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2014年7月27日 星期日

Movement with acupuncture to lose weight

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Summer, suddenly found not wear clothes, winter clothes the entire waistline no disguise, she became more than a large circle. This time must quickly begin to lose weight, quickly restored the original figure.
Movement with acupuncture to lose weight
Just a sport for several hours, but the calories consumed only a little, and often frustrating, why hard movement?
In fact, after exercise, the body will still be residual metabolic activity, making the body temporarily held in "easy fat" physique.
This metabolic activation status, because of the intensity and time differ!
movement with acupuncture to lose weight
Because acupuncture to lose weight, through the meridians, localized fat administered massage, beat, acupuncture, embedding, etc. conditioning spleen, stomach, increase metabolism, to achieve weight loss.
For example, with gastrointestinal motility Tianshu, Tom Lee urine waterway hole, mediation appetite Zusanli and so on.
Under the guidance of professional doctors, but also can play a "one plus one is greater than two," a comprehensive weight-loss effects, motion effects, together with the effect of acupoint stimulation.
If people want to self-massage, and hot towel compress, and then gently pressed with fingertips, can feel slightly acidic conditions best.
Summary, exercise and acupuncture to lose weight, able to strengthen metabolism, activation of the body, is a good way to lose weight.
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