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Weight loss three: exercise weight loss

  Many people say, exercise weight loss is "science + green" way to lose weight, this sentence is not an exaggeration. It is a certain degree of obesity through sports, to consume excess body fat, promote metabolism, weight loss purposes. The greater the amount of exercise, exercise longer, consume more sugar and fat, weight loss more apparent.
    The best time to exercise before 9 o'clock in the morning and after sunset. Exercise every day one hour. Each exercise is best done once sustained the middle do not stop. Aerobic exercise is the best way to lose weight, consume more energy, such as jogging, doing aerobics, cycling and so on. Summer, here I recommend to everyone to swim, it as a whole body movement, not only weight loss, beauty-conscious women can self-cultivation, so that a more beautiful body, so that the curve is more attractive.
    Health Tip: Research shows that the effect of weight loss exercise only a maximum of two days, so exercise the most important thing is to persevere. For a very fat body of people, the choice movement types, we should do what, to avoid accidental injury. In addition, usually after exercise, people will have the hunger, the high side if the dietary intake, weight reduction is not naturally go.
    World Health Organization recommended to obese people to lose weight is: weight loss + diet + exercise weight loss drugs weight loss aid, combine the three, a square is the weight the right way. Need to lose weight friends may wish to their own situation, in order to develop their own way to lose weight, change their size to achieve the desire.

Weight loss two: weight loss products to help

This weight loss method, by definition, the role of weight loss through the use of a product to reduce body fat. And some products by "dehydration" to lose weight, it reduced the body of water, rather than "fat." Meanwhile, the recent media exposure, some weight loss products on the market, adding prohibited ingredients, to deceive or mislead consumers. So, choose a safe and effective weight loss drugs to aid weight loss is undoubtedly on the choice.     To this end, I recommend here Ya Plastic orlistat capsules. Ya Plastic is listed by the State Food and Drug Administration approval, is currently the only OTC weight loss drug, which means weight loss through the drain to discharge 30% of the fat in food. And no palpitation, insomnia, dry mouth and other side effects. No need to change existing habits, and need not deliberately do more exercise, easy to achieve weight loss results.

    Health Tip: wide variety of weight loss products currently on the market, most are designed to meet the audience's psychology, "hanging meat to sell dog meat," consumers in the purchase of a similar weight loss products need to be careful.

A way to lose weight: diet weight loss

Each "fat paper" angel wings are the last generation. Today, more and more "angels" become "fat paper" on the road in the weight off the wing. Ever since, the majority of the fat began to create their own paper, a variety of ways to lose weight. However, these weight loss methods should also pay attention to scientific, effective and safe weight loss is always a measure of scientific and unscientific standards. To this end, the author collection of many of the director, for everyone to elaborate on the most commonly used scientific way to lose weight.

A way to lose weight: diet weight loss

Carbohydrates, protein, fat is the daily life of the three nutrients needed by the body. Scientific research shows that weight increase is due to the reason why consumption of excessive amounts of fat. Therefore, a scientific diet to lose weight is to adjust the ratio of the three nutritional intake. When the calories of heat than eat it, "make ends meet", the body must consume the calories of fat to fill vacancies, "scientific weight loss," the purpose was achieved.

First, eat low-calorie fruits. Such as Apple, it is a low-calorie foods, regardless of how much to eat, are no less than daily intake of calories, and yet more so to reduce weight naturally; banana laxative effect is familiar to everyone, and every day to eat twelve banana, with a meal of appetite compared with only about half of these low-calorie, both detoxification and slimming. Second, as use of vegetable fats instead of animal fat, vegetable fat, low melting point, easy to digest, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, lipid-lowering effect. For example, in cooking oil into, you can choose peanut oil, sesame oil, corn oil; eat more fat, eat the small plant-rich foods such as walnuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

Health Tip: These start to lose weight through diet, as long as the match was reasonably healthy, their physical change is of great help. But need attention, we are now eating by chemical fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives and other pollution, the quality has gone down, be careful when choosing food.

Bike to weight loss tips

Bike to weight loss
Why Bicycles

1 healthy?
According to individual needs in order to adjust the riding path and speed intensity, if long-term sustainability, the ideal of the perfect curve is no longer a dream. This chapter also tells you how to choose the most suitable one not only needs, but also the best bike weight-loss results.

2 to experience to see it!
Health & Beauty while security can not be ignored important! This chapter uses easy to understand manner the construction of bicycle, and riding with law. Quickly followed us up to experience the fun of riding, bicycle start a new life healthy and happy!

3 delicious recipes and healthy weight loss
The biggest problem of obesity is improper eating habits! This chapter describes the simple and easy to make healthy recipes, nutrition and taste of both the low card, so you cause at the same time making weight, diet can also be satisfied.

4 you should know the secrets of the body
If the operation of the body have a certain understanding of the benefits will be able to play it to the extreme! Thin as well. Understand how the body consumes calories, and can be more effective!

Magic ginger tea to lose weight

Magic ginger tea to lose weight

Come join ginger tea weight-loss plan! The secret lies in body weight, as long as the thin and easy to develop physical fitness, weight loss is very simple!

Chinese medicine, ginger, black tea and warm, can increase metabolism, the rapid consumption of calories the body to achieve weight loss results. In addition, ginger also helps bowel movements, cold hands and feet to improve the situation; while black tea is fermented tea, contains caffeine to get rid of excess body water. This book advocates to make ginger tea magic lies in the effectiveness of ginger and black tea both multiplied, effective and easy to help you develop a lean body, the fleshy quickly get rid of trouble, but also very simple!

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the most powerful tips to lose weight -Korean black bean diet

Korean black bean diet

With black beans, he finally ended the 11-year weight-loss process to start a new life. Previously experienced the weight loss process is so difficult and hard ... but a chance at the start of the black beans diet but not completely hard, do not need to reluctantly go to practice, the light just eat black beans only, no I do not know let him sleep in XXL shirts from the original into a shirt to wear S size
However, since the case of the black beans
It was full and adequate nutrition point of satiety
Since then his family from the greedy delicious
The black beans fresh and rich in fiber also allowed him to discard the stool due to re-put a face full of elasticity and vitality
Not just a fat, even the annoying acne, scalp itch, were all disappeared
Black beans diet is so amazing!

You waiting for?
With just 4 steps:
1 breakfast of black beans and steamed tofu
2. Lunch attention GI index intake
3. Dinner is half of normal food intake
4 three times a week, walking 30 minutes each

ginger tea-weight-loss method

ginger tea-weight-loss method
 "Three meals a day, type of nutritional intake should be balanced." Some doctors and nutritionists are telling us. But really need the case? Our idea of ​​a "simple fasting to lose weight", the first question from the basic ideas of this diet started.

Ginger tea to warm the body, therefore, can effectively resolve the cause of obesity because most young women, "cold body." This simple fasting, no need to force insisted that the pain patient to lose weight. On the contrary, precisely because of its need to force himself not easily adhere to, therefore, became a high success rate of the "ultimate diet."

Ginger tea processing methods:
1 using just boil the water.
2 pre-warm the cup.
3. A cup of tea using a tea bag.
In the brew good tea to add small chopped ginger or ginger juice can be prepared to produce a ginger tea. However, intake of dietary fiber from this point of view to eliminate constipation, select the small peeled and chopped ginger ginger juice is better than choice. If you could add honey, brown sugar, prunes and other people drinking, weight-loss effect will be more obvious!
Advanced fasting, so weight is not NG:

Phase I: 12 hours after dinner, fresh off training!
1 target population: early on the hungry and to target people who lose weight
Method: Breakfast = ginger tea 1-2 cups of apple + + cut into small pieces yogurt or miso soup
(2) target population: the early and in any case on the hungry people who want to eat breakfast
Method: (Japanese) rice + miso soup + pickles + natto + + ginger tea 1-2 cups Luo Buding

Phase II: Breakfast drink ginger tea from the beginning!
Breakfast: 1-2 cups of tea + ginger cut into small pieces of apple
Lunch: The first is to drink ginger tea before and after lunch. The benefit is the ability to effectively warm the body, promote metabolism, accelerate the body's absorption of nutrients lunch, use, burning and discharge.
Lunch if you eat too much, a lot of blood will flow to the stomach to help digestion of food accumulation. In so doing, can the brain and muscle blood supply becomes inadequate, and fatigue were also very easy to fall asleep.
Dinner: eat everything OK, drinking is also OK!
The third stage: high fasting sprint!
1 half-day fasting recipes
Breakfast: carrot / apple juice 2 cups (2 carrots + 1 apple)
Lunch: carrot / apple juice 3 cups (1 +2 apple carrot)
Dinner: white rice (add salt, black sesame seeds) 1 / 6 bowls, 2 prunes, dried small sardines 1 small bowl of miso soup (add tofu, seaweed) 1 cup
2 half-day off from food throughout the day fasting
If you have successfully implemented a simple 2-3 half-day fasting, then the next you can summon the courage to challenge the simple, fresh off a day! Fasting is a simple but such a gradual phase formed, it is definitely a safe and ideal way to lose weight.
Breakfast: 2 cups carrot / apple juice
10: 1-2 cups of ginger tea
Lunch: 2 cups carrot / apple juice
15 points: 1-2 cups of ginger tea
Dinner: 2 cups carrot / apple juice
3 After a day off after eating breakfast recipes
White rice (add salt, black sesame seeds) Sheng Qi Bafen to look full, 2 prunes, dried sardines 1 small bowl, miso soup (tofu and wakame added)

Kiwi breakfast diet tip+banana diet tip

Japanese banana breakfast diet the father  + Kiwi breakfast diet +banana diet tip

As the Meiji Pharmaceutical University, director of the fruit expert of the bridge board in early October at the breakfast women's programs declared, breakfast if you eat kiwi fruit with water, then lunch with the dinner as usual eating, can also be the same as with the banana diet to lose weight.
The bridge board in the program that kiwi can help the body burn sugar and fat, and can rule out the water, and with potassium as bananas, can improve the cold body and edema, with kiwi have a lot of fiber, how to look, all not worse than the banana, the banana can also replace a "breakfast fruit diet," the protagonist.

Atkins Diet (Atkins Diet) tip or a low-carbohydrate diet tip

Atkins Diet (Atkins Diet) or a low-carbohydrate diet (Low-carbohydrate diet).

According to Atkins's proposal, beginning a low carbohydrate diet should:

Day do not eat more than 20 grams of carbohydrates, most of which should come from broccoli, asparagus and other vegetables;
Meat, regardless of typ

e, are not limited weight (but not eat Cheng Si);

Up to 113 grams of soft cheese, leafy vegetables, low-carbohydrate vegetables, butter or vegetable oil;
2000c.c. Water Not drinking

6 principles -mineral milk diet tips

mineral milk diet tips
 Substitute soy milk breakfast drink vegetable juice, meal weight 400 to 500 cc, satiety can be maintained to dinner!

 If the family has juicer, the best to play their own juices, mineral juicy than the commercially available fruits and vegetables, and low in calories. Commercially available in Taiwan in particular, almost all juices add sugar, drinking too much is not healthy!

 A large number of minerals, vitamins can make the brain send "belly full" satiety instructions.
 Need to persevere!

 If people do not home or busy, you can occasionally use commercially available mixed vegetable juice and milk.

 Fruits and vegetables can be changed frequently to avoid drinking tired. Focus is fruits and vegetables mixed with milk, but not limited to fruits and vegetables.Substitute soy milk breakfast drink vegetable juice, meal weight 400 to 500 cc, satiety can be maintained to dinner!

 If the family has juicer, the best to play their own juices, mineral juicy than the commercially available fruits and vegetables, and low in calories. Commercially available in particular, almost all juices add sugar, drinking too much is not healthy!

 A large number of minerals, vitamins can make the brain send "belly full" satiety instructions.
 Need to persevere!

 If people do not home or busy, you can occasionally use commercially available mixed vegetable juice and milk.

 Fruits and vegetables can be changed frequently to avoid drinking tired. Focus is fruits and vegetables mixed with milk, but not limited to fruits and vegetables.It is a good  diet tips

2 method healthy diet

The so-called healthy diet is to reduce drugs and other surgical therapies, diet combined with exercise therapy only, two to three kilograms per month subject to weight loss, gradual weight loss call it.

Reduce calorie intake of ten a diet method

(1) must eat three meals a day, do not be hungry one, two meals and then eat a big meal at night, because they were hungry after two meals, make you hungry and eat many high-calorie foods; balanced meals should be kept amount to eight full meal is appropriate, as seven full and better. Some people tend to eat less breakfast, dinner, eat more, this is the worst, according to research findings, eating dinner and more people were more likely to gain weight.
(2) change the dining program:
1. The first soup.
2. After drinking the soup to eat vegetables.
3. The last to eat meat and rice.
If they can do the same in order to eat, will make you eat less than before.
(3) each hold rice or vegetables with a small amount is appropriate, how much must be left a little after eating, do not eat nothing left.
(4) slowly. Do not eat wolf, extended meal time, every bite things, tableware and chopsticks must be put down.
(5) Food must be wrapped and placed in the eye can not see the place.
(6) concentrate on eating, do not drink and chat, do not eat and watch TV or newspapers, so as not to overeat without realizing it.
(7) into the restaurant before you decide what to eat his own good, in addition to other things not to eat, do not like to see others called good to eat, but it added.
(8), when fasting do not go to the supermarket, because what you see when you are fasting to eat well, what the results are buying. Therefore, to limit the use of the environment behavior is also important.
(9) are not to trash, a pity that some people feel lost food, the rest of the dishes are loaded to the stomach, so that before long, they have to buy new clothes to wear.
(10) brush your teeth immediately after eating, brushing their teeth that no longer eat, thus reducing the East West pinched pinched a little bit of chance.
(11) Do not buy a home, high-calorie snacks: cake, ice cream, cookies, soft drinks, melon seeds, peanuts, candy, etc. are all high-calorie foods, usually do not take these tempting the devil to go home, relatives and friends sent the cake , cake, early forwarded to others!
If you can really do the above, I believe a certain weight loss success. I would also like to remind you: There are no shortcuts to lose weight, only diet and exercise is the most stupid, most secure and reliable way.
Other diseases may improve weight loss success
After the success of weight loss associated with many benefits, such as:
1 lose weight, diabetes without medication for many.
2 high blood pressure high blood pressure after weight loss by a lot.
3 heart failure, weight loss is no longer made by a lot.
4 currently no drugs to treat atherosclerosis, it seems that only a follow it.
5 obese people weight loss, blood uric acid can reduce the 1 ~ 2 mg / dll or so.
6 women, menstrual flow are more obese people, weight loss, the normal menstruation either.

tips healthy diet

A healthy diet Healthy way to lose weight is the best month in two kilograms Oh, quick weight loss will only increase the chances of it re-fat diet at the beginning of the most difficult, because you anxious to see weight loss results, so many ways to quickly lost patience to lose weight, so the thing is to have patience because as Oh,
Here are some quick and healthy diet. See look
The most effective way to lose weight healthy fast

● exercise fast weight loss methods
1 jump rope skipping one thousand flies under the daily diet per day / lose some weight 0.5 kg
2 sit-ups 20 times a day to lose weight by day 20 until day 100 day / weight 0.6 kg
3 swimming diet once a month to go swimming every morning and evening / weight 2-4 kg
4 to go walking weight loss of more than brisk walking 5,000 steps per day for 2-3 months / 1-2 kg weight loss

5 weight loss exercise to lose weight right shoulder, put up, then down to relax, back and forth four times. Put up with the shoulders and then down to relax, back and forth eight times a month / 2-3 kg weight loss
● diet quick weight loss methods
1 yogurt fast way to lose weight: Drink 2 cups boiling water after getting up (500cc)
. Breakfast: oatmeal yogurt (fresh yogurt 250cc + comprehensive nuts), nuts can be integrated instead of breakfast cereals
. Lunch: fruit yogurt (yogurt 250cc + fresh seasonal fruit)
. Dinner: normal meal within a week / by 3-6 kg
2. Yogurt fast way to lose weight: eat fruit breakfast, lunch, drink yogurt, 250 grams, preferably with added flavor, or lactic acid bacteria AB, dinner drink yogurt 250 grams. If hungry you can drink water or eat fruit, to lose weight 5 kg to 7 days to implement yogurt diet, to beauty or minus 3 kg yogurt can be implemented for 3 consecutive days within a week weight loss / reduction 3-5 kg.

8 tips to rapid weight loss

1 should not sleep too much, to sleep seven hours a day as a standard, low metabolic rate during sleep, energy consumption at least, the amount of cholesterol and fat synthesis greatly increased.
2. Hungry, that is when the body to burn fat: this time a half hour to one hour exercise, the best fat burning after exercise to pay attention to add water and oil enough sugar like: reducing sugar per day (meal
surface) and fat intake, is a necessary way to lose weight.
3 drink cooking soup: This soup is high oil content, easily absorbed, very easy to gain weight, so be sure to remember. Leisure time, eat less: leisure metabolic rate, calorie consumption, decreased food energy should be won him.
4. Not late night: Do not eat before going to bed two hours ago, most likely calories into fat accumulation in the abdomen.
5. Do not eat the leftovers: in order not to waste, every time the bowl and plate in the leftovers, sent to the stomach, do not gain weight is difficult.
6. Willpower weak, whereas the fat should make use of him, to the effect of weight loss, such as weight loss you want to find a reliable consultant or looking for family members to help maintain the life of ideal body weight.
7 restrictions salt: Salt is the most easy-absorbent material, heavy taste of people, be sure to drink lots of water and 4 cups of water there is a kilogram, that is, many people say that drinking water also causes weight gain. In fact, the water is to let people gain weight, not make people fat. Therefore, to remove excess moisture can be weight loss.
8 diet should be strictly to reduce drinking.
The most effective way to lose weight fast, healthy and effective
1 should maintain a balanced diet, adequate intake of protein, vitamins and minerals.
2 with the appropriate long-lasting exercise.
3 weight loss should not be too fast, a week to the principle of 0.5-1 kg (500 calories per day to reduce the intake of 500 calories or increase consumption).
Is reduced to a diet can be achieved, but also long-term maintenance of "reasonable weight." Joint consultation with nutritionists. Jagged changes in body weight, weight loss will make it increasingly difficult to later, more and more body fat percentage, the more detrimental to health.

12 weight loss

Aries wants to fight the first of everything, comes to "body weight" this file things,
Whole body is filled with passion and vitality, their weight-loss process often does not require much planning,
As long as they are with an "enthusiastic" enough. For example, when they are shopping,
See the sexy and stylish clothing accessories, or bright swimsuit,
Aries do children raised will fall into "the idea of ​​determination to lose weight."
Suitable way to lose weight: Morning jogging or running to the park after work,
Most important is to develop regular habits, so as to avoid halfway.

Emphasis on beauty and body of the Taurus, it comes to "body weight" this file things,
Becomes enthusiastic, because as long as they make their way to become the United States or a small secret,
Taurus full of "experiments and try to" determination. For example, they are from the network above,
That super-secret formula or weight-loss weight-loss exercise, Taurus will be "like painting gourd," to experience.
Suitable way to lose weight: lose weight best with some of the gadgets,
For example, thin elastic stockings, hula hoop or thin flexible dumbbell, stepper and so on.

Like fashion and curious Gemini,
Weight loss ideas very seriously, "epidemic" and "word of mouth"
So long as the print media recently reported a popular actress what to eat to lose weight meal,
Mei-mei or Japan, South Korea, the popular weight loss products,
Gemini friend will immediately bought a try, because they also like to chase popular.
A suitable weight loss method: Gemini people like shopping, so every time when shopping to accompany a friend,
You can help a friend mentioned that bag, the way to practice your arm and look butterfly sleeves.

Cancer gentle and shy, the thought of what weight loss is very painful,
Cancer of the girls because, like with a round body like the moon, plus they are very sensitive to
Always in the office or inside his room, secretly placed a weight machine and even the deep mirror,
This can always monitor your body changes.
Appropriate weight loss methods: the Eiffel Cancer is a teacher that most of the food activists,
So the best way to lose weight is to "diet", eating sweets and fried foods,
Cancer is the only way to maintain weight.

Charm and attention to the external image of the Cancer, the thought of weight loss is very concerned about things,
Because Leo are both boys or girls want to have in front of others
"King" or "noble" demeanor, so they do not want to grow old ugly,
The most unacceptable is the "hair, bald, beer belly" appearance of this kind of impact problems.
A suitable weight loss method: Since Leo is easy because of the pressure and ignore the normal diet,
So you can put in their office of a bicycle or stepper exercise equipment,
This can help them eliminate the pressure of work, but also help them increase muscle endurance,
Thus to achieve weight loss body sculpting effect.

Attention to health and nutrition to maintain the Virgo,
In fact in itself is a very know how to use "tonic," the master of self-cultivation,
Their usual intake of a lot in life will be fresh fruits and vegetables,
To supplement vitamin A, vitamin C and Dai white matter, minerals and water,
Nutritious food because they know that beauty and health of the skin with absolute relevance.
Suitable way to lose weight: Virgo the most suitable weight loss weight loss is actually the most traditional way of "calculating calories."
Meals start from everyday life, but over time,
Virgo can even plan a set of "ultimate weight-loss diet."
And Virgo is willing to put this recipe to share to his friend.

A born Meirenpeizai Libra can be said that natural beauty,
Because of her beautiful "Tang Wei," Libra is the most representative figure,
He blew shells can be broken skin and graceful figure, I believe we are very curious, why Libra have a beautiful and handsome.
Because Libra is ruled by Venus, a planet on behalf of love and beauty,
Because Libra, born to have a very good condition.
A suitable weight loss method: make Libra effective way to lose weight on the "mirror effect",
So that they see a lot of fashion magazines and fashion magazines, watching for a long time after they learned to "emulate" a,
Because they will want to emulate, models of the body and posture, and then will make their own eating and more exercise.

Scorpio thought of the most mysterious things to lose weight is very sensitive,
Because Scorpio aware that "the effect of weight loss body sculpting" and "sexy love" is directly proportional
Therefore, in order to make their peach blossoming open, Scorpio can be said to spare no effort to lose weight,
Even if they had a stable affair, Scorpio lover's heart in order to catch, will still be very persistence of the weight loss body sculpting.
A suitable weight loss method: We all know that Scorpio has a strong desire to control,
So they can select the "willpower to lose weight", which is more extreme or rigorous weight training,
For example, three meals a day eating apples, guava eat three meals a day, or fasting therapy.
Because a similar ascetic temper, Scorpio can only successfully completed.

The most optimistic Sagittarius thought of something very slow weight loss,
Because Sagittarius is a proposition "body freedom" of people,
They like to wear loose clothing Zhuo, like with casual sportswear,
Because they believe in "optimist" and "liberalism",
So Sagittarius requires regular weight training but every day is a torture.
Suitable way to lose weight: Sagittarius like contact with nature, like pet cats and dogs,
So they are the most suitable way to lose weight is to "stroll the dog"
For example, after work, take the dog to walk in the park, so Sagittarius friend
You can also take this opportunity to exercise what is really serve several purposes.

Work focused Capricorn face this thing to lose weight is also very "serious",
Because they know that "body sculpting weight loss" is a lifetime thing,
Not "follow the trend" or "short war plan",
So the idea of ​​Capricorn in the diet and attitude, in fact, than any other constellation of friends, but also to the maturity and integrity.
Suitable way to lose weight: Capricorn that since you want to lose weight, it should start from life,
Of course they will ask their colleagues and family to join this weight loss plan
A bit like to participate in "weight-loss camps."
Because they believe in each other's supervision and encouragement, have more chance of success.

Aquarius likes to subvert the traditional, referred this matter to lose weight,
In fact, they have a head full of ideas of many creative and Funny,
Such as "coffee diet," "spicy food diet," or foreign popular "meat diet"
These shock tactics to lose weight, they might is Aquarius invention.
A suitable weight loss method: As Aquarius likes ideas,
It is difficult to classify the "best way to lose weight Aquarius"
But for sure, and when you talk about people with Aquarius weight loss methods, when
They can always create a lot of strange ideas.

Pisces gentle and confused, life among the most important thing,
I am afraid that their "love", so long as it is able to move their love warming,
Pisces are very willing to try. Therefore, the motivation to lose weight Pisces, in fact, is to "seek favor lover"
Lover in order to get more attention and love, wants them to eat a few bowls of rice, Pisces are very happy with.
Suitable way to lose weight: the best way to lose weight Pisces, is in fact not exercise and weight-loss drugs,
But a stable love, because when they love life, when nature is their weight-loss medicine.

10 effective ways to lose weight

First, exercise to lose weight Features: natural therapies, safety without side effects, easy to rebound.
Reason: For weight loss, the movement is undoubtedly the most helpful, although the effective exercise to lose weight slowly, but the movement can maintain lean body mass and improve insulin sensitivity, improve the static metabolic rate, these long-term benefits, it is simply do not diet to. It came in the first weight loss is diet and exercise reasonable control.
Note: The first movement the main points of weight loss long-term adherence, and second, to be controlled with diet. Sports nutrition supplement while taking these agents, the better.

Second, Western diet
Characteristics: rapid onset of effect, but the rebound rate, side effects.
Reason: Western diet, strictly speaking should be vested in prescription drugs, unfortunately, the weight-loss drugs are now under the banner name of health, secretly adding a drug ingredients, so unknown to the customer only interested in weight loss, and the use of more than safety multiple doses of the drug was unaware of, so eat a variety of issues to the phenomenon have occurred. However, it is useful to its own weight-loss drug side effects such as rebound and does not consider factors alone, rapid onset, is much reduced, it should be top of the list. But health is the most important friends ~
Note: must be under the guidance of a doctor medication safety, people do not take taboos.

Third, customized weight loss
Features: according to their different situations, develop customized weight loss programs that seek to maximize weight loss.
Reason: Because obesity by age, sex, associated chronic diseases, health, lifestyle and diet, genetic factors, and many there are many differences, so to lose weight need to vary, symptomatic and treatment. Customized weight loss should include: use of targeted products, to correct poor eating habits, healthy weight loss psychology.
Note: you need to find an experienced professional organizations, or experts.

Fourth, nutrition, weight loss
Features: weight loss attributable to diet, that is, eat less, and eat high nutritional value, which is the essence of weight loss diet.
Reason: simple obesity, the most basic question that is greater than calories consumed calories. The daily intake of calories is too high and the high calories contained in food, or food intake too much about. So nutrition is mainly a way to lose weight meal replacement, low-calorie high-nutrition foods to replace high-calorie low-nutrition foods.
Note: meal food nutrients in the body must be able to meet daily needs.

Fifth, acupuncture weight loss
Features: Adjust the endocrine, no side effects, the effect is good.
Reason: acupuncture by stimulating the relevant points, to promote the body's fat metabolism, consumption of fat accumulation within the human body, regulate gastrointestinal functions, timely elimination of body waste, to adjust the body's endocrine function, while curbing the appetite, hyperactivity, and ultimately achieve weight loss . The effect of acupuncture at 73.3% to 89% or so.
Note: You need to have formal qualifications in the hospital.

Sixth, traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight
Features: toxic side effects, prescriptions flexible, rapid onset of effect.
Reason: the more complex causes of obesity, most scholars believe that obesity and physical fitness, age, diet, work and rest, emotional, genetic and other factors. The Treatment is the core of traditional Chinese medicine therapeutics, treatment of obesity also have to emphasize diagnosis and treatment, it has targeted, taking into account the complications and so on.
Note: traditional Chinese medicine research design compatibility, and dialectical theory of governance, anti-backfire with the wrong medicine.

Seventh, weight loss tea
Features: The most convenient and easiest way to lose weight.
Reason: Many natural plants, including tea, are more or less lose weight, although weight loss is not so obvious, but long-term adherence, self-help. Particularly suitable for use as an auxiliary method to lose weight ... ...
Note: a variety of commercial weight-loss tea, usually with vent drugs, to vent the main mechanism of weight loss, undesirable.

Eighth, topical weight loss
Features: external goods, overcome people's fear of the side effects of oral administration of drugs.
Note: topical creams and the like products of the body fat metabolism does not play any effect, so the systemic treatment of obesity without any help. Actually need to use any creams massage, heat and so on. In short, as long as the massage well, as can be to lose weight. Imagine a bunch of fat, through massage and heat, the fat tissue in the gap will widen, the capillaries will attack first, a good local blood circulation, fat metabolism will speed up, full of fat cells will naturally lose weight and, therefore, on the thinner part, the real role is to massage creams play a supporting role.

Ninth, lose weight corset
Features: create lines from the chest to the waist so slender waist and upper body look more slender.
Note: there is nothing to say to the shift of fat, so the nature of such products does not produce fat loss results. Also they should not be too tight waistband Le, which is harmful to health. You know, Le waistband at the waist, in front of the abdominal cavity, followed by lumbar, if Le waist tight, the intestines squeeze to go after pelvic, pelvic cavity will affect the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes of blood circulation, so that unable to get nutrition, reproductive organs and excretion of waste, growth, development and reproductive function failure, often caused by irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and so on.

Tenth, dieting to lose weight
Features: Economic, lose weight fast, but likely to cause malnutrition, bounce rate.
Note: Due to a diet will reduce the basal metabolic rate, based increasingly to reduce energy consumption, weight loss more difficult time than a high, fat cells control the amount of lipase fat reserves become more active, more likely to cause fat storage, recovery diet will quickly regain weight, even more than the original level.