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2012年7月4日 星期三

The principle of weight loss

The principle of weight loss
Lose weight the most important, so you want to know the right way to lose weight.

Why do you want to lose weight?

To want to make it clear why they should lose weight? Only a clear understanding of the weight loss reasons, in order to correctly choose the right diet. Many friends have said that to lose weight, do not know why they should lose weight, in the case of lack of motivation, the effectiveness of weight loss program variation.

What time you want to lose weight?

Of course the clothing sub-wearing time, moment of you to lose weight lose weight, do not postpone the time of lose weight, because obesity moment, immediate action to lose weight is the most effective. On the one hand can reduce the body to accumulate fat, can also shape the now lines.

The control diet minus five hundred calories a day

Want to cut two kilograms a month, ie, a decrease of 500 calories a day can, as long as the control diet, or increasing the time to do exercise every day can be achieved by two kilograms a month.

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