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2011年7月15日 星期五

12 weight loss

Aries wants to fight the first of everything, comes to "body weight" this file things,
Whole body is filled with passion and vitality, their weight-loss process often does not require much planning,
As long as they are with an "enthusiastic" enough. For example, when they are shopping,
See the sexy and stylish clothing accessories, or bright swimsuit,
Aries do children raised will fall into "the idea of ​​determination to lose weight."
Suitable way to lose weight: Morning jogging or running to the park after work,
Most important is to develop regular habits, so as to avoid halfway.

Emphasis on beauty and body of the Taurus, it comes to "body weight" this file things,
Becomes enthusiastic, because as long as they make their way to become the United States or a small secret,
Taurus full of "experiments and try to" determination. For example, they are from the network above,
That super-secret formula or weight-loss weight-loss exercise, Taurus will be "like painting gourd," to experience.
Suitable way to lose weight: lose weight best with some of the gadgets,
For example, thin elastic stockings, hula hoop or thin flexible dumbbell, stepper and so on.

Like fashion and curious Gemini,
Weight loss ideas very seriously, "epidemic" and "word of mouth"
So long as the print media recently reported a popular actress what to eat to lose weight meal,
Mei-mei or Japan, South Korea, the popular weight loss products,
Gemini friend will immediately bought a try, because they also like to chase popular.
A suitable weight loss method: Gemini people like shopping, so every time when shopping to accompany a friend,
You can help a friend mentioned that bag, the way to practice your arm and look butterfly sleeves.

Cancer gentle and shy, the thought of what weight loss is very painful,
Cancer of the girls because, like with a round body like the moon, plus they are very sensitive to
Always in the office or inside his room, secretly placed a weight machine and even the deep mirror,
This can always monitor your body changes.
Appropriate weight loss methods: the Eiffel Cancer is a teacher that most of the food activists,
So the best way to lose weight is to "diet", eating sweets and fried foods,
Cancer is the only way to maintain weight.

Charm and attention to the external image of the Cancer, the thought of weight loss is very concerned about things,
Because Leo are both boys or girls want to have in front of others
"King" or "noble" demeanor, so they do not want to grow old ugly,
The most unacceptable is the "hair, bald, beer belly" appearance of this kind of impact problems.
A suitable weight loss method: Since Leo is easy because of the pressure and ignore the normal diet,
So you can put in their office of a bicycle or stepper exercise equipment,
This can help them eliminate the pressure of work, but also help them increase muscle endurance,
Thus to achieve weight loss body sculpting effect.

Attention to health and nutrition to maintain the Virgo,
In fact in itself is a very know how to use "tonic," the master of self-cultivation,
Their usual intake of a lot in life will be fresh fruits and vegetables,
To supplement vitamin A, vitamin C and Dai white matter, minerals and water,
Nutritious food because they know that beauty and health of the skin with absolute relevance.
Suitable way to lose weight: Virgo the most suitable weight loss weight loss is actually the most traditional way of "calculating calories."
Meals start from everyday life, but over time,
Virgo can even plan a set of "ultimate weight-loss diet."
And Virgo is willing to put this recipe to share to his friend.

A born Meirenpeizai Libra can be said that natural beauty,
Because of her beautiful "Tang Wei," Libra is the most representative figure,
He blew shells can be broken skin and graceful figure, I believe we are very curious, why Libra have a beautiful and handsome.
Because Libra is ruled by Venus, a planet on behalf of love and beauty,
Because Libra, born to have a very good condition.
A suitable weight loss method: make Libra effective way to lose weight on the "mirror effect",
So that they see a lot of fashion magazines and fashion magazines, watching for a long time after they learned to "emulate" a,
Because they will want to emulate, models of the body and posture, and then will make their own eating and more exercise.

Scorpio thought of the most mysterious things to lose weight is very sensitive,
Because Scorpio aware that "the effect of weight loss body sculpting" and "sexy love" is directly proportional
Therefore, in order to make their peach blossoming open, Scorpio can be said to spare no effort to lose weight,
Even if they had a stable affair, Scorpio lover's heart in order to catch, will still be very persistence of the weight loss body sculpting.
A suitable weight loss method: We all know that Scorpio has a strong desire to control,
So they can select the "willpower to lose weight", which is more extreme or rigorous weight training,
For example, three meals a day eating apples, guava eat three meals a day, or fasting therapy.
Because a similar ascetic temper, Scorpio can only successfully completed.

The most optimistic Sagittarius thought of something very slow weight loss,
Because Sagittarius is a proposition "body freedom" of people,
They like to wear loose clothing Zhuo, like with casual sportswear,
Because they believe in "optimist" and "liberalism",
So Sagittarius requires regular weight training but every day is a torture.
Suitable way to lose weight: Sagittarius like contact with nature, like pet cats and dogs,
So they are the most suitable way to lose weight is to "stroll the dog"
For example, after work, take the dog to walk in the park, so Sagittarius friend
You can also take this opportunity to exercise what is really serve several purposes.

Work focused Capricorn face this thing to lose weight is also very "serious",
Because they know that "body sculpting weight loss" is a lifetime thing,
Not "follow the trend" or "short war plan",
So the idea of ​​Capricorn in the diet and attitude, in fact, than any other constellation of friends, but also to the maturity and integrity.
Suitable way to lose weight: Capricorn that since you want to lose weight, it should start from life,
Of course they will ask their colleagues and family to join this weight loss plan
A bit like to participate in "weight-loss camps."
Because they believe in each other's supervision and encouragement, have more chance of success.

Aquarius likes to subvert the traditional, referred this matter to lose weight,
In fact, they have a head full of ideas of many creative and Funny,
Such as "coffee diet," "spicy food diet," or foreign popular "meat diet"
These shock tactics to lose weight, they might is Aquarius invention.
A suitable weight loss method: As Aquarius likes ideas,
It is difficult to classify the "best way to lose weight Aquarius"
But for sure, and when you talk about people with Aquarius weight loss methods, when
They can always create a lot of strange ideas.

Pisces gentle and confused, life among the most important thing,
I am afraid that their "love", so long as it is able to move their love warming,
Pisces are very willing to try. Therefore, the motivation to lose weight Pisces, in fact, is to "seek favor lover"
Lover in order to get more attention and love, wants them to eat a few bowls of rice, Pisces are very happy with.
Suitable way to lose weight: the best way to lose weight Pisces, is in fact not exercise and weight-loss drugs,
But a stable love, because when they love life, when nature is their weight-loss medicine.