet
The kiwi is a great nutritional value, the more a good effect to lose weight.

Gold kiwi breakfast diet

Kiwi fruit per 100 grams, only 53 calories, but also can cause a laxative, and can increase the resistance. Gold kiwi fruit flavor with a tart and slightly sweet, easy entrance suitable ingredients for weight loss menus. Even in the work of the Office OL can also easily eat gold kiwi fruit, cut half can eat.

Golden kiwi breakfast diet to eat:
A room temperature of gold to send different fruit for breakfast every day, drink a cup of warm water. Noon eat the right amount, and do not need to diet. While snacks are best able to be controlled.

If not combined with exercise to lose weight, just eat the gold kiwi fruit to lose weight, can also lose two to three pounds in a month, very good stop!

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