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2011年7月15日 星期五

2 method healthy diet

The so-called healthy diet is to reduce drugs and other surgical therapies, diet combined with exercise therapy only, two to three kilograms per month subject to weight loss, gradual weight loss call it.

Reduce calorie intake of ten a diet method

(1) must eat three meals a day, do not be hungry one, two meals and then eat a big meal at night, because they were hungry after two meals, make you hungry and eat many high-calorie foods; balanced meals should be kept amount to eight full meal is appropriate, as seven full and better. Some people tend to eat less breakfast, dinner, eat more, this is the worst, according to research findings, eating dinner and more people were more likely to gain weight.
(2) change the dining program:
1. The first soup.
2. After drinking the soup to eat vegetables.
3. The last to eat meat and rice.
If they can do the same in order to eat, will make you eat less than before.
(3) each hold rice or vegetables with a small amount is appropriate, how much must be left a little after eating, do not eat nothing left.
(4) slowly. Do not eat wolf, extended meal time, every bite things, tableware and chopsticks must be put down.
(5) Food must be wrapped and placed in the eye can not see the place.
(6) concentrate on eating, do not drink and chat, do not eat and watch TV or newspapers, so as not to overeat without realizing it.
(7) into the restaurant before you decide what to eat his own good, in addition to other things not to eat, do not like to see others called good to eat, but it added.
(8), when fasting do not go to the supermarket, because what you see when you are fasting to eat well, what the results are buying. Therefore, to limit the use of the environment behavior is also important.
(9) are not to trash, a pity that some people feel lost food, the rest of the dishes are loaded to the stomach, so that before long, they have to buy new clothes to wear.
(10) brush your teeth immediately after eating, brushing their teeth that no longer eat, thus reducing the East West pinched pinched a little bit of chance.
(11) Do not buy a home, high-calorie snacks: cake, ice cream, cookies, soft drinks, melon seeds, peanuts, candy, etc. are all high-calorie foods, usually do not take these tempting the devil to go home, relatives and friends sent the cake , cake, early forwarded to others!
If you can really do the above, I believe a certain weight loss success. I would also like to remind you: There are no shortcuts to lose weight, only diet and exercise is the most stupid, most secure and reliable way.
Other diseases may improve weight loss success
After the success of weight loss associated with many benefits, such as:
1 lose weight, diabetes without medication for many.
2 high blood pressure high blood pressure after weight loss by a lot.
3 heart failure, weight loss is no longer made by a lot.
4 currently no drugs to treat atherosclerosis, it seems that only a follow it.
5 obese people weight loss, blood uric acid can reduce the 1 ~ 2 mg / dll or so.
6 women, menstrual flow are more obese people, weight loss, the normal menstruation either.